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  1. I think the best option is the the white with silver pants. The stripping just looks better, as well as the number font.
  2. The Avalanche had a charity floor hockey game recently and used very generic jerseys for the event. The logo on both the navy and the white jersey were the Mountain C. No sign of the normal A anywhere; and that is pretty much the norm for all marketing and merchandise for them this year. I think its pretty safe to say the Avs are going to the C logo full time next year.
  3. No lard, now I see. I think a taste test would be in order. A blind taste test.
  4. This vegetarian option has me wondering....
  5. Austin "Pi" Matthews:
  6. Could you imagine the current leafs logo in this color set?
  7. The Pirelli logo on the tire being horizontal instead of arched around the circle looks odd to me.
  8. Ok, easy solution. FOUR sweaters. Home, away, dark third, light third.
  9. I get what you are saying, and I think we are arguing two different things. I am just saying that white alternates COULD work, if the NHL went to white at home. A third jersey does not HAVE to be dark to be a good sweater.
  10. Just look at how Toronto and Washington did their third jerseys. Both very different from their normal white sweaters. Both offered fans a chance to buy more merchandise than just a normal white sweater. Teams could be more creative with a plain white sweater if it were the third jersey.
  11. You are basing your data/opinion on the FACT that there haven't been many white alternates.... Maybe the white alternate is not just an afterthought and has a better design than the original white sweater. You are saying that the white alternate would look exactly like the normal white. But it wouldn't.... Also, a team could use a light color besides white and still allow for dark away jerseys. Maybe the new third would be gold/grey/tan/whatever and that would still solve your boring white jersey claims.
  12. You know this because of a controlled data group right? You know this because there have been hundreds of white third jerseys to base this off?? Maybe, if the third jersey was white, and the designers came up with a better design they would out sell the normal white jersey.
  13. Just because third jerseys have primarily been dark in the past, doesn't mean they have to be... SO if a fan sees all the jerseys their team wears because of HDTV, how does a dark third sweater on the road detract from sales? You can't have it both ways. You can't have both: "We don't need different away jersey colors because I see my team in HDTV and get to see all the other teams colors anyways" and then say "thirds on the road doesn't allow me to see my teams colors."
  14. Or you know, they just wear white at home.... AND color on the road... IF you want a third jersey that is white, you wear it at home. IF you want a third jersey that is color, you wear it on the road. It's pretty simple really.
  15. The Rockies purple is much brighter. I like it!