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  1. I believe it is December 14th against the Broncos.
  2. Jacksonville, Carolina and the third one I'll throw a wild guess and say either San Francisco OR Tennessee
  3. Haha they would. Such a shame that the Patriots never got on that ship with a red alternate when Nike took over 5 seasons ago. Hell, they could even do a fauxback look to the 1980s look and still make it work. However, they are a team as well as the Falcons, Cardinals and Bengals that DESPERATELY need to update their look but the Pats won't do it since they have won 5 championships in this look.
  4. Minnesota Timberwolves

    I'd assume black but it would not stun me if it was something wild like a silver base colour.
  5. Gah! That's just too much. Red jersey, silver pants. That's it. Nothing too extreme.
  6. It would the red that looks like home jersey. However I agree with the throwback red jersry bit though
  7. I honestly would rather see a red alternate happen with the silver pants. I have the silver alternate but rarely wear it.
  8. NBA Changes 2017-18

  9. WWE Hell in a Cell/Tables, Ladders, and Chairs

    Ruined when we was fed to Cena at WrestleMania 30. THAT'S when it went to hell.
  10. NBA Changes 2017-18

    EVERY team will have 4 jerseys. There have been rumours that I have heard that the Hornets "City" jersey will be that Buzz City jersey they have had the last couple of seasons, minus the sleeves. The Grizzlies would not surprise me if they went to the MLK pride jersey OR a yellow one. Boston...who knows. Maybe green and gold? Only 8 teams will have 5 (Atlanta, Charlotte, Golden State, Indiana, LA Lakers, Milwaukee, Miami and Phoenix)
  11. NBA Changes 2017-18

    Unknown. I'd assume so, however. If all teams have 4 jerseys, then black would make the most sense for the Lakers. They will have their throwback jersey, rumoured to be the 1947-1952 Minneapolis Lakers look.
  12. At least it is better than the Pinktober nonsense we have had to deal with. On that, I was wondering if the NFL could go the route of the NHL. Designate October something and use that lavender colour for cancer awareness, which is exactly what the NHL does.
  13. Arena Rafters & Banners

    The Bruins do the same thing. List the years they won division titles, conference championships, and Presidents' Trophies. The Cup Banners are near it as well, I believe