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  1. Just as stupid as the Jay-Z and B.I.G. banner in Brooklyn and those stupid Billy Joel banners in Spectrum II (not calling whatever the hell they want to call it now).
  2. That is the dumbest thing to do if you don't win your division. Plus I think Pittsburgh got rid of that banner when they moved over to the new arena. That Edmonton one is ridiculous as well. Yet again I don't really think raising a division champions banner is all that great to begin with. It should be left to two things. A Stanely Cup champions banner and/or a Eastern/Western Conference champions banner. I seriously wish the Capitals would get rid of the President's trophy banner. I see it much like those God-awful Mystics "Attendance Champions" banners. But that is my opinion...
  3. the NBA first 2 rounds of the playoffs. seems to take a long time. I remember the Finals for example years ago would go like this: Game 1 on a Thursday, Game 2, Saturday, 3 on a Monday, 4 on a Wednesday, 5 on a Friday, 6 on a Sunday (usually on Fathers day) and 7 on a Tuesday. I blame the CBA. The season does not need to drone on into late June. What also drives me nuts on that crap is one team say the Cavs will play on a Monday at home and then the next game is against say at the Pistons and that game is not until Friday. There has to be a stupid reason since I don't ever recall Cleveland and Detroit being that far apart in distance. I would understand if it is going from Cleveland to LA but even then that is nuts.
  4. Doubt that but since Jordan is the owner, that part would make sense. For sure I would have thought Chicago, Chicago and at least Brooklyn would have jumped on the Jordan brand fro the NBA jerseys next season
  5. Yes. Call me crazy but I like the ChromaFlex patches over the stitched/iron on look. Just looks crisper to me.
  6. When I am at Capitals games and "fans" chat "All Your Fault" to an opposing goalie whenever the Caps score. Oh and the "Who Cares?" when the opposing team scores. To me, that crap is VERY rude and it ruins the fun for the people who pay good money to go to games. Hell when I hear it on my own TV, I get pissed.
  7. Yes it was "listed" as a secondary alternate and worn for 6 home games. Before the playoffs began, the team said they would use these for all home playoff games.
  8. Holly was only done as a match/comeback thing for when Brock broke his neck in 2002. Kozlov was a F'ING disaster as was Khali. Mahal, I actually like. BUT, the worst HAS to go to Khali by a country mile.
  9. Finally found it. Had to do digging on 6 different external drives to find it. But this is the one I was referring to earlier
  11. It's not the original one I had from years ago but it was close to it. The jersey design is just garbage. The Bettman-esque stripes plus that weird white area make it too...weird. I think the original image I have, the outline on the Weagle was much thicker. My issue with the Weagle is that it is fine as a secondary logo but it is not something that should go as just a logo on a jersey. MAYBE if it had a wordmark or something to go with it, it could work.
  12. Without getting too into it... It was a matter of time. He had been on suicide watch for a while. However, that does not excuse anything he did. The only person I feel bad for is his daughter and the families of those two men that were killed. I guess in a sense there COULD be some sort of closure to the Lloyd family but the fact still remains that Hernandez killed someone. Anyways, I can't say that I am not surprised this happened. Seeing people say RIP Hernandez actually make me sick. With all of that being said, I consider this a good F%^&ING riddance. Good to get some scum off the planet.
  13. Favourite: Least Favourite:
  14. I can't find the photo I had but IF the Capitals had ever gone with an alternate with the Weagle, this I think was the closest it would be minus the Capitals logos on the shoulders. @Thaumatrope, what do you think?
  15. Inspired yes but there are more and more fans wearing the original look stuff as of late. I like the original look far better than what is going on now. I get that some people do not like text logos but I don't think much can be done. $$$$ talks, as we all should know. Originally there was a HUGE rumour about the weagle alone going on a third jersey, which would have been blue. The weagle was supposed to be on the center of the jersey with no logos on the shoulders. I have a picture of it somewhere but it will take obvious digging.