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  1. God I hope soon. Unless they get cold feet and have it be pre-game only.
  2. Well IIRC, the NFL is no longer going to do that and leave it up to the teams as to what they want to do. However if they want to do breast cancer, step it up and do what the NHL does with their Hockey Fights Cancer games.
  3. Why am I not shocked that the Cavs are rebranding? The Thunder NEED to at some point because that entire identity is still as much of a mess as it was when it was unveiled near ten years ago. Phoenix is a minor shock but they totally fubar'ed the unveil of their new jerseys a couple of years ago. The Clippers is not a shock as we all know the issue with that identity. Portland is one that could be a surprise so I will hold off comments until we something further. Golden State shocks me as I thought they would wait until they move to the new arena. The Pacers is a LONG time coming. The look is just way too stale for my liking. Now I would love to see Detroit stop teasing all of us and be another one other than the Timberwolves rebrand that is coming. A second one that I would like to see would be....Memphis. To me, the identity just screams 1990s. I do not know how the rest of you guys feel but that is my feel on it.
  4. So Nike is going to go all in with Minnesota. Let them do the regular blue as the primary road and then do the lime green as the secondary road/alternate and then IF they HAVE to, black or a charcoal like gray as the fourth jersey. Let's all hope and pray that the sleeved uniforms do not join Nike. In fact I do not recall seeing a sleeved Nike uniform in the NCAA but that is probably because they are smarter than that and know it is complete garbage. However I have not purchased a NBA jersey in almost ten years so what the hell would I know
  5. The NCAA doesn't give it away. The school whomever wins, buys it. I know Florida did after their back to back national titles and re-designed it as their home floor for a few seasons, I believe. Also there's this:
  6. It fits Philly too well and they really are the only ones who can pull it off properly.
  7. Was able to get it mostly except for the NHL logos...
  8. The players get something, already.
  9. In due time. I seriously think that will happen next year. Heard something the other day when I was at their practice facility the other day and the rumour mill was it'll happen either next season or for the 2018-19 season. Take that with a grain of salt, though.
  10. Powder blue in a 2009 playoff game I believe. In fact... The only time an alternate aside from the 49ers in the 1994 playoffs, worn in the playoffs.
  11. As soon as the blanks went on sale for the Heritage, I ordered it. It was too good to give up. Still wondering if the NHL shop site is going to do a mass clearance sale to get rid of the Reebok stock.
  12. You, me and probably all of the Jets fans everywhere. If this happens, I will not hesistate to purchase the home version. Love the Jets Heritage sweaters.
  13. To be fair and a little biased, I don't mind the gradient caps at all. But that's just me. Reason being is that I do like the Diamondbacks.
  14. There are to be NO third jerseys next season. They will return for the 2018-2019 season
  15. I would like it much better if Houston went with the red socks. I have always liked that combination.