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  1. If the NBA thread taught me that the 70s were the golden age of basketball photography, this thread may be teaching me that the 60s were where it's at for football.
  2. Looking at Vinny pics over's like Starter is the only ones that came close to getting it right, and the shrinking of the uniform over the last 20 years only makes it harder. Nike tries with the UCLA stripe/contrast sleeve combo thing they do but looking at Namath pics, that choice really exacerbates how off it looks.
  3. Sometimes I want insane things to have happened,even if just once as a lesson. Like the White Sox shorts. But then, what if it turned out that that was actually the most comfortable construction of basketball uniforms possible? I have that actual thought about the NC State basketball unitards. Sure it's a wild departure from what players saw and wore before. But it was for sprinters too. Compression gear feels good to wear, guys wear it under their uniforms all the time. It's odd to see distance runners in half tights now- but Nike seems to think they have research that that's a the best idea so they stuck the breaking 2 guys in them. What if the most sensible and comfortable gear for a sport is too much of a departure for our minds?
  4. This makes me want a team- any level- to roll out a romper uniform just to see it happen, and for my brain to break a little.
  5. Do not. DO NOT attempt to wear those on a day Chris Sale is starting.
  6. Is he wearing black pants or just stepping out to start something in just his socks, spikes, and cap?
  7. The White Sox beach blanket came to mind when I read this. The uniform lasted 5 years and was bad. But it was worn by a playoff team and is closely associated with a beloved player in Fisk, so it became a kitschy marker of the youth of middle aged fans that I'll probably be seeing for the rest of my life at Sox games.
  8. They're undeniably different, that's for sure. Speaking only of player records. I think the shear passage of time will render those numbers, and probably all pre-expansion records more a matter of curiosity and just their own thing akin to deadball era records.
  9. You look at the list, and there are so many long standing pairings that any change in high minor affiliates seems almost seismic. And certain spots are the ones no one wants as an affiliate if they can help it. Vegas, Beloit, damn near the whole Cal League (from the way it was talked about on the old Up and In Podcast).
  10. The one thing I'd say is that for the fan jerseys they should have kept the numbers on the sleeves. To my brain, the stripes and numbers are a unit. So as sleeves disappeared and the whole thing had to move higher and higher, keeping the numbers above the stripes and looking good meant the numbers happen to land on the shoulders of player jerseys. But since fan jerseys have sleeves, the stripes are further down and the big gap between the stripes and numbers looks off.
  11. See the rising script represents planes taking off from nearby LaGuardia, and the Mets rise from their expansion beginnings. Or something.
  12. If they're going for a Preakness tribute, some sort of black-eyed susan design would be more on point than just Maryland. Like how the Red Sox special jerseys for marathon day should be BAA blue and gold.
  13. Since it seems like an all-weekend thing now, put the home team in pink one day, road the other for the uniforms. Every team is still in, so the merch keeps flowing, but the whole thing is more watchable. Then on the equipment side players can just do whatever.
  14. That Celtics brim is a little creepy. You glance up and you've got this leprechaun winking at you. That's a detail you don't want a zoom in on.
  15. Could say that's where the pants take....a turn for the worse.