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  1. Same with NHL Uniform database.
  2. The only team that doesn't have an away jersey featured yet is the Predators. Sens: Leafs:
  3. Not sure if this site is accurate but they have the Avalanche away socks ditching the blue strip. Bad move if true:
  4. My god these new Avalanche jerseys are so amazing. Looks 100x better than the edge.
  5. What is the over/under on new collars for these sweaters? I have it at 3 years.
  6. New Avalanche uniform looks great in action:
  7. All of the Avalanche players photo ops have been with the new Adidas sweater...
  8. My ideal Eagles uniform:
  9. Oh boy...
  10. Look at the alternatives. Either the D has piping running through it which would look awful OR they lose the piping and the jersey is even more bland. They choose the right option.
  11. Meh, I think you are getting worked up over nothing. I think it looks fine and the fact that you JUST noticed this is pretty telling its not a poor design.
  12. I am just happy with the new cut of the jerseys. No more dress shirt hem!
  13. Some shots of McDavid in the new uniform:
  14. Because they wanted to put the Colorado C on the jerseys. Colorado pride is real strong right now.