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  1. What is that in the left thigh panel?
  2. UCLA's new look is beautiful. The colors look great, the stripes look amazing, and they kept the tail on the helmet logo. I think the single color numbers on the road work really well, and as was pointed out, it's a carryover from basketball, which is a good sign for having a cohesive look across all sports that didn't draw cues just from football. And I love that there's no random wordmarks, sublimation, or other subtle design twists thrown in. It's just a straight up classic football uniform.
  3. This is a general movie thread, use a ing spoiler tag.
  4. Looks like I'll be in Tennessee a week too early to see the total eclipse. The 2024 eclipse will be going over Ohio, but if things go according to plan, I won't be living here by then. I can't win.
  5. Why the hell did this even become a debate anyway? Places have been putting pineapple on pizza for decades, but now people decide to get snobby about it?
  6. If BASS were a team of Superheroes, what would your abilites be, what would be your super hero identities, and who would be your arch nemeses?
  7. Reminds me of the Rankin Bass logo, but much less legible.
  8. Tom Hardy as Venom would be awesome if everything else about that whole thing wasn't a total frickin mess.
  9. An argument could be made for the Tigers being the top team in Detroit.
  10. There are plenty of reasons for me to stop being a fan of Washington, and relocation isn't one of them. If I were to give up on them, the Packers would be my team because that's my dad's team. Either way, I'm not nearly as invested as a fan as I used to be.
  11. I've been holding off on buying any Nintendo system until they come out with another proper Metroid. So, possibly never.
  12. Helmet: A I love it. The silver facemask looks great, the stripe looks great, and the blue outline on the logo actually works with the stripe. If only they dropped the white from the logo, or added white to the stripe to make it consistent. Home and Away Jerseys: C So close yet so far. Sleeve wordmark, mismatched WCF, and thin italic numbers all tarnish it, but it's not completely terrible. Home Pants: A+ No pants wordmark! The striping looks great. Away Pants: B- Pairing them with blue socks ruins otherwise great pants. Color Rush: F Nice look for a high school, terrible look for a professional team. Throwback: A+ No explanation needed.
  13. Is he physically unable to smile or something? Jesus, that cold, dead look on his face.
  14. I've never been a fan of logos on top of sleeve stripes, and this is no exception, but I can deal with it. If they put the "Detroit" wordmark inside the pants stripe though, I'm getting out the pitchfork. And I have a bad feeling that the pitchfork will getting used.
  15. Tell your coworkers you're a grown ass man, and it's none of their damn business who you date. If you like her, that's all that matters.