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    College Football uniforms- 2018

    Those Notre Dame uniforms are a disgrace. Brian Kelly and Jack Swarbrick should be fired imediately. Out of a cannon. Into the sun.
  2. burgundy

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    Looks like they changed the 4 in their custom font. The diagonal bar seems thicker and they got rid of the dumb notch.
  3. burgundy

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    Are they a high school that can only afford one new pice of the uniform at a time? The red jersey and the pants are the same as last year.
  4. burgundy

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    Decent, but they could be better. The numbers should be red with black outlines. The big question is if the pants have matching stripes.
  5. burgundy

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    Don't go giving people any ideas. An orange field might blind people.
  6. burgundy

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    The illustration is an improvement, although the line-weights could be thicker. That shade of gold just does not work for that logo though. It looks sick... but not the "good" sick, more like ill... but not the "good" ill, more like... diseased? Does that still mean what it's supposed to mean?
  7. burgundy

    NFL 2018 changes

    I'm guessing he meant "traditional" as in a navy blue suit. At least I hope that's what he meant. Like you said, the average player doesn't know about football uniform history or design, so they reference regular fashion, which is how we end up with some of the mostrosies they like.
  8. burgundy

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    I really hope that shade of green is just for contrast purposes in the promo. Their avatar gives me hope that it's actually Kelly green though. I really hope it's just a simple, kelly green version of the regular jerseys, but I know better than to get my hopes up. They will probably be lime green jerseys and pants with black numbers, and some stupid sublimation somewhere.
  9. burgundy

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    Michigan State's numbers also look much better, and were unique when they debuted. They also fit the overall brand and invoke a battle-scarred look. Iowa's are just there because they thought it looked cool. And that 4 is atrocious. They made the diagonal bar way too thin and decided to put a notch in it.
  10. burgundy

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    Have we started using "Notches For Notches' Sake" yet? Because Iowa's numbers are definitely NFNS.
  11. burgundy

    Grey Facemasks For Everyone*

    Gray facemasks obviously work well when teams have silver or gray as one of their colors, and they look fine for teams with a classic look. I also think they look great with metallic gold helmets, but that may just be because I'm a Notre Dame fan. I only really have a problem with teams that have overdesigned, super modern uniforms with a gray facemask. I'm looking at you, Arizona Cardinals.
  12. burgundy

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    That's a really nice Nebraska uniform.
  13. burgundy

    Boca product line - New Packaging

    The shadows still don't work because it's a flat, straight-on view, and the shadow should be aligned to the corner of the dropshadow if that's the effect they were going for. The shadow isn't even aligned to the actual letters either, so I don't know what there were doing.
  14. burgundy

    Boca product line - New Packaging

    What the hell is going on with that wordmark? An unnecessary gray outline, an outlined drop shadow to the left, and another drop shadow to the right that doesn't properly align with the letters. What a mess. And the whole design is too generic and simplistic.
  15. burgundy

    Sierra Mist? Mist Twst?

    Glad to see it's back to being Sierra Mist. I think everyone still called it that anyway. The logo is nothing special, but it's not terrible either. It works well enough. I always preferred the 2006-2008 logo, so I like that this is similar. I must be one of the few that actually prefers Sierra Mist over Sprite or 7up. Especially when they went to regular sugar instead of corn syrup.
  16. burgundy

    Colleges In Need For A Logo Rebrand

    It looks like it should be on a hot sauce bottle.
  17. burgundy

    IHOP Name Change Coming 6/11

    It's probably not an official name change, just a promotional one to advertize their new burgers. And that logo does not work as well with the b instead of the p. The decender of the p makes a nose, while the ascender on the b isn't really anything.
  18. burgundy

    Your least favorite team color combination.

    Orange and purple. I dislike the color orange to begin with, and when paired with purple I especially don't like it. It's very visually jarring to me.
  19. burgundy

    Report: Nike to Take Over MLB Uniforms in 2020

    That's debatable.
  20. burgundy

    Report: Nike to Take Over MLB Uniforms in 2020

    I don't like the idea of the manufacturer's logo being on the front of the jersey, but at least Nike's logo is less obtrusive than UA's. So that's one good thing. There was probably some radically different new designs coming anyway, whether UA or Nike, so that doesn't make much difference to me.
  21. burgundy

    Scientifically accurate raptors

    I think it's turkey-sized actually. And while the movie was being made they found the Utahraptor, which was even more like the movie raptors than deinonychus, except that it had feathers. The Jurassic Park dinosaurs not having feathers can be explained away by the scientists filling in the gaps with frog DNA.
  22. burgundy

    Uniform/jersey misunderstandings

    I have a throwback Mud Hens hat that's like the one Jamie Farr wore on M.A.S.H., and I've had people outside the Toledo area mistake it for an old Texas Rangers hat. To be fair, they are nearly identical except for the shade of blue. When I was in grade school, we were encouraged to wear Ohio State and Michigan stuff on the Friday before the game. Since I am a Notre Dame fan, I would wear my ND stuff. Around fifth grade or so, I wore my Notre Dame home jersey, and OSU fans would say to me, "Michigan sucks!", and I'd say, "Uhh, yeah, this is a Notre Dame jersey." This was coming from people that routinely misidentify their own team as "Ohio." After having enough of that nonsense, all of my ND stuff has been almost exclusively kelly green.
  23. burgundy

    The NFL's "Five Year Rule" Explained

    The NFL doesn't enforce the rule on pants because they don't sell pants. Since the current rule was enacted, several teams have introduced new pants without counting as a new uniform as far as I know: Rams (obviously), the Ravens' gold pants, the Redskins' gold pants, the Giants' white pants, the Panthers' black pants, and the Browns' previous brown and orange pants. I'm not sure about the Jags' old stripeless black pants, as those coincided with the away jersey number color change, but even that only lasted 4 years. I'm still not sure how the Rams got away with the helmet change though, since those are sold. I guess there's no explicitly stated rule about decals and masks, so they found a loophole. I wonder how many gold-horned replica and mini helmets are still sitting around unsold.
  24. burgundy

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    The Oklahoma update reminds me of Notre Dame's update two years ago. A nice update that is more soundly designed than what it replaced, but will go unnoticed by the vast majority of fans. Side Note: The Notre Dame section of the mothership is in serious need of updates. It's still using the previous ND logo, and the previous logo is improperly dated to 1964, while it came out in 2010. Part of the problem is that they had been so inconsistent over the years with slight variations, and used multiple versions at the same time. It was so damn confusing that my replica 2001-2003 adidas jersey has the ND sleeve logo from the Champion jerseys.
  25. burgundy

    What do we know about the new Dolphins set?