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  1. I'm more than certain the Rams will stick with what was scheduled.
  2. Chargers and Broncos in Color Rash for sure Cowboys I'd assume Color Rush Lions in Throwbacks
  3. tohasbo

    2019 MLB Changes

    Which would suck because once Nike gets the uniform deal as rumoured starting NEXT postseason, they'll probably get the caps too. Nike hats suck especially for those who have big heads.
  4. tohasbo

    NHL Third Jersey Calendar (Updated 11/11)

    All that is known right now is for four home games. More details are here...Devils Heritage Jersey
  5. nah looks like the normal ones to me. I can see that tint of green in the pants on my tv.
  6. tohasbo

    NHL Third Jersey Calendar (Updated 11/11)

    Just thought I would tell you this but the two for Anaheim here are happened this week. The 1993 Road was for warmups this past Sunday and the Wildwing is being used tonight.
  7. I forgot that they had those, to be honest. I stand corrected.
  8. I don't even think there are white pants in the Patriots Style Guide but yet again the second set of Ravens purple pants were not in the Style Guide earlier on in the season. Whether or not they are there or not is unknown
  9. tohasbo

    Future Retired Number Banner Concepts (NHL Added)

    I think that with the new ownership with the Whalers, we'll see those numbers retired soon
  10. tohasbo

    NBA Changes 2018-19

    It's gonna be crap. #DeathToJerseyADs
  11. But this for week 7. Miami announced a while back that week 7 they'll be in white.
  12. Rams, Jets, Cardinals or 49ers are the Color Rush Falcons are the Classic Chargers and Ravens (?)are the Alts Miami and Washington known at WaH