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  1. MLB changes 2018?

    Don Baylor is an Angel to me, but I was 8 when he won the 1979 AL MVP with California. It all depends on your initial frame of reference. I also remember him going to the Red Sox and them immediately winning a division, and then going to the Twins and them winning the World Series, and I remember him going back to Oakland in 1988 and the A's winning a division.
  2. I'd like to see the Browns go back to the old set and wear brown at home. I'd also like to see them almost exclusively in orange pants like the Sipe years. But I'm a 40-something so those Sipe years are my original frame of reference with the Browns.
  3. NFL 2017 changes?

    Couldn't agree more. Bought one last year, and it's my favorite of the five or six Saints jerseys I own.
  4. MLB changes 2018?

    I thought it was for a blood circulation issue.
  5. I couldn't agree more. Makes it even worse when a white helmet is involved. As for white/gray, I put it in the same category as white/white. There's almost no color involved, so that's why I prefer to see the Seahawks in white jerseys/blue pants on the road. With the exception of the Raiders, I don't like white/gray.
  6. Based on what? Just because the staff tells you on Twitter what they're wearing doesn't mean they make the decisions. Actually, probably goes something like this: Coach/marketing to equipment staff: "White jerseys and white pants this week." Equipment staff on Twitter: "We're wearing white jerseys and white pants this week." The Bills equipment staff is far from the only equipment staff in the country that posts their uniform combo on Twitter, and I'm really sure all of those equipment staffs aren't make the uniform color/pants decisions in every single case. So it's a big leap to think the equipment staff makes the choice just because they're posting the combos on Twitter.
  7. I would guess the decision about what uniforms the Bills are wearing on what day is not made by the Bills' equipment staff. I suspect it's a marketing or coaching staff decision that probably has to be run by ownership. The equipment staff might have input based on logistical decision that have to be made, but no way they're making that call or when and if to wearh throwbacks. Even if the coaching staff makes the call before the season, they're usually not that involved to the degree of when to wear a throwback. If the head coach makes the uniform call, it's probably more along the lines of "white jersey" or "blue jersey" and pants color, too. And if the coaching staff makes the decision, the marketing staff probably suggests when it would be a good time to go with throwbacks.
  8. College Football Uniforms - 2017 Season

    I disagree. They lack color, thus it's a drab-looking uniform to me.
  9. I'm in the minority, and it's not my team, but I like the Redskins in gold pants at home and on the road. I've never liked the burgundy pants, and I hated when they wore the white jersey/burgundy pant combo for home games in the Gibbs era and beyond. At least they wear burgundy jerseys at home now and with gold pants. Just wish the gold pants were also worn with the white jerseys.
  10. MLB Changes 2017

    No, the Astros did not wear the red caps in the 2005 World Series. They wore black caps home and away. Back then, they only wore the red caps with solid white uniforms on Saturdays. They did not start wearing the red caps with the road jerseys until a few years later. I would be cool with orange undershirts at home only if they would go to this look. Too bad the solid orange cap is gone.
  11. MLB Changes 2017

    I wish they would now that they've lost four in a road with the all-navy caps on the road and just 1-4 in the postseason. I don't like the absence of the orange-bill cap, and I hope it's not being completely phased out.
  12. New Florida Gators Unifrom

    The recruiting theory is overblown. Alabama doesn't seem to have problems with recruiting and they wear two jerseys. Penn State's idea of alts was to add numbers to its helmets this year, and they're cleaning up in recruiting and doing well on the field. Oregon has worn 1,000, and their recruiting and program have taken a nosedive since Chip Kelly left. There are alternate uniforms because these schools know they can sell them as merchandise. Plain and simple. If a player chooses your school because of uniforms (and I'm skeptical about how often that really is because uniforms seem to fall behind how much under-the-table benefits they can get, how they like the coaches, academics in some cases, and possibly a girlfriend going to the same school), I'm not sure I want that guy on my team.
  13. College Football Uniforms - 2017 Season

    Good. They looked horrible.
  14. MLB Changes 2017

    They had phased out their already rare use of the all-orange cap in 2015. Originally, they only wore it for Saturday home games with the regular home uniforms, but they started to quit doing that either in late 2014 or early 2015. They introduced the orange/blue cap in 2016, probably to sell new merchandise. They also introduced their current alt navy top that season, too. As for wearing the all-navy cap in Boston, my guess would be because they lost with the orange-billed cap in Game 3. They got a little superstitious with the orange jerseys a couple of years ago in the postseason and they finally ended some road struggles while wearing orange. What I found odd was they did not wear orange tops for either game in Boston, even though both games were played during the day. Unless the orange top clashes with the home team's colored jersey, the Astros usually wear orange jerseys for day road games. The Astros are pretty consistent with a uniform schedule other than an occasional change-up here and there. As I mentioned above, they did wear the solid navy caps with the gray uniforms a couple of times this year when Lance McCullers pitched. They stuck to the orange at home on a Friday in the ALDS, and it will be interesting to see if that holds in the ALCS.
  15. MLB Changes 2017

    I agree with this 100 percent. The squatchee on the orange cap needs to be blue to match the blue bill, too.