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  1. I'm not sure which is more disturbing; the thought of that picture, or the implication that you already have that pic ready to go.
  2. But not Eve? Scandalous!
  3. I'm willing to accept that an octopus posts on these boards, but you expect us to believe you're a talking bus? Preposterous.
  4. Gave: - Sister: Painting supplies and canvasses - Brother: Washington Redskins and Detroit Tigers shirts - Dad: A bunch of shirts from Bass Pro - Mom: 4-piece luggage set - Grandma: Adult coloring books and colored pencils - Cousin: Ohio State hoodie and a six-pack of beer Received: - Star Wars shirts and sleep pants - Book about the early history of comics books - Star Wars and TMNT mugs - Sherpa blanket - Gift cards to Best Buy and Amazon - A replica jersey of the Mud Hens' new home uniforms (This was the only thing I actually asked for this year.) - A Kindle Fire (Which I am currently posting from.) - My brother will take my mom, dad, sister and I on a trip to Chicago once we decide when we want to go.
  5. My aunt (through marriage to my mom's brother) is cousins with Katie Holmes. A bit of a stretch, but that's what I've got. I've not actually met her, but I sat a few feet away from her at a funeral. Not exactly the most appropriate place to go, "Hey, you're a celebrity!" As for athletes, my dad's second cousin is former NBA player Eric Piatkowski. I don't know if he counts as "famous", but Frankie Muniz talked about him once, so that's gotta count for something, right?
  6. That Texans combo is weird. It has a classic A/B/A/B color pattern, and it has the same solid design they always have. I feel like I should like it, but it just doesn't work. I wouldn't say it's awful, but it's not one of their better looks. I definitely prefer it over the red monochrome though.
  7. I'm exactly one year younger than Kirk Cousins.
  8. The sabretooth tiger and tyrannosaurus look pretty cool, and the pteradactyl and triceratops are okay, but the mastadon has some pretty big issues (based on the toys). It's pretty clear though that they weren't thinking about how to combine them when they were designing them. Unless the toy is radically different from what's on screen, I just can't get over how lazy the megazord design is.
  9. Back in the days of VHS, Kmart was the only place nearby that really had any kind of movie selection. Almost every time we got a tape there, the cashiers would swipe the tape over a magnetic security thing, immediately ruining it. My dad complained several times, then eventually said screw it, and we'd drive out to Target, Best Buy, or Media Play (I miss Media Play; I loved that store). That Kmart eventually closed, then became an even more depressing Sears Outlet, which was then demolished for a fancy new Kroger.
  10. Planet Coaster. I haven't had enough time to really get into the final release as much as I'd like, but I've been playing since the alpha and it's pretty frickin awesome.
  11. Fifth movie in the Cars universe, and here I am still waiting for A Bug's Life 2.
  12. I think most people see it and think, "Cheap fast food that is filling and tastes decent enough." I've never once had a problem with Taco Bell, yet I've gotten sick from an "authentic" Mexican restaurant. can happen anywhere. The whole joke of "Taco Bell is gross and gives you the s" is tired, and is reaching Nickelback levels of ridiculousness. If people enjoy it, let them enjoy it.
  13. Not until they win the Franchise Wars.
  14. If there is a 1-loss conference champ Washington, a 1-loss conference champ Clemson, and a conference champ Wisconsin/Penn State, and Ohio State gets in over one of them, then what the hell is the point of conference championships? Why even bother with having them? Of course, I could totally see the committee taking Ohio State, but it would completely invalidate conference championships, and make conference play inconsequential.