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  1. The new font is the same as the one in the Cedar Fair logo that was introduced a few years ago. I'm surprised it's taken them this long to start using it for the parks. I'm guessing every other CF park (except for Knott's) will adopt the font over the next few years. An alternate version of the new logo:
  2. They're not even the most generic uniforms in their division. And generic doesn't mean bad. Case in point, the Colts.
  3. It's a joke marketing campaign for MailChimp. You can see the MailChimp logo on the corner of the bags.
  4. Planet coaster is great, and has tons of potential for what you can do, but you have to sink a lot of time and patience into it. I spent like 8 hours just building an entrance area. I don't know how some of those workshop and youtube guys are able to do all of the stuff they do.
  5. I'm disappointed that they're staying with same logo template as TFA. I miss the uniqueness of EST and RotJ. The name sounds fitting, but I don't like that there are now two movies that end the title with "Jedi". That's going to confuse a lot of people. I don't know what else I would have called it, but I think they could have come up with something better.
  6. Bacon should be however the hell you like it. I much prefer a "chewy" thick-cut slice to a nearly-burnt thin and crispy piece.
  7. A Cardinals-style update would be too much, but a Vikings-style update would be great. I doubt the Raiders would actually do it, but that's the best option.
  8. I'm not sure which is more disturbing; the thought of that picture, or the implication that you already have that pic ready to go.
  9. But not Eve? Scandalous!
  10. I'm willing to accept that an octopus posts on these boards, but you expect us to believe you're a talking bus? Preposterous.
  11. Gave: - Sister: Painting supplies and canvasses - Brother: Washington Redskins and Detroit Tigers shirts - Dad: A bunch of shirts from Bass Pro - Mom: 4-piece luggage set - Grandma: Adult coloring books and colored pencils - Cousin: Ohio State hoodie and a six-pack of beer Received: - Star Wars shirts and sleep pants - Book about the early history of comics books - Star Wars and TMNT mugs - Sherpa blanket - Gift cards to Best Buy and Amazon - A replica jersey of the Mud Hens' new home uniforms (This was the only thing I actually asked for this year.) - A Kindle Fire (Which I am currently posting from.) - My brother will take my mom, dad, sister and I on a trip to Chicago once we decide when we want to go.
  12. My aunt (through marriage to my mom's brother) is cousins with Katie Holmes. A bit of a stretch, but that's what I've got. I've not actually met her, but I sat a few feet away from her at a funeral. Not exactly the most appropriate place to go, "Hey, you're a celebrity!" As for athletes, my dad's second cousin is former NBA player Eric Piatkowski. I don't know if he counts as "famous", but Frankie Muniz talked about him once, so that's gotta count for something, right?
  13. That Texans combo is weird. It has a classic A/B/A/B color pattern, and it has the same solid design they always have. I feel like I should like it, but it just doesn't work. I wouldn't say it's awful, but it's not one of their better looks. I definitely prefer it over the red monochrome though.
  14. I'm exactly one year younger than Kirk Cousins.