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  1. Here's a few NBA ones. Jack Givens, Atlanta Hawks #21: Tom Washington, New York Nets #32: Travis Grant, L.A. Lakers #33: Jawann Oldham, Chicago Bulls #33: Mike Bratz, Chicago Bulls #23:
  2. On what planet are the Raptors the right team for Oak? He'll always be a Knick as far as I'm concerned.
  3. Here you go, it's an older photo but gives a good view of the logo. I spent over 15 years trying to find one of these, purely because I loved that logo. It's far too big to ever wear (I'm 6'3" and it comes down almost to my knees) but it's a nice piece for the collection nonetheless. The back simply has "Bullets" in red-on-white lettering. From what I remember, Champion made 3 different shooting shirt designs that teams could pick from around this time.
  4. I've only ever seen it on that shooting shirt. There were a few logos back then that were only used on shooting shirts/warmups. I've got a great Bullets shooting shirt from '96 with a lovely-looking logo I never saw anywhere else - I'll try and get a photo when I get home.
  5. Sticking with the Bulls, here's a couple of team photos. 1981-82: And 1974-75, showing a couple of styles of lettering - vertically arched and radially arched:
  6. From what I recall, it was a mistake on Champion's part - the wordmark was smaller than it should have been, and there were legibility issues with the wordmark & numbers on the home uni. I'd always thought it was fixed after a couple of games and was quite surprised to discover they lasted until mid-season. I think there were various issues when Champion took over, ranging from material issues to tailoring & size problems. It was a good few years before they got all the kinks out. Indeed, some teams continued to use Sand-Knit unis for the 1990-91 season (and even into the following season). I've seen several Bucks game jerseys from the '91 season that were carried over from the previous season, some with the Sand Knit tags removed and Champion tags sewn on. The Jazz & Bullets were a couple of other teams that suffered from incorrect number colours in the 90s, but AFAIK only in preseason games - I'm fairly sure their errors were sorted by the time of the regular season began.
  7. I know it was mentioned earlier in the thread, but here's some pics of the 1991-92 Blazers' home unis with the black letters & numbers, before they switched to red midseason. I don't have the exact date they made the switch, but they were wearing the black numbers as late as 31 January 1992. (Great shot of the Mavericks' one-year road unis there, too!) Some other random stuff... The Clippers' seldom-seen "Los Angeles" script unis from 1987-88: In 1981-82, the Pacers introduced a new home uni (the road uni carried over from the previous year). This would only last a year before it was replaced. For the 1983-84 season, this was replaced with a gold version: When the Pacers overhauled their look in 1985, they introduced another uni set that would only last a year before being tweaked:
  8. 2 seasons, actually - those Pacers unis were worn in 1983-84 and 1984-85.Still, those particular unis only faced off twice so I'd still consider it a rare matchup.
  9. Nope, last used in the 1994-95 season.That's from a preseason game at the AirCanada Center on 19 October 1995.
  10. The Clippers did a similar thing during the last couple of San Diego years, introducing a new home uni a year before introducing the corresponding road uni (or unis in this case, as they used 2 different coloured road unis that year). The Bucks were another team to stagger the introduction of new home & road unis in the mid 70s, before introducing the first version of the Irish Rainbow unis. The Knicks also introduced their classic home unis a year before wearing the roads..I believe the 76ers did the same thing a few times too, although the Sixers' uni history is a convoluted clusterf*** that I haven't been able to get to the bottom of yet.
  11. I don't have the exact dates in front of me, but the Sonics introduced the Celtics-esque design when Bill Russell took over as coach in 1975. In 1977 they changed the home unis to the arch design whilst keeping the previous road unis, then introduced a matching road uni in 1978.
  12. Money. The Jazz were on the verge of going under by the time they moved to Utah and there just wasn't the funds to rebrand. Plus, the move wasn't approved until fairly late in the offseason (late June, I believe), leaving very little turnaround time to come up with new logos, uniforms etc.
  13. They might have only made it through 3 games, but they made it onto the cover of Sports Illustrated!
  14. I haven't been able to find any photos yet, but according to the book "In The Hornets' Nest", the Hornets wore their teal unis at home on 21 April 1989 vs the Bucks as part of fan appreciation night. Per the book, the Hornets asked the league to wear their road unis at home and were granted permission. I'll try and locate some pictures...
  15. They're very dark blue.