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  1. To be fair, this jerseys actually weren't that bad before they added sleeves to them.
  2. Goldberg played hockey? Didn't knew.
  3. In LA where sun shines strong this looks even worse. Good idea, bad realizations.
  4. Barcelona SC anniversary jersey:
  5. Probably, because they deal with Qatar is still valid. Nope, Athletic Bilbao didn't have an ad on front until 2008/2009 season.
  6. He looked so innocent in his first seasons:
  7. Hmm basketball team is called SuperSonics and hockey is a quicker game than basketball so maybe SuperLuminal?
  8. Yes I know, it was supposed to be a joke
  9. Bate Brosiov back to adidas: SK Brann with aeroswift jerseys:
  10. Your works are outstanding. Can I know which tutorials do you use? I know you've got many requests so I only ask If there is a chance for collage with 4 people on them or standard poster with one person? If yes I'll send you photos. If no, ok I'll understand.
  11. Those are so cute and so adorable. Magnifique.
  12. NBA draft is held on 22.06 which is second day of summer, so maybe few days before draft Blazers unveil their new logos? We'll see.
  13. Texas Red (WCCW): American Badass:
  14. So basing of this navy and green are excatly the same like for Seahawks.
  15. Ok, we've seen TImberwolves primary, but what about Blazers, they'll do a rebrand or not? Any info (except that probably gonna be a roundel, because roundel is a new black)?