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  1. Spike TV New Look New Name

    Does spike still have Saturday morning car/ truck shows or was that switched to velocity? Bar rescue and cops are only thing worth watching on spike these days
  2. CCSLN Airport Logo Thread

    Long Island Republic Airport:
  3. CCSLN Airport Logo Thread

    Long island MacArthur Airport:
  4. Local TV station logos

    Long island, ny (NYC suburb) Besides the given CBS, NBC, Fox, ABC, my TV, wpix/ cw, etc given already.. Ch. 01 (FiOS only) FiOS 1 long island: Ch.10 WLNY 10/55 (CBS affiliated, formerly independent) (old and new logos) Ch. 12 (Optimum/ Altice only) News 12 Long Island (new and old logos) Ch. 13 WNET thirteen (PBS affiliated) Ch. 21 WLIW21 (PBS affiliated) (old and new logo) Ch. 61 (Optimum/ Altice only) News 12 Long island traffic and weather
  5. MLB Changes 2015

    good, I HATE the look of the DE cap fabric, if NE switched to that fulltime, that's would be the end of me buying hats. I like the current material, just wish it wouldn't shrink so easily if you sweat in it but the look of it is SO MUCH BETTER than DE material in my opinion
  6. 2014 MLB All Star Game BP Hats

    not paying $38 for a hat either, but I never understood why the players don't where national / American jersey when they play the actual game, I mean they can where their team hat, but they were elected to the all star team, baseball is the only league that the players where their team jersey instead of a league jersey for the game...honestly it looks like a mess and a "me" mentality when they do that. id much prefer they were the nationa/ American jerseys for the game itself as well as the derby.
  7. 2014 MLB Changes (logo, uniform wise, etc)

    you think the mets could put his name out on the wall like they did shea? kiner was the original broadcaster since day 1 of the mets and pretty much part of the team right up until the end of his life. other teams have done it fro broadcasters.
  8. Logos That Need Redesigning

    fighting words to islander fans, especially those who live on long island! lol
  9. NASCAR 2014: Cars

    I LOVE chrome and painted wheels!!!
  10. 2014 MLB Changes (logo, uniform wise, etc)

    $$$$$$$$$$ in my opinion the jersey looks good as a fan jersey, idk about on the field for the giants.
  11. NHL Stadium Series Jerseys

    so stupid...all about money any way they can get it.
  12. Logos That Need Redesigning

    people can argue that if the islanders keep their primary logo the same, they will need to change it to include Brooklyn and queens on the map, as a long islander...I say hell no.
  13. 2014 MLB Changes (logo, uniform wise, etc)

    as a mets fan, now that they have the blue alt full time, they should drop the identical blue BP jersey and make an orange version of the blue alt for BP. id like to see the road blue alt dropped and an orange alt added, but I know the chances are slim to none to happening so at least switch the BP to orange. .. I can wish right?
  14. 2014-2015 NHL Jersey/Logo Changes

    to the islanders thing, as an islanders fan.. NO. that logo is ass on its as a primary. as a third its good but if they replace what they got now, then what makes them the islanders? I can see this team dropping long island from its entire identity, logo , colors, and even jerseys within 5 years. and if Brooklyn fails to draw.. I can see isles gone within 10 years unless the Brooklyn guys move the team back to long island since they got the rights to redevelop the coliseum. as far as addidas taking over for reebok, how much more can these corporate conglomerates mess up something that didn't need fixing. CCM had the design right, then reebok came in and messed it up. next it will be addidas and then eventually Nike will come in and just ruin this sport aesthetically as they done with the Olympic sweaters