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  1. The word is "Fad" not "trend."
  2. According to the HFboards Sabres section, the "insiders" are some radio jockeys who people didn't even know where on the air still. I am not counting that as a trusted source.
  3. With the release being less than a month away for 13 teams, I am pretty impressed we haven't seen any leaks yet.
  4. I just assumed that was actually an old CSU logo. Well done NB, well done.
  5. Boston just needs to ditch the outlines on the names. Their 2007 redesign gave me so much hope for the EDGE system.
  6. Ugh! Hemstripes look good, stop removing them!
  7. I actually like this better. The navy helps balance the bright orange.
  8. I really like the new helmet and font.
  9. Thanks and it really would be a satisfying new uniform for them. BUT, knowing this team's design choices lately, I am truly expecting the worst. IE, removing the piping but adding in other Adidas quirks. Keeping the lack of stripes to separate the burgundy and blue.
  10. Ha, thanks. For me it fixes a lot of the flaws in the third sweater: It lightens the red so the whole uniform isn't so dark. It adds in the far superior A logo. Fixes the numbers to include silver and tie in that color better. It adds the far superior foot/yeti shoulder logo back AND to both sides to balance the sweater.
  11. Oh Edmonton, you had it right and then you have to go and change it. Orange home and now Navy over royal blue... ugh
  12. Yeah I don't see how they could if there isn't a new primary logo. I would love this though:
  13. Coors Field has some amazing sunset views but sadly not that great overall. The view isn't towards downtown and the mountains are so far you can't really see them that great.
  14. some surprises in there. Boston, Dallas and Florida. Just glad to see Colorado is on the list.
  15. They really pushed the black third... I made sure to rank that option last.