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  1. You just know in today's :censored:ed up world he's getting a reality show out of all of this.
  2. I feel like this is usually something really cliché that people say when celebs die, but... Yeah. This one absolutely SUCKS. There have been a few in the past three or four years that have really been depressing gut punches for me, like, people I REALLY liked and thought their work added happiness to different parts of my life, who have decided it was all too much. This is definitely one of them.
  3. Speaking of that, he was supposed to perform with LP in the Harvey's Outdoor Concert Series in Lake Tahoe on September 1st. My girlfriend bought tickets for a concert the next night, and I was hoping to head up a day early to catch the LP concert, too 😞
  4. What an AWFUL day. I met him in Scottsdale a few years ago and Hybrid Theory was basically the soundtrack to my youth. God, this one SUCKS. 😞
  5. Ugh. Stupid. WHY?!?!
  6. Lol, yeah. No thanks, Indy.
  7. In his prime, he had so much potential, and if not for MadBum in 2014, would have TWO World Series MVPs to his name. In his time with the Giants, he was probably my absolute favorite because he did things at the plate I've seriously never seen anyone do before. He could hit just about anything and put it in play no matter where it was thrown. Add to that, he was a pretty great defender for a guy as huge as he was. The problem was, you could always see the edge of the cliff with him. For as much talent as he had, he also had basically no ability to keep his weight down, and really, no care to, either. The Giants Dodged a MAJOR bullet by losing out on him.
  8. Oh, Pablo Sandoval. Just desserts, I guess.
  9. I think the worst part about this is that the woman had a concern that was at least somewhat reasonable IMO. But, like too freaking many, she decided to take matters into her own hands rather than go through the proper channels and at least communicate her concerns and do something constructive about it. Why do people insist on constantly shooting themselves in the foot like that?
  10. Honestly? I'd be cool with the "road" team using alts. You get weird issues sometimes (EX: Padres last season) when it's all white vs gray.
  11. Next step, little -Dans!
  12. I've made a two batches this summer, with varying results. I generally like my sweet tea more on the tea side and a bit less on the sweet side, where my girlfriend likes hers on the "buried in an avalanche of sugar" side. The first batch I made I loved and she thought tasted like crap, where the second batch I made she loved and I thought I was going to get Wilford Brimley style diabeetus from if I finished a whole cup. I agree that bottled sweet tea is mostly crap, but there's ONE brand that I absolutely love. Can't find it where I am, but I have a friend who still brings it back every summer. It's WAY sweeter than I usually like, but damn it's good.
  13. Why is the NL always so disappointing?
  14. Second row, third from the left (white M, orange outline, blue background). That right there represents perfectly how strong that M logo would be with just a single outline. They really don't need anything more. The shape of that letter mark alone is strong enough to stand out from any other team in any sport. They could even ditch the Marlin altogether and it'd be great (They don't need to, though, as it's simplicity really works with that look). Honestly? The current Marlins logo was basically a total joke when it first came out, but I've really kinda warmed up to it. The font they use is just so so good, and it's really surprising to me how striking it is now that the whole set has been given time to process. They could stand to ditch the black and simplify things a bit, but the foundation is really solid.