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  1. These are awesome. I hope you continue.
  2. Hi, can I get an MS or MS79? Which ever is easier. Thanks.
  3. I'd love to see your and other people work
  4. You need to sell these shirts
  5. How about Omsk with an Alexei Cherepanov patch?
  6. I wish they would have went with this. Both jerseys that they chose were horrible.
  7. I put the template together, but everything in it can be found in the .PSD movement thread. Do you know which template the helmet is from? Thanks.
  8. these look great! is this your template.
  9. These are really cool. And as much as I hate the Yankees, I really like these uniforms.
  10. He googled New York Apple for the logo
  11. Damn, these all look so sick.
  12. What are the odds lol. They spelled Ottawa wrong. It looks black though.
  13. They look pretty tizight. The only thing I see is the Broncos should be DEN instead of DB.
  14. do you mind explaining how you did then since they only took 10 mins? I always try this and it turns out terrible.
  15. I'd be interested.