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  1. How about every team gets the 3 stripes for the hemstripes!
  2. NHL is having an event to show the new jerseys? Sounds like every team is getting some sort of tweak, at least.
  3. And just fly by DENVER, 100 miles south.
  4. I like this new Subaru livery:
  5. One of my favorites from Super GT:
  6. That livery is stunningly beautiful. One of the best NASCAR has ever seen.
  7. This, cleaned up a bit, would look much nicer for Boston:
  8. Yup! And it muddles up the design and is ugly.
  9. Boston is a mess. The need to have the B be connected to the spokes, like in the old logo. The current logo just sits on top and it looks poor. Need to remove the extra black outline and have both the B and the spoke outlines merge together.
  10. The are openly stating the logo comes from the "TEAM'S HERITAGE":
  11. At least they got rid of the awkward "Joe Sakic Shrine" in the locker room...
  12. With how lazy the Avalanche front office is, they will just do whatever Adidas wants.
  13. Must not be looking very hard!
  14. If only the people in Colorado would realize how awful and bland that logo is. Too bad they are eating it up. Hats, jerseys, shirts, you name it.
  15. It's because of the damn Colorado themed merchandise. People love anything with the Colorado C/State Flag on it. They would simply be cashing in on a design trend in the face of a good brand identity.