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  1. Bomani Jones has PFTCommenter on his radio show The Right Time at least once a week. It's basically the only segment of his show I absolutely do not like.
  2. The only thing that I REALLY don't like about the current Brewers look is the navy blue. That color is kind of atrocious. It's boring because it's navy blue, but it's also super washed out looking because it's the lighter shade of navy. Change that to the BiG royal blue, and you've solved a major issue the Brewers have. You could even swap the metallic gold to yellow if you absolutely insisted on it, but bright royal blue and metallic gold is a damn nice color combo that's really underutilized in pro sports as a whole. And on the BiG logo, it's okay. Definitely a solid little logo, but I feel that it would be just fine used exclusively as a sleeve patch. It wouldn't make a TON of sense in terms of continuity, but that's not terribly uncommon. The A's elephant patch and the Orioles Maryland Flag roundel patch doesn't really "match" their sets either, but it still works just fine. That's a spot where teams can kind of take some liberty with elements that don't exactly correlate perfectly with their identity. It adds just a bit of extra flair and isn't terribly offensive, either.
  3. So, I turn the game on to see the Blazers are wearing those "Rip City" jerseys and think to myself, "Well, that's kinda dumb." So I decide to look it up and figure out where exactly what inspired this whole "Rip City" thing. Actually, that's not kinda dumb at all. That's COMPLETELY dumb, and is probably the stupidest sports related jersey I've ever seen. Anyway, good series, Blazers. They're a fun team that I like. Damian Lillard is AWESOME. But, they need a lot of help if they want to compete long-term.
  4. On the first point? Hell yes. On the second point? Only if you really believe the first point.
  5. Purple caught himself a nine month suspension and came back... Only to get banned like two days later.
  6. Ok, so I need a bit more information here to really determine what you can do. What's the material, where was it made (US or China/Overseas), etc. There are a few things you can do from soaking the cap in warm water and either trying to stretch it over your head, to putting it in the oven for awhile, to buying the New Era Re-Cap (HIGHLY recommended for all hat heads, BTW. Seriously, best $50 I ever spent as a major hat collector) over the course of several weeks/months, to even removing the headband and buckram. It all depends on the material it's made from and, most importantly, where it's made. Brand is kinda huge, too. I will say this, though. I'm a New Era 59Fifty collector like some people are collectors of Jordan shoes. I have (kind of ashamed to admit this) hundreds of 59Fiftyd and I've done just about everything in the book to stretch and shape hats of all different sizes and types of materials. Trying to bump up FOUR full sizes though? Uhh, yeah. No. Probably SOL on that one. I've basically mastered the art of hat stretching, and I've Busted through the seams trying to move from a 3/8 to a 5/8 more than once.
  7. Blues/Perds sounds like it's going to resemble 4-7 trips to the DMV.
  8. Yeah, Warriors fans are just as surprised as anyone else about McGee playing this well. But with Jusuf Nurkic as hobbled as he is, Mcgee's size is absolutely killing the Blazers.
  9. I find it very quaint that the Sharks still make you mad when they get bounced early in the playoffs. Ahh, to be young again. Through all of that, though? You are kinda right. I'm going to pretty annoyed if Jumbo doesn't decide to hang em up and comes back to hobble through yet another season. Marleau can kick those same rocks, too. For as big of "Legends" as they are, they've both completely worn out their welcome.
  10. Not exactly my point. I mean that fundamentally it's crazy that there's a team in the league with this many weapons. It's kinda rare to see that. Thanks for the snark, though.
  11. Yeah, this team is REALLY bad. I figured they'd have some issues with left field and the bullpen, but just about everything that could go wrong has so far this year. I think they can turn it around and have a decent year because they have the talent, but there's a lot of potential for this year to end up being a dud ala the 2015 Nats or 2012 Red Sox (Not so much in a chicken and beer or awful Matt Williams sort of way, but just in that those were both teams that looked very good on paper but had unusually bad years).
  12. And the craziest thing is Golden State is doing this without Durant, and tonight, without their coach (Steve Kerr was out sick). This team feels even better than last year's team, without their best player, and on an absolute mission.
  13. The problem I see with NES Classic and SNES Classic is that you can still find and play just about every single game online for free with easy to download emulators. Why spend even $60 on another system for games we already had when we can play them for free on better systems?
  14. Time to blow it up, Clips. This just aint gonna work.