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  1. THE Video Game Thread

    It's pretty great so far. It's obviously still very limited in what you can do, and there are bugs, but what's there is really fun to play around with. The building system is great, although there's a lot of tricks that you have to figure out. Hopefully they make it a little more intuitive, and integrate these tricks as actual options. It can get frustrating, since you can't get a piece to work a certain way unless you've done the right tricks to set it up. The coaster builder is pretty cool, although it's not quite as precise as I would like (I've been spoiled by No Limits Simulator). Trying to make your own inversions can get kinda wonky, but I think I've managed pretty well so far. I haven't done much with the terrain editing, but it is very easy to use and figure out. I have run into some performance issues though. I'm not sure if it's my PC, or just a byproduct of it being an alpha build. My PC's not top of the line, but I can run most games at max graphics no problem. If I have anything worth posting, I'll do it.
  2. Movies, Movies, and Movies

    Red Ranger and Putty Patrol on set. I was hoping the putties would be in real costumes that would be digitally enhanced later, but oh well. It'll be interesting to see what they look like. Still not a fan of all the blue energy veins on the ranger suit.
  3. THE Video Game Thread

    I bought Planet Coaster and decided to pay the extra for the Alpha access because I just couldn't wait any longer to play it. It's now almost 4 a.m., and the only reason I stopped playing was because the game crashed. I'm not going to be productive ever again.
  4. The Marvel Comics Movie & Television Thread

    So the comics just revealed that That is one of the dumbest f***ing things to ever happen in comics. Congratulations Nick Spencer, you've just shat all over 75 years of comic book history. Bravo.
  5. The Pointless Realignment Outpost

    Toledo to Detroit = 60 miles Lansing to Detroit = 90 miles Is there a reason you chose to work with the specific list of minor league teams that you did? You went down to single A for teams like Lansing, while ignoring triple A teams like Syracuse. And why'd you move the Redbirds to Omaha? What's the method to your madness?
  6. Market Pantry New Packaging 2016

    Massive upgrade. The old look screamed, "Cheap Generic Brand". The new packaging looks great, and fits well with the rest of Target's branding.
  7. Game of Thrones Season 6

    Bran didn't alter anything, and he won't alter anything. Anything that Bran may do through time warging has already happened. He didn't change what happened to Hodor, that's always been what happened to Hodor. People of the time attributed it to the horse kick because they didn't know that Bran was there.
  8. The Marvel Comics Movie & Television Thread

    Pretty much every MCU movie so far has had 2 (or more) antagonists; the main villain, and a minor antagonist that leads to or aids the main villain. Vulture would be the main villain, and Chameleon would have a minor role. Osborn and Kraven would just be cameos. Having multiple villains isn't what made ASM2 fail, it was how they handled everything. Although for the record, I don't think ASM2 is as bad as people make it out to be. That would work, but they would have to set up a reason for why Osborn would want Spider-man dead. This gives me an idea though: The Goblin Formula could actually be an attempt to use Kraven's serum as a basis for replicating the Super-Soldier Serum.
  9. The Marvel Comics Movie & Television Thread

    I like that they want to use villains that haven't been used in the movies yet, but I really can't see Vulture carrying a movie as the sole villain. My ideal scenario: The movie starts with Spider-man fighting a criminal, but eventually the criminal escapes into the crowd, quickly pulling off a realistic face-like mask, and Spider-man loses him in the crowd. This is of course Chameleon. Then we meet disgruntled former Oscorp engineer Adrian Toomes, and his alter ego Vulture. Toomes was fired for allegedly embezzling money from the company, but he had been framed by Osborne's partner, Mendel Stromm, who actually took the money. Things happen, we're introduced to Norman Osborne, yadda, yadda, yadda. Eventually, we find out that Chameleon has been working with Vulture. During the final showdown, Chameleon hightails it out of there, leaving Vulture to face Spider-man alone. Spider-man wins, and vulture is arrested. In the mid-credit scene we see Chameleon in a room surround by taxedermied animals, talking to someone and saying that Spider-man would be a true test of his abilities. Then it's revealed to be Kraven, and he says something like, "Brother, It is time to hunt." The second movie would then have Kraven hunting Spider-man as he deals with Mysterio, and the Green Goblin would be teased for the 3rd movie.
  10. The DC Comics Movie & Television Thread

    Well at least we agree that Season 1 of Gotham was terrible.
  11. Game of Thrones Season 6

    Holy indeed. Disturbing thought: I need professional help.
  12. College Football Uniforms - 2016 Season

    It wouldn't surprise me if the new number font is similar to the throwback font. The pattern is probably sublimated bumblebee stripes, and it will be used for sports other than football, except for maybe on an alt.
  13. Portland State unveils a new look

    Obviously an upgrade over their old identity, but it's far from perfect. The PS shield has issues, as others have pointed out, and the Viking logo kinda looks like the head is mounted on a plaque. I like the Viking head, but it would be so much better without that shield/boat frame thing.
  14. The DC Comics Movie & Television Thread

    Yeah, but silly works for The Flash. If it tried to take itself too seriously, it wouldn't be worth watching. Arrow on the other hand is silly for all the wrong reasons. At some point this season, I was watching an episode when I realized, "You know what? I just don't care anymore", and I turned it off and haven't watched since.