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  1. It'll be interesting to see how they handle it. Will it just be based on the first game, or will they use some of the backstory from Portal 2? I'd love to see them do the entire thing with a mute Chell, and the only dialog coming from GLaDOS and the turrets, but that's probably not going to happen. They'll probably have Rattman make an actual appearance, and a Cave Johnson cameo is just too good to pass up.
  2. I don't understand what the hell Hillary's campaign is doing here. Toledo's had Chelsea speak to a small room of 40 people, the cast of West Wing driving by in a pick-up truck, and Bill speaking in a high school's gym. No Hillary. Meanwhile, Trump has been here twice, packing a buttload of morons into the Huntington Center and the convention center.
  3. Raisins are discouraged? What the f***'s wrong with raisins?
  4. Paying 5 bucks for a small bag of cookies because the vending machine has no change. Also, only having a 5 dollar bill to use on a vending machine.
  5. So Brian Kelly is putting all the blame for today's loss on the players, and basically threw Kizer under the bus. Yet he refuses to acknowlege that his coaching staff has failed miserably. What a jackass.
  6. That game was attrocious. "Another missed tackle" seems to be the motto of ND's defense this year, and their secondary is awful. Van Gorder has to go immediately. So much talent on that team being wasted on this crappy year.
  7. ND needs to fire Van Gorder before this game is even over. And Kelly's butt should be feeling quite toasty as well.
  8. I mean, the zords are cool and all, but... F*** YES.
  9. Limited Muffins
  10. Fear mongering at its tastiest.
  11. It's like they're playing a game of chicken with the endzone. Seeing who can touch the least amount of the endzone before dropping it. It's happening too often to just a be a coincidence. Or maybe they're all just morons that have no sense of spatial awareness.
  12. Van Gorder has to go. That defense is awful. So many missed tackles and blown coverages. ND's just lucky that MSU got conservative and made the game closer than it should have been.
  13. They seem to have changed the candle name from "Catching Rays" to "Catchin' Rays" as well. Oh wait... that's just a terrible design.
  14. The morons voting for America's Got Talent. All of the awesome acts this year, and that f***ing ukulele girl wins. This show disappoints me every year because people are stupid.
  15. The call at the end of the OK State - CMU game may have been wrong according to the rule, but common sense would say the officials got it right. The rule should be amended with a 4th down exception. The offense committed a penalty that at any other point in the game would have resulted in change of posession. If the offense were to commit a penalty after any other turnover at the end of regulation, it would count as a defensive penalty wouldn't it? And you can't end the game on a defensive penalty. It sucks for OK State that they got screwed, but the rule needs to be looked at.