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  1. sc49erfan15

    La Crosse Loggers launch latest logos, Louie

    It's a much different illustration, but the Clinton (IA) LumberKings already have a green plaid-wearing lumberjack named Louie.
  2. sc49erfan15

    Daytona Tortugas to open season with Hangover Night

    Special concession items featuring pepper. Nothing available with cinnamon.
  3. sc49erfan15

    FIBA Intercontinental Cup 2019

    I think the G League is the perfect fit for this. Looking back at the McDonald's Championship that OlavoP mentioned, that competition ran for 9 years and had 9 NBA champions and 9 American MVPs. The FIBA Intercontinental Cup has existed in various incarnations since 1966, and the American representative has historically been either industrial league/AAU teams (Goodyear Wingfoots, Marathon Oil, etc.), NABL/CBA All-Stars, or NCAA teams. The FIBA competition has been much more competitive with teams from lower US divisions. Plus, NBA teams are 133-17 all-time against international club teams, and 99-13 since 2000. I'm not saying an international team couldn't pull a few upsets, but do we really need the Warriors to beat AEK Athens?
  4. sc49erfan15

    Ask A Moderator

    Good riddance. I thought it was black humor when we first started doing it. That gradually turned the corner into "this is weird."
  5. sc49erfan15

    Division 1 College Conference Realignment

    I distinctly remember calling this the "Toronado" when this logo debuted... at least 10 years ago.
  6. sc49erfan15

    Division 1 College Conference Realignment

    Standing by it.
  7. sc49erfan15

    Introducing the Alliance of American Football

    I've tried to get (back) into the NBA, but it just won't take. I can't remember the last time I watched the all-star game or any of its related activities (Gerald Green blowing out a candle, Dwight Howard wearing a Superman outfit, and Blake Griffin jumping over a Kia - then a big ???) ...but damn if I wouldn't watch NBA players in a game of HORSE. Why in the hell don't they do this already?!?
  8. sc49erfan15

    Forgotten Rivalries

    "Where are Atlanta, Carolina, and New Orleans?" "West" I don't think I'd ever made the connection that the Arizona Cardinals played in the NFC East because they moved from St. Louis, but the St. Louis Rams played in the NFC West because they moved from LA. Just kind of odd that St. Louis was both East and West, but never Central.
  9. sc49erfan15

    Forgotten Rivalries

    It's probably my locality showing, but the 49ers and Panthers seemed to have a bit of a rivalry going in the late 90s-early 00s until (wait for it) realignment. Panthers won just about all of them, too.
  10. sc49erfan15

    Forgotten Rivalries

    This is false. There were FIFA World Cup qualifying matches played between the two teams a few weeks before the (very brief) war, but the matches themselves were not the cause of the war.
  11. sc49erfan15

    Division 1 College Conference Realignment

    I think we need another moratorium on DII schools moving up to DI.
  12. I just don't buy anything with this monstrosity on it:
  13. sc49erfan15

    Staples Canada changes logo

    Yeah, I think we're tossing "iconic" around willy-nilly without abandon here. This doesn't even warrant a "meh." This is a "sure, whatever, I guess."
  14. sc49erfan15

    Non-sports logos that could be good sports logos?

    I encountered a chain of gas stations/convenience stores in Idaho while traveling there a few weeks ago. Behold, Stinker Stores: One station sold New Era 3930 hats with the skunk logo on them (no text). It should be obvious that I quickly became the proud owner of one.
  15. sc49erfan15

    DC Baseball - Nationals alt concept

    The curve made by the seams on the baseball does not match the curve made by the right side of the D and left side of the C.