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  1. MLB changes 2018?

    The Tigers look head and shoulders better than they did before. I wasn’t so sure about the hat logo change, but it’s barely noticeable TBH. The jersey change was LONG overdue, though. I think people are just upset because it’s different. As has been stated before, within a decade we’ll look back and wonder why it took them so long to make that change in the first place.
  2. North American Pro Soccer 2018

    Minor update on Sacramento Republic. I pretty much fully expected to lose my job with the recent ownership change over, but instead it worked out extremely well for me personally. One of the the people who left during the switch over was one of their long time merch guys who specialized in heat pressing all of their game kits and fan jerseys. I made a mention in passing to our head merchandise guy that I had quite a bit of experience doing that kind of stuff, and he asked if I would be interested in taking over that position. So, I'm now officially the uniform guy for Sacramento Republic. The best part? Sacramento Republic is releasing all new uniforms sometime in the next week, and they're doing the same basic thing most teams do by trying to keep it under wraps. I got to see the entire new set yesterday and will be working this weekend on getting them all heat pressed for the release party and the season.
  3. MLB changes 2018?

    I used to go out and catch the first few Spring straining practices of the year when I lived in Arizona and every year they wore the previous years gear until just before the first game. Seems pretty normal to me.
  4. PyeongChang 2018

    HELL. YES. Couldnt be any more proud.
  5. NBA 2017-18: A Tale of Two Conferences

    Gonna be really fun to see this Cavs team get absolutely annihilated by the Warriors in The Finals.
  6. MLB changes 2018?

    I'm still pissed they never paired that orange helmet with the white or orange jerseys. What a dumb idea it was pairing that with the black jersey.
  7. PyeongChang 2018

    Just like last time, I'm super excited to see my friend Jamie Anderson throw down in slope style. Hoping she brings home the gold again!
  8. 2018 MLB Hot Stove Season

    Darvish to the Cubs. Meh.
  9. 2018 NFL Offseason

    Honestly? Yes, I really do think so. That Niners team was absolutely abysmal last year, and they were still basically abysmal after he arrived. The difference was that they went from having a bell hop under center to a guy who legitimately has a TON of talent and upside. Nothing else really changed. He was basically running for his life in all of the games he won and still found a way to make not only good throws, but damn smart ones as well. I honestly don't think there's been a time where I've been more impressed with a guy's pure ability than I was with him late last season. If the Niners are smart (they probably aren't) and surround him with some talent, he could truly be excellent.
  10. NBA 2017-18: A Tale of Two Conferences

    I dunno, that feels pretty heavily sugar-coated if you ask me. The Cavs just turned over half of their roster with about 30 games to go in order to "improve team chemistry". That seems like a really risky bet to hedge, regardless of roster improvement or not. I still think they're behind both Boston and Toronto in terms of who I see coming out of the east.
  11. NBA 2017-18: A Tale of Two Conferences

    The Cavs moves are frustrating to me on several levels. First off, why would a teams like Utah, Sacramento, and the Lakers even make those deals in the first place? I get the whole "tanking" thing or even the waiting till next year thing, but none of what they got in return is actually going to be that beneficial to them. So there's that side of it. Teams seem to be just giving the Cavs pieces for just about nothing in return. But another element to this, that is probably even more frustrating to me, is that none of these guys really even give Cleveland that much better of a shot, either. Sure, it clears up a good chunk of the dysfunction and allows them to simultaneously get more well-rounded as a team. But there's no way this is enough to compete with any of the big contenders from the west, especially the Warriors. I don't even think it puts them up above Boston or Toronto, even. And, correct me if I'm wrong, this also means they can't trade that Nets pick now, right? Just... Why? I guess it's a case of them having to do something, but was all that really that much of an upgrade? I still think Lebron is gone no matter what.
  12. MLB changes 2018?

    Honestly, if the Rays ditched the stupid 1998 style gradient oval and just went with the yellow outlined ray on this cap, that would be an absolutely PERFECT primary cap for them. The TB they use now is such a weak cap mark. This would be a perfect upgrade for them. Not every team needs a letter primary cap. A team like the Rays should embrace being brighter and a little more out there.
  13. 2017 NFL Season: Then there were Two

    Lol, no. Brady has NEVER had the criticism James had, and the beginning of their stories are absolutely polar opposite. James seemed for awhile there that he could never get over the hump, while Brady was constantly getting over that hump when it didn't even make sense for him to.
  14. NBA 2017-18: A Tale of Two Conferences

    New Orleans is really bad, too. They have both Davis and Cousins and I think Jrue Holiday is still the top paid guy by quite a bit. He's the 6th highest paid point guard in the league and he's nowhere near that level of production.