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  1. Fifth movie in the Cars universe, and here I am still waiting for A Bug's Life 2.
  2. I think most people see it and think, "Cheap fast food that is filling and tastes decent enough." I've never once had a problem with Taco Bell, yet I've gotten sick from an "authentic" Mexican restaurant. can happen anywhere. The whole joke of "Taco Bell is gross and gives you the s" is tired, and is reaching Nickelback levels of ridiculousness. If people enjoy it, let them enjoy it.
  3. Not until they win the Franchise Wars.
  4. If there is a 1-loss conference champ Washington, a 1-loss conference champ Clemson, and a conference champ Wisconsin/Penn State, and Ohio State gets in over one of them, then what the hell is the point of conference championships? Why even bother with having them? Of course, I could totally see the committee taking Ohio State, but it would completely invalidate conference championships, and make conference play inconsequential.
  5. So, with my dad having been born in Canada, would that help my application for immigation in any way?
  6. A swing and a miss. There is absolutely nothing good about this megazord. The suits were a pretty drastic departure, but they still took cues from the originals, so they still feel like the Power Rangers. But this is just awful. It's like they couldn't figure out how to properly assemble and connect the zords, so they said, "Hey, let's just make the whole body out of bland, gray, maleable metal that kinda looks like chainmail!" And what the fvck is up with those feet? It's like it stepped in a pile of melted triceratops. And those wings...
  7. Wanting someone to go to prison is not rational. Wanting someone to undergo a fair and impartial investigation, and a possible trial where they are innocent until proven guilty is rational. Therefore, your point is invalid.
  8. Add another chip to the Despotic Ruler Bingo board!
  9. Mortal Kombat sat atop the box office for three weeks when it came out. Sure it's campy and hasn't aged well, but people like it. And the Resident Evil movies have been pretty well liked by the general public.
  10. There's a house I drive past that has had a Trump sign for a while. Now after the final debate they have three Trump signs. It seems the signs may have migrated north.
  11. Donald Glover is Lando Calrissian. Perfect.
  12. Obviously you're not a fan of rhododendrons.
  13. So long, Brian Kelly! Please let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.
  14. The creases are a nescessary part of the flag. They show movement, and with the creases you can clearly tell it's wrapped around the sword. In the current logo, the flag is just kinda... there. There's no life or context to it. I've always felt like the current logo looks like an early draft of the old logo, before all of the details were added and fine tuned.