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  1. cheo25

    When Baseball Teams Wear the Same Colour

    The Astros don't have orange helmets in the regular rotation. The last couple of times they've worn throwbacks at home with orange helmets, those helmets immediately get auctioned off/sold in the Astros Authentics store at MMP. I wish they had an orange helmet to wear with the blue jerseys because I believe the helmet should be an extension of the cap. Whatever cap you're wearing in the field, the helmet should look the same. The Astros have been cheap like that forever, going back to not having a red helmet when they had red caps. The Astros also did not have blue helmets with orange bills when they wore the blue/orange caps on the road (which they've apparently phased out, much to my chagrin).
  2. cheo25

    Mariners and Astros blue vs blue

    The Mariners wore gray Thursday night in Houston. Wear it again Sunday instead of the blue. The Astros only wear that blue top at home on Sundays. No reason word can't get over to the Mariners clubhouse to wear gray that day. The Astros have a set uniform schedule at home from which they only occasionally deviate. They've worn the white jerseys instead of the blue for the two Sunday night games they've had this year. And they wore throwbacks Friday night instead of the usual orange on Friday night. They wear white every other home game unless there is a throwback or special event (gold trim for World Series ceremonies the first two home games of the season and the usual holiday crap). Actually, I wish they wore alts more at home, especially any that allow for extra use of the orange/blue cap they wear with the blue tops.
  3. cheo25

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    Given Ole Miss' history with the Confederate flag, I'm not sure it's a good idea for Ole Miss to ever go with all-white uniforms that include a white helmet.
  4. cheo25

    MLB changes 2018?

    No. The A's had players wearing green and gold as far back as '74 (and possibly earlier, see below), and three different colored jerseys in the '75 ASG (see below), The Indians had Dennis Eckersley and Jim Kern wearing different colors in '77. So don't blame that on Rose. Furthermore, I miss the days of different colors in the ASG. Everyone is gray or white now, and that would be fine if they were all wearing the same uniforms. But since they're not, I would be fine with alternate jerseys coming back. It's an All-Star Game. I actually would hate to see them wear those American and National BP jerseys and hats for game use.
  5. cheo25

    MLB changes 2018?

    I'd love to have two titles. I'm still stunned finally to have one in 2017 after a 55-season wait. If anything, I've often thought Marlins fans don't deserve either title because they had to wait a whopping five seasons for their first. And the Miami-area fanbase isn't exactly a diehard base if the Marlins ownership had to have a fire sale in '98 after winning the first.
  6. And another. And count me in the camp that suspects Padres ownership is trying their damndest to muddy the waters and find any reason possible to avoid going back to brown. I'll believe the Padres will be back in brown on a full-time basis when I see the absence of any blue color in their uniform rotation.
  7. cheo25

    NFL Increases Use of Alternate Uniforms in 2018

    I am for anything that limits Nike's say-so in anything uniform related. They have made a mockery of the NBA's uniforms. It's absurd Nike, and not the teams, make the call on which jersey will be worn by which team.
  8. cheo25

    MLB changes 2018?

    This navy jersey is better than the current Sunday/Spring Training top the Astros currently wear. It has the same design as the other jerseys in the Astros' set, and I wish they would switch to this top. It's also interesting how the orange-billed cap is in the foreground of that photo considering how the Astros have (sadly) abandoned the orange-billed cap for game use.
  9. I barely understood rotating home team when World Series home-field advantage was being awarded to the winning league. With that (rightfully) a thing of the past, it makes no sense to make the AL the home team in an NL park, and vice versa. It's a freaking exhibition game. Hey, MLB, instead of worrying about stupid crap like this, why don't you focus your energy on things that matter, like allowing customers to stream your games without in-market blackouts. Love the game of baseball, can't stand the organization that runs the product.
  10. cheo25

    Blandest Uniforms in Modern History

    That's been exacerbated by the Astros' recent switch to wearing the solid blue caps on the road, too. At least when they've been in the field on the road (Astros are guilty of not having a matching helmet to whatever cap they wear), they had been wearning the orange-billed caps, which are my favorite. I'm afraid those may be on their way to being phased out completely.
  11. The AL game caps are fine in a vacuum, but the problem is that the white front panel doesn't look good with gray. It just creates a bad mismatch with the gray jerseys. It's the same problem that plagued the late '70s Braves and the '70s/80s Orioles. The AL game caps would be better with a gray front panel to match the gray uniforms.
  12. Purple and black, royal blue and black, green and black. I like black, and I like all of the other colors I mentioned. But some combos don't work well together.
  13. cheo25

    MLB changes 2018?

    Better yet, MLB should get rid of special event jerseys (not likely to happy any time soon, of course). No reason for all teams to wear the same colors. If MLB is donating proceeds from sales of this crap (as they should), it could just write its own check without having to have its customers write the check for them.
  14. cheo25

    49ers Throw It Back to the 94ers, Unveil Alternate Uniform

    I find this uniform to be overrated, and just a money grab. I can't stand shadowed numbers, and I just don't like white jerseys and white pants together. It's too drab. It is an improvement over the all-black duds, which need to be burned. The Niners' current uniforms are much better. The only improvement in the all-white uniforms is the throwback helmet logo, which is much better than the current logo.
  15. cheo25

    Rockets Uniform Changes

    When I think of the Rockets, I think they are red and white with a smidge of yellow, and I liked it. The logo had a lot of yellow in it. But I grew up in the '70s and '80s. The current red set has been around since the early 2000s. That's almost as long as the Rockets wore the original Houston Rockets set. I liked the red alts they had a few years ago that had yellow trim in it. That would have good modernization of the original Houston Rockets color scheme. Most of us forget the Rockets started in San Diego and were green and yellow.