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  1. 😑
  2. I like the San Jose Sharks (even though I act like I don't a lot of the time) but mostly hate the sport of hockey. I find hockey damn near impossible to follow on TV. Also, I HATE that a sport that fast plays on such a small rink at the biggest level, and some of the stoppages in play are absolutely ridiculous.
  3. Alright, awesome. Really good to see Aaron Eckhart's character from Thank You For Smoking has found more work.
  4. Scottsdale starts on the other side of the Loop 202. Unless that corner by Tempe Marketplace has some really weird things going on (which actually could be the case, that area is a little weird with Tempe Town Lake and the Salt River), that's Tempe. I remember ASU having some issues with that due to the city change backing right up to campus.
  5. Its definitely a weird feeling. But I sure am feeling it. This team can pull this off.
  6. I just got a pretty good look at Phoenix Rising's new park. Wow, that's pretty impressive. That reminds me quite a bit of Papa Murphy's Park (Bonney Field) in Sacramento, but with more bells and whistles. And that location on McClintock off the Loop 202 next to Tempe Marketplace is AWESOME. Totally underused area that needed something like this. I'm kinda bummed they didn't have the team when I was there. Here's a story on it with a video showing the park a bit more. Not sure why all the headlines say it's in Scottsdale, though. That's most definitely Tempe. http://sacramento.cbslocal.com/2017/05/24/mls-expansion-sacramento-republic/
  7. Neither does Sacramento.
  8. I was born less than 15 minutes away from Oakland Arena (The Oracle). Sacramento is, for all intents and purposes, Bay Area territory when it comes to sports anyway. Also, Sacramento and Oakland are damn near the exact same distance it is from Cleveland to Youngstown, Ohio
  9. Yeah of course, what else do you expect me to say? Who are you going to pick to win the Super Bowl next year, the Ravens?
  10. Cleveland may win ONE game. That's all I'll give them. But I think even that's a stretch. I could be wrong, but I really have a feeling this thing is going to be totally lopsided. Cleveland looks great right now, but they've beaten three teams that didn't provide much. Even if Lebron goes crazy again I still think Golden a state has too much for Cleveland to really slow down let alone contain.
  11. There were a lot of extenuating circumstances that caused Golden State to lose to the Cavs last year (Draymond's ballkick, Bogut going down, them just getting complacent, Lebron going kryptonic, etc). But Cleveland looked absolutely lost in the Finals last year before they finally figured out that it was a good game plan to force Harrison Barnes to beat them. Once the pressure was on him, Barnes basically folded like a lawn chair. Golden State replaced Barnes with Kevin Durant. Dubs in 4.
  12. Also, they were just a Madison Bumgarner hair short of making that 2-0. Mission very much accomplished.
  13. Oh no, screw that. I want the Warriors to absolutely obliterate the Cavs. I don't want there to be even the slightest shadow of a doubt as to who's the better team after this. Their average margin of victory this post season is like 21.5 points. I'd love to see that actually go up after this series. Also, that would make them 16-0. It'd be MUCH more satisfying to close out the series with your "typical" (as in absolutely killing the Cavs like they've done to everyone else) Warriors team. Forget that 3-1 crap. My heart couldn't take that. And, whatevs. Cubs kinda already paid Cleveland back for that one anyway. It's overrated. Also, I kinda get this feeling that's going to be exactly what happens. 2014 was rough for Lebron. 2017 may be worse.
  14. Lol, cool story, Tyronn.
  15. It definitely doesn't have quite the heft it used to. Had they not pulled off the win last year vs the Warriors, it probably would still hit pretty hard because his only two titles would've been with the Miami SuperFriends, and he would've been 0-3 without Cleveland. Now though? It's just one of those classicly go to Lebron knocks that missed an update somewhere along the line. Even if they get torched this season (which I think they will), it still won't change that. 3-5 is still better than 2-6. I remember in 2014/2015 I was cool with the Pats making the Superb Owl because Brady being .500 was such a good knock. We all saw how that turned out (:censored:ing Seahawks and Falcons) and he's back to being God like again.