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  1. I love the combo of Paint and what has to be the least gear/uniform intensive sport possible.I love the Bear logo and the ball/skull for the Pirates. That Chicago shield is interesting because I don't think I've ever seen the municipal device anywhere but in a circle.
  2. PyeongChang 2018

    This thinking only works if you think the other sports don't exist outside the Olympics. Those "athletes you don't see everyday" are doing it year in, year out, and the people that follow those sports know it. So actually having top pros in the Olympics in hockey or basketball is consistent with what you see in every other sport. But yeah, treat Allyson Felix, a legend in American track and highly decorated speed skater Shani Davis like novelty acts..
  3. NCAA Division I FCS Concept Uniforms

    The sublimated sleeve cap is definitely a strong move for taking things that would be a bit much (like BCU) and giving them subtlety that makes it work. That's why I like the honeycomb gradient as well- it plays as subtle. Not sure how well it would translate to real world application, but it has potential. Really dug the whole Ivy League- not sure how I feel about Harvard in black but I know it's a thing they do. And really appreciate trying to find a way to get Princeton a suitable number of stripes on a modern jersey- looking through a GIS for Princeton football, that looks like a constant struggle.
  4. College Football uniforms- 2018

    Seems like a good time to remember: Pictures posted by recruits are at least 99% not new uniforms, even if you don't remember them.
  5. Fatbacks does flow better. The downside is lack of staying power- they'll just change the name in a few years when the food name trend is over and merch isn't moving as well.
  6. MLB changes 2018?

    I say this so rarely but that Rays mashup/fauxback/whateveryouwannacallit hat, I want that hat.
  7. Sports League Branding Hypothetical

    Playing into the letter salad of other leagues does me no good if I'm trying to plant a flag for my sport, and unlike starting a league in the shadow of an existing league, I don't need to link to those naming conventions. I'm staking out new ground so I'd go with a name that forces people to say the name of the sport. Something like Fistball America.
  8. And never made a bit of sense to begin with, depicting a Plains Indian.
  9. Say it ain't so, Joe

    You'd think the Governor or Legislature could either outright remove or at least call for their resignation and have a lot of weight.
  10. Olympics question

    Sort of. There will be a lot of "Olympic Athletes from Russia" participating. The "ban" is pretty flimsy.
  11. MLB changes 2018?

    It's much more within the family of old english font D's, which makes it feel more familiar and probably why I liked it better. The hat logo is more stylized and more distinct to the Tigers, which I guess is a point in its favor.
  12. Leeds United New Crest

    Guess this one's headed for the "unused logo" thread pretty fast.
  13. MLB changes 2018?

    Please be a giant terrifying anthropomorphic peach
  14. NBA Changes 2017-18

    My brain, trained by the 90s, kind of expects All Star jerseys to be terrible. So in that context, this wouldn't be that bad.
  15. same name, same team, same number

    Reliving a foolish mistake I made on these boards last year- Rasheed and Ben Wallace #30 for the Bullets.
  16. How much can you "update" a classic?

    I think the 90s 49ers serve as a kind of outer boundary. Go further, and there be dragons. They worked a lot of extra on there and managed to have it still stay on the side of ok-to-good. The hard one for me is where the Falcons fall. Was it too much?
  17. NFL 2018 changes

    That they feel the need to specify that this is Tennessee Titans football is so football of them.
  18. MLB changes 2018?

    Bevels? Mercy. I was hoping the bevel moment had passed.
  19. Hey! There's a metropolitan Binghamton. Just ask the Census Bureau. Binghamton Metropolitan Area
  20. Players in the "wrong" uniforms

    But what is the right uniform for Kurt Russell?
  21. Cycling Jerseys

    I'll take a shot. I"m a casual fan- check out a couple of the lead ups to TDF and bits of the other grand tours, and I like when the board branches out. (one of these days I'll start a marathon merch thread on the general design board). Going to miss the AG2R diamond pattern, they've got great colors which is pretty much is the only reason I like that logo. It balances the combo so well. I also really liked Movistar's old colors and wouldn't mind this one so much if they flipped the top and bottom colors. Those team color Canyon bikes look sweet BTW. To me, there's 2 key criteria, no particular order: It's gotta look good on riders sitting up as they cross the line. And they gotta be distinguishable from the air. For me, Bora, Katusha/Alpecin, and Bahrain all have the best front view. The teal and light blue shoulders on Astana, Movistar, and Katusha will all probably blend together a bit in head on shots. Same with Lotto Soudal and EF Drapac. BMC looks way better in theory (the rendering) than in practice. That red Alpecin logo does not work with the Russian maroon color. In the overhead, Astana and Movistar will blend. I also think Sky and Sunweb will be blend a little overhead as well, with center stripes down the back.
  22. NBA Changes 2017-18

    Thing is team colors have been the defining feature of team identity from the dawn of team sports. And even if a manufacturer's function allows it more latitude (you can get gear in all order of colors from them) in spaces they truly get to outfit athletes as they choose, like track, companies consistently make their athletes look pretty much the same, even if the colors change year to year and they sell others. In the end, Nike, Adidas, Brooks, and the rest will put their runners in the same color gear (or national teams in nearly identical templates) for same reason teams have- the identity may be bigger than the set of colors (see fashion gear), but the unity of color is how you highlight the identity day-in, day-out.
  23. College Football uniforms- 2018

    The "row the boat" theme will get laid on so thick
  24. Looks it's just a good old fashioned Indy League play for attention. But a damn good one. Cards Against Humanity Saves Baseball
  25. Ok, I see the perspective now. Don't really agree with it because the entire relationship is open and no one is actually being dishonest about or obscuring the relationships between the ML and Minor team. And the relationship between the customer and the team is independent of the affiliation. People buying tickets don't care who's stocking the roster. They're supporting the local baseball business, and like knowing there's going to be a couple guys on the field who'll actually make it to the Majors. Given the periodic churn of affiliation,there's an argument that local ownership/naming is actually more honest by projecting more accurate level of permanence to the local team.than naming based on the ML organization. The existence of the team isn't predicated on the affiliation. Just because the Pirates aren't going to be affiliated with the Small City Donut Bunnies anymore, the operation will continue to exist, but with Brewers players. In the end, I'll take the less sterile path.