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  1. What Grinds Your Gears...

    Total first world problem: The shower in my apartment. It's an open shower (no tub) without a door - just a glass pane that extends out about 2 1/2 feet. I firmly prefer hot showers, and the lack of shower door coupled with a 10' ceiling really makes for a drafty showering experience. Not a fan.
  2. Football and CTE

  3. Why root for the home team?

    This is bizarre to me. I admittedly know nothing about the AFL other than "some of the team names" and "the cool two-hand pointy thing the referee does when they score," but I had been under the impression that it had been a more nationwide competition for much longer - more of the "American" model of sports franchises (no more than 2-3 major teams in the same league to a city). Now that you bring that up, it makes sense that the AFL evolved more under what I would consider a "British/European" model (multiple "neighborhood" teams to a city). But 11 in Melbourne alone + Geelong (which is what, an hour from Melbourne?) surprises me. I figured the large cities in Victoria, NSW, and the general Southeast (Brisbane, Sydney, Wollongong, Adelaide, etc.) would've always had teams.
  4. A typo, huh? This is how I imagine it went down...
  5. Little Caesars new logo

    Things I can't unsee now: WTF is going on with his fingers in the old (left) logo? The two fingers gripping the pizza are "full," but the others are just "stick" drawings? Weird. Also, I love the "LC" Greek Key design. Good stuff! Sidebar: Little Caesars pizza is clearly not the best, but their $7-8 deep dish has gotten me through many a "$20 to last me until the end of the week" fiascos. You can get 2 meals out of it.
  6. I miss "Authentic jerseys"

    I see your point, but the needs of the athletes and the needs of the fan have diverged significantly. I have a pretty large collection of authentic jerseys, but my newest one is from about 2011. I stopped buying them. Athletes want lighter, quick-drying materials and fits that do not hinder performance. Fans want durable, long-lasting jerseys. When something is marketed as "the same jersey the players wear" (whether that's true or not), you're getting something at least closer to an on-field product, and it just happens to be something that's less in tune with what most fans want. If a player gets a snag or run in his jersey, he only has to play the remainder of the game in it - or in some cases, switch it out. If a fan gets a snag or run in their jersey, they've ruined a $300 purchase. The Venn diagram of player jersey wants/needs vs. fan jersey wants/needs is overlapping less and less by the year.
  7. R.I.P Y.A. Tittle

    Yelberton Abraham Tittle, one of the all-time best sports names, and the 49ers' first legitimate star. 90 was a damn good run. RIP. Retired in 1964 as the NFL's all-time leader in passing yards, passing touchdowns, attempts, completions, and games played - but wasn't elected to the HOF until 1971. Can you imagine that happening today?! To make it site-relevant, here's another good picture: ...clear facemask, obviously - but what the heck is that handle on the side for?!
  8. What Floats your Boat?

    Ha! That's awesome. Notquite that drastic, but I was calculating the population density of an area to use as an example in class a few weeks ago. It was some large number (just using this as an example, but similar) like 1,084,132 divided by 8,743 and came out to exactly 124.
  9. Football Fields with Baseball Diamonds

    I think the symbols on the red field are white, they just appear darker because they're sewn on top of a colored field and the lighting/shade are throwing things off (same effect on the flags of the Netherlands Antilles, Nauru, and Namibia nearby, and Pakistan over to the left)
  10. Tom Petty "Pulled off life support"

    "Refugee" is my personal favorite. I really enjoyed Tom Petty. Glad I got to see him a few years ago, he put on an awesome show with Steve Winwood. Dang. This sucks.
  11. Football Fields with Baseball Diamonds

    What a complete and utter bastardization of Nepal's flag. Gross.
  12. Mass Shooting in Las Vegas

    She's safe. If only that were the case for everyone. If only the innocent people would've had guns to defend themselves, though - right? Good guys with guns stop bad guys with guns - right?
  13. Mass Shooting in Las Vegas

    I went to college with a girl that moved to Vegas and has bartended out there for the past 6-7 years. She's usually pretty active on social media, but hasn't posted anything since last night. I'm worried.
  14. Your 10 Favourite Albums

    I'll go with this in a somewhat particular order. Like everyone else, you could probably shuffle the bottom half (and sub in some of the top "cuts") given my mood on any particular day. Same goes for 2/3 and 4/5. I almost wanted to list them 2a/2b and 4a/4b because it's so hard to decide. 10. Pete Rock & CL Smooth - The Main Ingredient 9. Eminem - The Slim Shady LP 8. Big Boi and Dre Present... Outkast 7. Bubba Sparxxx - Deliverance 6. Kanye West - The College Dropout 5. Masta Ace - Disposable Arts 4. Masta Ace - A Long Hot Summer 3. A Tribe Called Quest - Midnight Marauders 2. A Tribe Called Quest - The Low End Theory 1. Nas - Illmatic Didn't make the cut, but came to mind:
  15. What did you just notice for the first time?

    Not quite as exotic as being born on February 29, but still something cool that not a whole lot of people can say.