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  1. I remember times when all teams in Coupe de France wore adidas kits, regardless of who their manufacturer is.
  2. Ottawa "O" logo isn't bad, but It would be great if Senators will finally use and promote their alternate logo to the primary. BTW, How stupid you must be when you've got logo like this and completely wasting it?
  3. AS Roma:
  4. PSG Away:
  5. Everton GK: Oh I see now, but still it looks more like upgraded dri-fit rather than an aeroswift comparing to versions from current season. Intresting.
  6. I'm not sure if Galatasaray receive Aeroswift version, for me it's a dri-fit version which is using in current season (updated of course), but we will know better when Barca, PSG or City showing their authentic jerseys.
  7. Brighton & Hove Albion:
  8. Ladies and Gentlemen we have a winner of the dumbest name of the year. What is wrong with Ontario Clippers? BTW, This isn't good when your D/G-League team has better logo than you.
  9. I wonder if Milan will have also alternative black shorts and socks. They should have them. Bayern GK:
  10. Legia supporters don't like away, because silver isn't a color of club and they want green shirt.
  11. Legia Warszawa:
  12. FH mockup looks much better.
  13. Alternate uniforms won't be available for 17/18 season? I Don't think so. Cavs? Less navy and more black?
  14. Ajax home:
  15. Adidas in recent times always made something "WOW" for Marseille and Lyon, next season kits are only ok, nothing special.