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  1. Local TV station logos

    Being that I’m from Long Island/ nyc metro.... I grew up and used to each affiliate being at their respective channel (cbs2, ion3, nbc4, fox5, abc7, upn/my9, wlny 10/55, wb/cw/wpix11, News12 Long Island, pbs13, and wliw21. We always just referred to them by the channel esp cbs, nbc, Fox, and abc have always been 2,4,5,7 as long as I been alive back on regular cable days and now digital cable. But now I’m seeing that fish network and direct tv also have local affiliates placed on their OTA spots of 2,4,5,7 through low 50s before switching to their standard 200+ for regular channels. When I travel I can’t get used to seeing networks on other channels or news stations with weird numbers like 22,38,64, etc cuz those have always been paid packaged cable channels not news. For example, I’m probably moving to Charlotte and the examples given feel weird to me cuz the big network affiliates are not in the usual 2,4,5,7,9,11,13 spots that were used to here in nyc area. Another weird one is mid jersey... they get both nyc and Philadelphia feeds so it’s like cbs2ny, cbs3phila and so on. Idk, I can see stations eventually dropping numbers and just going with affiliate and city / region name. Obvious exclusions would be stuff like cablevisons News12 networks or fios1, or ny1 news that if I had to guess, never switch from their channel slots.
  2. Spike TV New Look New Name

    Does spike still have Saturday morning car/ truck shows or was that switched to velocity? Bar rescue and cops are only thing worth watching on spike these days
  3. CCSLN Airport Logo Thread

    Long Island Republic Airport:
  4. CCSLN Airport Logo Thread

    Long island MacArthur Airport:
  5. Local TV station logos

    Long island, ny (NYC suburb) Besides the given CBS, NBC, Fox, ABC, my TV, wpix/ cw, etc given already.. Ch. 01 (FiOS only) FiOS 1 long island: Ch.10 WLNY 10/55 (CBS affiliated, formerly independent) (old and new logos) Ch. 12 (Optimum/ Altice only) News 12 Long Island (new and old logos) Ch. 13 WNET thirteen (PBS affiliated) Ch. 21 WLIW21 (PBS affiliated) (old and new logo) Ch. 61 (Optimum/ Altice only) News 12 Long island traffic and weather
  6. ORIGINAL (not copied) High School logos

    My High school: Bay Shore Marauders, Bay Shore, Long Island, NY This is our true logo: This is our true logo in the middle of new football field: These are some of the "other logos" our school district uses for different groups (nobody likes these, were not the Vikings):
  7. Small Details (and quirks) that You Love

    Mets: IIRC, the skyline logo represents something from each borough? Islanders: the new logo has the 4 stripes on the stick for the 4 cups, also like how the I points to where the coliseum is.
  8. Arena Rafters & Banners

    as an islander fan nd long island resident, everytime i enter the coliseum i always admmire the islanders banners and just look up at the greatness that once was. Im wondering how barclays center is going to handle the islanders banners, i hope all of them make the move because that would be an additional slap in the face next to losing our team to the city. also, the dragons banners were removed after the AFL folded.
  9. NHL Anti-Thread: Bad Business Decision Aggregator

    quebec city is dieing for a team with a NHL arena 18,000 seats being ready by sept 2015. i just hope they either get an expansion team or pheonix and not my islanders. how embarassing would it be to the NHL if a NYC market team moves? unfortanletly the NHl at this point cant do anythign to save the islanders, its not the lack of ownership, its the local politics destroying a future here on long island, the same can be said about winnipeg pt1, quebec city, and hartford.
  10. Supermarket Packaging Changes

    tropicana 12 packs have new packaging and its looks really good. sorry no pics, i work in a supermarket that arrest people for taking pictures inside the store -___-