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  1. I like this. Also, based on the picture, I think Lajoie would beat me with that bat for thinking that.
  2. Speaking of unrealized Olympic bids, I don't even know how to describe Baku Azerbaijan's stadium from this 2016 bid
  3. I love unrealized Olympic bids. Where the wild dreams of planners and sports intersect. Ironman Louisville's swim is in the Ohio so I guess that part isn't so wild. Though rivers strike me as a little active for a swimming event.
  4. I never got the "germanic" description. Mostly because my brain goes to something more gothic and less industrial with the word germanic.
  5. the original post exudes 70s in a way that really does beg to be on a retro t-shirt. And the receiving bear is glorious.
  6. This image of Alexei Ramirez with a walk off grand slam is everything I imagine that moment feeling like
  7. The Ruiz story is always nutty. But I like this story better: Kathrine Switzer, the first woman to run the race, returns to Boston Marathon And they are retiring her bib# 261.
  8. I know owl beaks are small- but they're also pronounced. The area just doesn't seem beak-like. The Old English R seems out of place with everything else. Since that is something their supporters really are invested in (and is closely associated with their successful baseball program) it seems like you'd build around that. But I'm just a guy on the internet.
  9. I wouldn't say betls and buttons make sense so much as they can be indulged. Players only know what they've experienced. It doesn't occur to people that something can feel better until better is on their body. UA matters, like the article seems to hint at. The faux button ups will be a big step, but the biggest thing is the fabrics and hopefully slight changes to cut that, done right, won't play with the general aesthetic.
  10. Since the question is favorite, not best (which would imply quality) I have to go with Beloit's Pohlman Field. It's so raw and basic that Beloit stands to lose the team if it isn't replaced with something up to MiLB standards. But the sheer basicness of it is what I loved about the couple games I went to several years ago.
  11. So where do teams threaten to move to now? San Antonio? Austin? St. Louis?
  12. The multiplicity of sock designs being worn is a cluster. Solid or patterned, pick a lane- I don't even need it to be the same lane every day, I just need everyone who's showing sock to be doing the same thing. This thing where it's totally individual- socks are uniform, not equipment like spikes and gloves.
  13. This thread makes me wish there were a journeyman or two out there who made a point to wear the available jersey numbers of notable players from the franchises they play for.
  14. They're out there selling fragments of my attention, and to a degree, my body with the logos on the clothes I wear, and I'm basically paying them for the privilege. It's a weird world when you think of it that way.
  15. The degree to which Kauffman Stadium was the go to for what a modern ballpark should be is not something I would have figured on. But for a good 20-25 years before Camden, if it wasn't a dome, it was a version of the K that was pitched.