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  2. Still SCREAMS minor league-ish
  3. Edmonton making the Orange alts the home next season is also known. The big rumour is still with the Capitals going to retros full time. The Ducks making an orange primary home in 2018-19 is also known. Everything else as far as I know is up in the air
  4. They should not and the post has been edited. Thank you for pointing it out
  5. It would be if it in a way did what MLB with the silo batter on the jerseys and pants.
  6. I disagree. Especially when the 11 is a damn pause sign
  7. Colored Stars represent the Super Bowl Championships won
  8. Interesting how the only teams to NOT play in the Super Bowl are the Lions, Browns, Texans and Jaguars.
  9. These all hurt as a Capitals fan but a small part of me chuckled at these
  10. Only in pre-season, though. The only other time was in the 1998 season.
  11. That is still pretty damn awful. Very minor league-ish
  12. That's ridiculous. If you have a hat that is your top seller, you'd think common sense would tell you wear it more often. Loria is an idiot. Once he sells that team, I think things could get better. Step 1 would be scrap the black nonsense and go back to the original roots. Step 2 is get rid of that $3 million eye sore in the outfield
  13. Which is a damn shame because I like that hat a lot. Granted I am no Marlins fan but would buy it on the simple fact of the color pops and it fits more for them over the black. Times like that make me wish they never dove into the black at all.
  14. Oh...God. That's going to be one fugly thing. That's something I'd expect one of their minor league affiliates (Bowie, Frederick, Delmarva or Abredeen when their season starts in mid-June) to do