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  1. My first vinyl project

    I would like to offer a suggestion, if you are going to sell HTV garments, you really need to invest in a heat press. Otherwise, the quality you are going to be providing is worthless. None of the Heat Transfer Vinyls are meant to be applied with any instrument other than a professional heat press. Geo Knight, Stahl's and several other companies offer quality versions at a modest price. It is worth the few hundred dollars investment to ensure the positive feedback from your clients. Proceed with caution if you are going to cut corners.
  2. The Mad Scientist's NBA

    These all look pretty good. The Bucks are the only real misfire to me. I'm not sure why, but something just seems "off". BTW, it sounds like we should alert The Kingsmen about this mad scientist.
  3. My first vinyl project

    Looks pretty good. Are you using ThermoFlex or Siser or Chemica for apparel? I've found that ThermoFlex is more durable than the other two. Oracal 651 is a good, economy sign vinyl for short term projects. Use the 751 or 951 series for anything outdoors or where you need long-term applications. What size and model plotter do you have?
  4. Rest in Peace, old chum!
  5. Detroit Pistons Logo & Uniforms

    It's Motion Control Neue Lite. It is similar but not the same.
  6. Detroit Pistons Logo & Uniforms

    This is my take on the Pistons new logo. Its not really earth shattering, but I do think it is an improvement compared to the real thing.
  7. Those look great! I wouldn't change a thing. Nice work!
  8. The Cereal Thread

    Honeycomb and Quisp are my all time favorites. Cocoa Puffs are pretty good too.
  9. Movies, Movies, and Movies

    I watched The Nice Guys and High Rise this week. ( I didn't intend to go full 1970's but it happened) Anyway, The Nice Guys is a well paced, well acted movie. I was pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed it. It's almost like a Wes Anderson - Coen Brothers lite type of movie. High Rise was also well acted (and very well paced) in that, it reminded me of a movie from the 1970's, not just set in the 1970's. It gets pretty dark pretty quick and just leaves you with a sense of dread throughout. I was surprised by both and glad I watched them.
  10. 2016 NFL Playoffs

    I'm still trying to find words to describe my feelings. Sympathy for the fans of a team that blew a 25 point lead in the Super Bowl certainly is not one of them. The pure, unadulterated joy of watching the Patriots come from behind and win the first SB to go to OT certainly is one. The absolute satisfaction of seeing Tom Brady get his fifth ring is one. The records. The wins. The history. The greatest ever. I think too many people have allowed their hatred for New England blind them to the fact that this was possibly the greatest SB ever played and the greatest QB ever came out on top. I've been a Patriots fan since 1976 so I know a little about losing. The reason some of us sound like jerks is the same reason the Cowboys & Steelers fans in the 1970's sounded like jerks to me. Or the 49ers in the 1980's. Winning is way better than losing. The fact that Patriots have been able to sustain it this long - with some of the talent - or lack thereof, should be applauded, not maligned.
  11. Best Possible Super Bowl LI Matchups

    It looks like they used navy, red & silver for the Patriots patches and black, red and silver for the Falcons. It would make sense because of the team colors and how close navy and black look to the casual viewer.
  12. Farewell Mary Tyler Moore

    This is really sad. She seemed like she was a very good and kind person.
  13. 2016 NFL Playoffs

    Woo! Hoo! Number 9!
  14. Great, now I want some Candy Corn.
  15. I guess everything old is new again. The first thing I thought of when I saw these was the 1974 WFL Florida Blazers.