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  1. I was there a couple of years ago trying to find some Hornets merch. Aside from an LJ throwback jersey, they only had a single t-shirt. When I asked one of the assistants if they had anything, he said "you mean the Pelicans, right?". When I said Charlotte he replied "Oh, Bobcats stuff isn't a big seller". Just about said it all. I also didn't find a single piece of Whalers merch at the NHL store either, but that's another story...
  2. They won't make major changes. They've updated the pinwheel logo a few times whilst still keeping it recognizable, and it's such an iconic logo in the NBA that they wouldn't face the wrath of their fans by doing anything too drastic. They'll just modernize it whilst introducing a few secondaries that are more "different".
  3. They did earlier this season, kinda; https://www.nhl.com/sharks/news/sharks-set-to-honor-50th-anniversary-of-california-golden-seals/c-285287658
  4. Unpopular opinion alert - those pinstriped units are the worst look the Pacers have ever had. The current units are much better.
  5. This is better than the actual Lakers identity. Love the logos, love the addition of light blue.
  6. Maybe because the Wizards francise were one of the first (if not THE first) major league teams to wear a stars-and-stripes design? They wore it, or a variation of it, for 13 years, had their biggest success in it (including 3 finals appearances and their only title) and it became a definitive uni for the team. Even as far back as the early 90s there were calls for them to bring it back or modernize it.
  7. Elmore Smith vs. Wilt, with an interesting NOB on Smith's Braves uni:
  8. And isn't that Danny Ainge in the black jersey? Odd to see him in a non-Blue Jays baseball uni.
  9. Barkley wore that uniform for all of half a dozen preseason games and you think it's the "right" uniform? Seriously?
  10. No he wasn't. The Bulls dropped that design after Jordan's rookie season; by his second year they were wearing essentially the same unis they have now.
  11. Here's a few NBA ones. Jack Givens, Atlanta Hawks #21: Tom Washington, New York Nets #32: Travis Grant, L.A. Lakers #33: Jawann Oldham, Chicago Bulls #33: Mike Bratz, Chicago Bulls #23:
  12. On what planet are the Raptors the right team for Oak? He'll always be a Knick as far as I'm concerned.
  13. Here you go, it's an older photo but gives a good view of the logo. I spent over 15 years trying to find one of these, purely because I loved that logo. It's far too big to ever wear (I'm 6'3" and it comes down almost to my knees) but it's a nice piece for the collection nonetheless. The back simply has "Bullets" in red-on-white lettering. From what I remember, Champion made 3 different shooting shirt designs that teams could pick from around this time.
  14. I've only ever seen it on that shooting shirt. There were a few logos back then that were only used on shooting shirts/warmups. I've got a great Bullets shooting shirt from '96 with a lovely-looking logo I never saw anywhere else - I'll try and get a photo when I get home.
  15. Sticking with the Bulls, here's a couple of team photos. 1981-82: And 1974-75, showing a couple of styles of lettering - vertically arched and radially arched: