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  1. Bucfan56

    Miami Marlins 2019 Rebrand

    I disagree. That’s the most egregiously cheap looking part of that cap if you ask me. I actually sent the one I ordered back in part because of how bad all that negative space looked.
  2. Bucfan56

    2018-19 NBA Season - New and improved!

    They play the Bulls today. If they lose that one, I think heads (Well, Luke Walton's head, anyway) are gonna roll.
  3. Bucfan56

    2018 MLB Off Season Thread

    Can some of that mentality be contributed to the steroid era? I feel like we had a TON (In this context, anyway) of players who did just that and developed into huge hitters late in their career, and the one thing that has yet to die from that era is the mentality fans and ownership have in expecting that to perpetuate. I think front offices are finally starting to get it, and disasters like Pujols in Anaheim have shed the light on the reality of the situation a bit. But old habits are heard to break.
  4. Bucfan56

    2019 MLB Changes

    This is exactly what I expect to happen, and it’s going to be as disappointing and frustratingly unnecessary as you’d expect.
  5. Bucfan56

    NFL changes 2019

    I've never understood why the Chiefs didn't just make the KC yellow. That seems like a pretty easy solution to that issue.
  6. Bucfan56

    NFL changes 2019

    Stupidly, I think the NFL has announced they’re going to do the exact opposite and instead of focusing on the league’s history, they’re focusing on the future. I almost half expect to see a bunch of dumbass TATC style uniforms and graphics.
  7. Bucfan56

    NFL changes 2019

    Ok. I wasn’t quite sure how that designation worked. I figured they would probably get to wear the home set, but I wasn’t sure if the Pats just chose white jerseys last year or if they had the option to choose to be the defacto “road” team and took it.
  8. Bucfan56

    NFL changes 2019

    So if the Rams make the Super Bowl this year are they wearing the royal and gold throwbacks, or did the Pats choosing to wear white last year screw that up?
  9. Bucfan56

    NFL Playoffs Thread

    Oh, :censored: the Chargers. Wherever they’re located.
  10. Bucfan56

    2018 NFL Season

    I’m a HUGE Chargers fan tomorrow cause if they win, I’m cool with whatever the ultimate outcome is. That’s why they’ll lose by 28.
  11. They’ll still find a way to :censored: this up somehow.
  12. Bucfan56

    NFL Playoffs Thread

    Good. Pats are still gonna ruin this for everyone.
  13. Bucfan56

    Division 1 College Conference Realignment

    I’m not sure if it’s a literal 100% acceptance rate or if it’s still true, but when I went to ASU, Grand Canyon University accepted anyone with an Arizona license. I think they even took care of a good chunk of tuition, too. And they were SUPER lax on this one, also. Basically, if you had ever changed planes at Sky Harbor, you were Arizonan enough to get that deal. I almost went there to work on a masters degree after graduating simply because it was damn near free. If not for how much I HATED Arizona and it being so strictly Christian, I would’ve probably wound up there.
  14. Bucfan56

    NFL Playoffs Thread

    San Diego.
  15. Bucfan56

    Texas Rangers Bid Farewell to the Ballpark With Patch in 2019

    I don’t think anyone is ignoring that. What everyone is doing is pointing out how stupid it was to overlook all of that in the first place.