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  1. That's a shame. I like the older ones...
  2. Loving the GIF here
  3. Which is the one I just purchased about an hour ago.
  4. The Packers jersey, whatever it looked like, is no longer up at that link. Did anyone grab a screenshot?
  5. I'd think the current white jerseys except the green being the kelly green they used last year but that is my guess
  6. I swear this leaker has got to be full of it. Unless teams have the jerseys done way ahead of time before the schedule came out. That would be the only way any of it would make sense
  7. Eagles I'd hope would be going back to the Kelly Green area but if unveiling happens tomorrow, then we will all find out
  8. There are still a ton I am HIGHLY skeptical on. Like the Cardinals and 49ers BOTH in all Black. That's going to be a disaster if that in fact happens. It would have made far mroe sense if San Francisco went in all gold instead. Now Denver's and I'll say it again, will in fact be cool if that is the final product. My other bones to pick is the Lions with the black and Redskins in the yellow color.
  9. Especially since the Redskins had already said they weren't doing it. Either way, if the Denver jersey is a legit one, I will end up purchasing it since that'll be one nice jersey
  10. The last Style Guide sheet I had seen showed that the Giants still have the red alternates. But yet again the same style guide have the Bears with Orange pants as well.
  11. Yet Boston has had whatever the hell they call their arena for 20 years and haven't hosted it. I would rather see it be there first before going back to New Orleans for the third time in 10 years. Hell even putting back to Golden State wouldn't have been a bad choice or bet yet with Sacramento's new arena
  12. if it was up to me

    I'd be fine with 7pm.
  13. if it was up to me

    To be quite honest, the World Series games on the weekend shouldn't be 8pm start times. I'd rather them be during the afternoon. In fact, make that for most of the playoff games. i get why they do things the way they do but it's just not logical in the end
  14. Probably Mono Black. I just can't see the Saints trying gold again
  15. Well the jewels on the bases do say July 26-27 so maybe they have something planned for tomorrow's game