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  1. The second clue gave it away for me, but Cosmic beat me to the punch. Almost had me a turkey.
  2. Star Wars Movie Thread

        A Y-wing, an A-wing, and a B-wing combine with the Millenium Falcon to form the Rebel Megazord, as Luke uses his lightsaber as a flute to play the Force Theme leitmotif, summoning his X-wing.
  3. Ceci n'est pas une politics thread.

      Let's take a look at Detroit:   Richard Reading (R) 1938-1940 Louis Miriani (R) 1957-1962 Kwame Kilpatrick (D) 2002-2008   All three were convicted after leaving office.   Both sides have crooks, and both sides have good people. Stop trying to paint this in such a black and white manner.
  4. RIP Maurice White Earth Wind and Fire

    Well today just sucks.
  5. Dave Mirra Dead

    My stomach's in knots right now.   This will definitely open up a wider discussion of CTE.
  6. Movies, Movies, and Movies

    This is the best news in the history of the universe. I absolutely fricking love Elizabeth Banks.
  7. Star Wars Movie Thread

      I've always thought that the Deathstars were allegories for nuclear weapons. Think of the original 2 Deathstars as WW2 atomic bombs, and Starkiller Base as a more modern hydrogen bomb. Plus, their technology is far beyond nuclear. We don't even know how their weapons and forcefields would work, so maybe a nuclear explosion wouldn't have much effect on a spacehip's forcefield.
  8. Basically a Sports Show

    I always thought it was cool that one of the preset nicknames for the create-a-player happened to be my last name. It was so damn cool to here my last name called by the commentator.   Now I want to hunt down a copy for Gamecube...
  9. The DC Comics Movie & Television Thread

      Yeah, it's pretty obvious CW wanted Batman but couldn't have him, so they've shoehorned as much Batman related stuff as possible into Arrow.   I know the CW is the CW, but there are a few shows worth watching. Namely, iZombie and The Flash. iZombie is like if Psych and Bones had a baby, and that baby was a zombie.
  10. The DC Comics Movie & Television Thread

    The Flash is incredibly fun, but Arrow is a magnificent trainwreck. I know it's not going to be pretty, yet I can't help but watch and be totally invested in such poorly acted characters. 
  11. I was going to guess Kurt Warner:   1. Rams (3), Giants (5), Cardinals (1) (Or would the Packers count, even though he was cut in preseason?) 2. He never gave up on playing in the NFL, and his volunteer and charity work. 3. He's 1 of 3 QBs to throw 100 TDs with 2 different teams, and 1 of 3 QBs to start a Super Bowl with 2 Different teams. 4. His journey from being undrafted, to Arena League, to NFL Europe, to NFL backup, to Super Bowl and league MVP.