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  1. if it was up to me

    I'd be fine with 7pm.
  2. if it was up to me

    To be quite honest, the World Series games on the weekend shouldn't be 8pm start times. I'd rather them be during the afternoon. In fact, make that for most of the playoff games. i get why they do things the way they do but it's just not logical in the end
  3. Probably Mono Black. I just can't see the Saints trying gold again
  4. Well the jewels on the bases do say July 26-27 so maybe they have something planned for tomorrow's game
  5. Boston in 2019 and MAYBE Baltimore in 2020. Baltimore would make the most sense in the long run
  6. I just don't see it going to 5 NL parks in a row. Unless they want to screw Wrigley over and give to Atlanta, which makes no sense.
  7. Correct. I feel as if 2019 should go to Boston or maybe even Baltimore.
  8. I think they are saving it for the Nike launch next summer. That would make the most sense. I feel that is what Sacramento and Utah should have done is wait for Summer 2017.
  9. 2016 Looks This was covered back in mid April. All of the MLB ASG hats including the Home Run Derby caps are here as well.
  10. I'm pretty sure they'll have fresh gear for the new stadium in 2019
  11. The only thing with that is the one helmet rule
  12. It seemed like there was a second page behind
  13. What about Dallas in silver, Minnesota and Washington in yellow and then Detroit in black or silver?
  14. Ravens could work in gold Giants could work in red here as well Maybe here is where Seattle goes nuts and does that electric green color
  15. Maybe New England in Red and Houston in Blue could work as well