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  1. Hamilton Tigers (NHL) 1920-25 Hamilton Tigers (various precursors to the CFL) 1883-1947, when they merged with the Hamilton Wildcats to form the Hamilton Tiger-Cats we know today.
  2. I don't really want to spend the money on this (and I'm a hardcore soccer fan), but I know Coderre would happily play ball with FIFA. I suspect the coming mayoral election may have a big part in Montreal's participation.

    The first one is really nice. Thanks!
  4. Canadian Premier League

    I LOVE that Fury design- a major upgrade. I also think the league logo is absolutely gorgeous.
  5. Kyoto Yakitori

    He designed it! If you read the Uni Watch link it says it was designed by Elteez of DC. It's gorgeous, I don't know what more to say!
  6. It's astonishing to me how busy the real kits are that yours are all less busy than the real ones. Good work as always.
  7. Possible future Canadiens uniform

    Funny and sad, although I can't imagine Bell and TVA groupe willing to do *anything* together, including sponsor la sainte-flanelle!
  8. Masterful stuff, as always.
  9. I love the sublimation patterns, and that third is wild. Great work as always!
  10. Point1's OHL Rebrand (9/20: Guelph Storm)

    Man, you are knocking it out of the park with this series.
  11. Point1's OHL Rebrand (9/20: Guelph Storm)

    Now that's cool! I love this look- it's a definite upgrade over what they use.
  12. América has fascinating kits. I don't know Liga MX all that well so I'm looking at the real ones for reference- they are pretty inconsistent for the Historic Team of the league. I like what you've done there. Your Atlas is a lot cleaner than their real life kits- I don't like their gradient. You've kept their general gist without going too crazy- I like it.
  13. Take a bow! This is an excellent series, front to back and one of the threads I most enjoyed following. I will def keep up with what comes next!
  14. Also worth noting that when Nos Glorieux won there were no Raptors (or Grizzlies), no MLS teams anywhere and the current Jets did not even exist as the Thrashers. The assorted Canadian "major league" teams really have no relation to one another, and as a fan I feel no kinship to any other Canadian club sports team outside of the ones I root for. We are not a monolith!
  15. There's a lot of MLS + the Prem on this forum. Liga MX has a lot of interesting kits, as does the J.League. Maybe one of those?