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  1. Hopefully it is not Bucs bad
  2. God I hope so. One the best NFL jerseys I own is the throwback Chargers jersey. Yeah it is a Tomlinson but still worth it either way
  3. GAH NO. Do you remember the last time they did the all burgundy look? It was awful then and it is still awful now. Go either all white, the gold look or that long-rumoured all black uniform (which would look even worse).
  4. Not really related but the League just announced two games to be played in Sweden on November 10th and 11th. Colorado will play Ottawa in what I assume is a "home and home" set.
  5. Funny thing is those no longer exist. The Capitals have new ones up and the division champions banners is similar to the way the Bruins have it. A division champions banner with years added to it. Looks less cluttered that way, in my opinion
  6. AND these two.... The Presidents' Trophy and Regular Season Eastern Conference Champions banners....
  7. HA! That probably will not happen. Lesnar's deal ends after next year's event anyway. Plus the sooner the SUPER part-timers go away, the better. I still dread this next year if what I heard and read is correct.
  8. Perhaps. We see it already in the roundel on the sleeve, though
  9. C&D's probably did it. Otherwise this may need to be a locked thread now.
  10. My big issue with it is that it only contains home and road unis. No alternates/throwbacks/one-offs or ANYTHING of that nature. If there is going to be a database, you would think it would include everything.
  11. Faux flannel gray will definitely be for the Orioles. That I do not doubt at all. MAYBE the Nationals do it as well?
  12. Here's another look at the other Seattle Sounders banners...
  13. Seattle Sounders MLS Cup Championship Banner
  14. I disagree on the Wild Wing set and the Kings Burger King alternate. Yet again when those came out I was nine years old so of course I will still like those. Everything else on the loser side I agree with 100%
  15. My thoughts exactly. If the Rangers bust out the Lady Liberty sweaters, I WILL buy one. Still kicking myself for not buying the Stadium Series sweater when I had the chance to when I saw one at my former job three years ago. Only reason why is I was still in school, working part time, and I did not have $185 to shell out for the Lundqvist sweater