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  1. No there is a bigger one coming at 7pm ET
  2. No not really
  3. Denver added and still awaiting the Phoenix one
  4. Lol well I put them all together through an app I have on my phone. Didn't realize that until you said it
  5. So all the Christmas Day uniforms are out except for Denver and Phoenix
  6. Hard to see but the Seahawks banners include up to 2014 and all of the Seattle Sounders banners (USL Pro, US Open Cup champions and the 2014 MLS Supporters Shield banner)
  7. The Capitals updated theirs and the "Regular Season Eastern Conference Champions" Banners are gone.
  8. Scored the RGIII Redskins authentic throwback for a sweet $10 at TJ Maxx the other day. Looked like they had about 25-30 when I was there.
  9. That's a shame. I like the older ones...
  10. Loving the GIF here
  11. Which is the one I just purchased about an hour ago.
  12. The Packers jersey, whatever it looked like, is no longer up at that link. Did anyone grab a screenshot?
  13. I'd think the current white jerseys except the green being the kelly green they used last year but that is my guess
  14. I swear this leaker has got to be full of it. Unless teams have the jerseys done way ahead of time before the schedule came out. That would be the only way any of it would make sense
  15. Eagles I'd hope would be going back to the Kelly Green area but if unveiling happens tomorrow, then we will all find out