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  1. cheo25

    Cleveland Browns re-do in the works for 2020?

    I love this except I'd prefer orange pants with the brown pants, too. I loved the Sipe-era uniforms.
  2. cheo25

    NFL changes 2019

    I'm sorry, but I'm not a fan. There is almost no color from afar when white and gray/silver are paired together in whatever combo/order you want to pair it. I don't care if the helmet is silver and the pants are silver, I don't like it with a white jersey. Yes, you have to have a white jersey. No, you do not have to pair the white jersey with silver/gray pants just because it's symmetrical. I prefer the Lions' blue pants with the white jerseys because there is at least more of color. I can tolerate their road look because it's been a traditional look that I associate with the Lions. But it doesn't mean I like it. I think the Patriots' current road uniform is bad because of the side panels, but I like the blue pants a whole lot better than when silver pants were paired with white jerseys in the previous uniform set. And this is why teams should be allowed a second helmet. You could have a dark helmet for your road set that could be the same color as the pants. Then you get symmetry and you get some color.
  3. cheo25

    NFL changes 2019

    I totally agree. I hate when a team wears gray or silver pants with white jerseys. The Raiders are the exception for me, only because it's a frame-of-reference uniform for me. Take away their long history wearing it, and I would argue it's bad design.
  4. I'm so sick of the Saints in all black. It would be great to see it once a year. The other seven times, I'd prefer black jerseys and gold pants at home.
  5. cheo25

    NFL changes 2019

    The Saints' black pants just need some stripes on them, like the batch from '76 to '85. Make a pair with the same style of striping pattern as the color rush pants have. Those CR white pants are essentially throwbacks to the '76-85 set they wore with the black jerseys. They just added a fleur-de-list to the CR pants on the hip. I'm kind of tired of the single stripe on the gold pants, and I'd like to see those get CR-style stripes on them, too. And I'd like to see stripes come back on the regular white and black jerseys. I could get behind three stripes instead of five, but put something on the sleeves. Finally, go back to the original shade of gold while you're at it. This would be the most important change, in my opinion. Even going back to the 2011 shade of gold, I have a bunch of caps and pullovers from the Reebok era, and it's jarring to see the difference between the Reebok gold and Nike's gold, which essentially looks like khaki or beige.
  6. According to this video, the Cowboys wore white in this game in St. Louis.
  7. cheo25

    2019 MLB Changes

    That jersey looks better than the Nats' current home jersey. Would love to see that full time.
  8. Those are awful. Purple and black together are a mess. The Ravens are a mess, TCU is a mess, Northwestern is a mess, and now the Lakers are a mess. Pick black or pick purple.
  9. I'm not a Redskins fan, but I prefer the Redskins in burgundy jerseys at home, preferably with yellow pants though I'd settle for white pants. I did like they wore white jerseys at home to make the Cowboys wear blue, and I can get behind that once a year. While I'm normally a fan of a team wearing colored pants with dark helmets, I have never been able to embrace the Redskins' burgundy pants. I'm not sure why that is (maybe because it's basically all the Redskins wore for about 20+ years), but it's just a tired look to me. I'd prefer the Redskins wearing yellow pants all the time, but I'm sure I'm in the minority.
  10. cheo25

    2019 MLB Changes

    I like the Dodgers' current "alt" road uniforms (they seem to wear those more than the "Los Angeles" version) with just "Dodgers" on it, with no outline. It looked good in the mid-70s, and it looks good now. If anything, they should get rid of the "LA" logo on the sleeve because that's unnecessary. That's the only change I'd make to it.
  11. cheo25

    Mid-1980s Golden State Warriors gold uniforms?

    The Warriors first adopted those gold throwbacks for the 1975-76 season.
  12. Saints are 2-0 in black pants and 0-1 in gold pants this season. Wouldn't be surprised to see them keep wearing black pants until they lose again.
  13. One theory I've heard from local radio host Steve Czaban, who works for the station that was sold by the team over the summer, is that the gold pants being phased out is another sign Bruce Allen is losing clout with the Redskins. Allen brought back the gold pants because the Redskins wore the gold pants when his dad coached the team in the 1970s. There may be something to that theory given that the team has a new business management team in place that came from the NFL office. And the Redskins have finally come clean that both their season-ticket waiting list and their sellout streak are both no longer existent.
  14. cheo25

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    I just read a story on The Athletic (subscription required) about Oregon's uniforms. Allegedly, no more "different uniform combo for every game." Essentially, they're wearing four uniform combos this year: Mono green Mono yellow Mono black White jerseys, white pants and a copper-looking helmet
  15. cheo25

    MLB: Gold Ribbons & Wristbands Worn Across Baseball Sept. 1st

    They should do this for all of the other special causes (Mother's Day with the pink for breast cancer, Father's Day with the blue for prostate cancer). But then they can't push merchandise on those days with just a ribbon. ?