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  1. I dunno, for me it'd be 89-90 - what the Bucks, Nuggets, Mavs, Pacers, Nets and Kings were wearing was better than the 90s equivalents, the rest of the teams were still rocking classic looks, plus the 4 expansion teams were still new & exciting uni-wise. Only the Cavs looked better in '95 - but anything would be better than the ultra-boring Knicks rip-offs they were wearing.
  2. That's the 96-97 preseason, I posted some more pics from that game earlier in the thread. The Jazz had a similar number issue around the same time.
  3. Jordan and Pippen hated the way the material felt with the pinstripes, so the Bulls removed them as soon as they possibly could.
  4. They'd be nicer if the number font was correct.
  5. Why are you posting this in the NBA images thread?
  6. If those are real, the stripes are far too thick. I've already got a few Hornets jerseys from the first time around (both replica & authentic), but I'd definately be down for a Kemba throwback. That is, if they fix the stripes...
  7. Yup, the Bucks kept the old home unis whilst introducing a new road uni for 1976-77. The road uni would be a 1-year design, as they introduced the first of the Irish Rainbow sets the following season.
  8. I was there a couple of years ago trying to find some Hornets merch. Aside from an LJ throwback jersey, they only had a single t-shirt. When I asked one of the assistants if they had anything, he said "you mean the Pelicans, right?". When I said Charlotte he replied "Oh, Bobcats stuff isn't a big seller". Just about said it all. I also didn't find a single piece of Whalers merch at the NHL store either, but that's another story...
  9. They won't make major changes. They've updated the pinwheel logo a few times whilst still keeping it recognizable, and it's such an iconic logo in the NBA that they wouldn't face the wrath of their fans by doing anything too drastic. They'll just modernize it whilst introducing a few secondaries that are more "different".
  10. They did earlier this season, kinda; https://www.nhl.com/sharks/news/sharks-set-to-honor-50th-anniversary-of-california-golden-seals/c-285287658
  11. Unpopular opinion alert - those pinstriped units are the worst look the Pacers have ever had. The current units are much better.
  12. This is better than the actual Lakers identity. Love the logos, love the addition of light blue.
  13. Maybe because the Wizards francise were one of the first (if not THE first) major league teams to wear a stars-and-stripes design? They wore it, or a variation of it, for 13 years, had their biggest success in it (including 3 finals appearances and their only title) and it became a definitive uni for the team. Even as far back as the early 90s there were calls for them to bring it back or modernize it.
  14. Elmore Smith vs. Wilt, with an interesting NOB on Smith's Braves uni:
  15. And isn't that Danny Ainge in the black jersey? Odd to see him in a non-Blue Jays baseball uni.