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  1. At least it wasn't B-L-E-W...
  2. This is always going to be the lasting memory of him to me.
  3. Id like to think I'm going to miss it, but I know I won't.
  4. Minute Maid is still the strangest park I've ever been to. It's like they crammed half of a train yard together with half of a large airplane hangar and called it a ballpark. Add to that the glass windows face the sun during sunset and the AC is miserably poor in the upper decks (at least it was in 04 when I was there for the All Star Game) and it's a pretty miserable experience. I think I liked it at the time because it was "new" and the gimmicks didn't bother me because I was a kid and hadn't really seen many parks at that point, but yeah, objectively it's a pretty crappy ballpark. I think every ballpark I've been to since I've liked better. The starkness of right field compared to the strangely overdone westernness of left field is pretty jarring.
  5. Meh, they're ok. I would've liked to see a front number to really give a shoutout to the old kit, but these work pretty well. I mean, it's a white soccer jersey with a collar. A bit underwhelming, but not bad by any stretch. I do like the inclusion of the old logo on the back, though. That's a nice touch.
  6. Why are they still using the old purple on the CR logo in the lower lefthand corner?
  7. I'm really not a fan of that footyheadlines.com sublimation all over the jersey. I get the need for sponsors, but that's pretty tacky.
  8. There is so much about this entire situation that is just flat out stupid. Most of it has already been pointed out, but my goodness. My brain hurts.
  9. Uggh, a collar...
  10. You do realize who's been running the 49ers since the turn of the century and how big of idiots they are, right? The Niners get ZERO benefit of the doubt on this case, because they don't deserve it. EDIT: Rams basically summed it up. It's the dumbass Yorks fault for most of that garbage.
  11. You sure about that?...
  12. Yeah but pens kinda suck, too. NOTHING is worse than whiteboard markers, though. The absolute bane of my existence.
  13. You can tell he's so damn relieved to be out of the giant mess we have here. I think anyone would be at this point. Divac and Cherry Picker are probably a combination that makes Trent Baalke and Idiot Jed York look appealing. I wish him him the best of luck and I really think he's gonna thrive the way Isiah Thomas did once he got away from the toxic Kings. I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of the drama goes away as well because I'm convinced a big part of it stemmed from having to deal with the morons he's had to deal with in Sacramento. Damn. I still can't believe the Kings got out from under the clutches of the Maloofs and it ended up somehow getting even worse. Like I've said more than once here. Give em to Seattle.
  14. This is exactly why even though I live in Sacramento and consider it my home town, I'm not a Kings fan. What a MORONIC trade. God this team is so :censored:ing dumb.