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  1. RichO

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    Just really big fans of Marc Maron
  2. UNC brought back Mack Brown because the college football needs to give checks to more ancient men I guess.
  3. RichO

    2019 Minor/Indy/Summer Collegiate Baseball Changes

    Now imagine if the name wasn't galactically stupid. Prairie Dogs? Nah, gotta put a twist on it for no actual reason.
  4. RichO

    WNBA's Chicago Sky unveil new logo

    That's what feels off. I couldn't put my finger on it. And I'm with Sodboy's point- that Sears Tower on its own lacks something in the primary. The old logo at least worked in a couple other recognizable buildings
  5. Judging by the GIS results for "hot shot firefighter" if Arizona is going to do their uniforms right they'll go yellow jerseys over green pants at home. Red, white, or yellow helmets.
  6. RichO

    Notification Alert: NHL Unveils 2019 All-Star Game Logo

    Really appreciate this logo for a regional sales conference, but where's the NHL All Star logo?
  7. RichO

    Minor League Baseball team names

    At this point do zany compound/food names ever stand out anymore? It all feels like something out of a name generator. Just empty trend chasing. Done right, minor league names have local flavor and are stable. The Chattanooga Lookouts are perfect, and their hats are really fun and the platonic ideal of minor league caps.
  8. RichO

    Forgotten classic uniforms

    I'd go a step further and say the real forgotten White Sox classics would be any of the lighter blue late 60s uniforms or pretty much anything Luke Appling wore
  9. RichO

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    Sharks and Pre are part of Fleck's weird neo-Sucessories motivational schlock.
  10. RichO

    Seemed Like A Good Idea On Paper

    Football sleeve stripes on undershirts is a big one. Also: 2in1 stirrup/sock things in the 90s. The "stirrup" line always ended very visibly above the top of the shoe.
  11. RichO

    NBA Literal Jersey Series

    Raptors should have feathers. Velociraptors had feathers
  12. The White Sox/Tampa resolution, with the State of Illinois building the new park is the stuff of political legend. There was a midnight deadline for the legislative session. The governor and legislature were working out a deal, some arm twisting needed to happen, so the legislature stopped time. The clock in the chamber froze at 11:55 for a while. The governor got his votes, the ballpark plan was passed.
  13. RichO

    Universal Maxims of Uniform Design

    Inevitably, when someone tries to come up with "rules" there are exceptions where something that shouldn't work by the "rules" does but this one might be the rare absolutely true one.
  14. RichO

    87’ers now the Delaware Blue Coats

    The ball with his hand, is he supposed to be dribbling while riding a horse at full gallop?