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  1. If you bought it, I'm interested!
  2. There are ways to turn a fitted into a snapback. However, you're more than likely going to end up ruining a perfectly good hat.
  3. Possibly the most Ice_Cappiest of all the books?
  4. Thanks for those suggestions - they all look interesting! I think I'll have to put those on my summer reading list. For now, I'm about halfway through something else I'm giving another shot - started reading this years ago and it never took hold. This time, in audio form:
  5. Spent $85 on jerseys today. At Goodwill. Netted 17 mid 90s-early 00s soccer jerseys and a pair of authentic Champion mid-90s Phoenix Suns shorts. Pics to come!
  6. The logo is pretty solid, but what I really came here for is to post this:
  7. Not a damn one of these Aaron Hernandez memes has been funny. Not because it's unjokeaboutable, they've all just been some variation of "hang in there"... which is about a 1.5/10 in originality. The "upon further review, Aaron Hernandez did not get 2 feet down" is slightly better, but still "meh." You've disappointed me, internet. I expected better.
  8. Don't you know killing crickets is bad luck?!
  9. As if he did? "Putting the world behind him" is one thing. Venturing into harsh Alaskan wilderness without as much as a detailed map of the area, knowledge of the terrain, or a field guide to edible plants and seeds is another. It's a "really good story" about the essentiality of preparation and how harsh reality can be.
  10. When I woke up this morning and read my ESPN notifications, the first thing that came to my mind was the end of "The Blind Side," when Sandra Bullock is talking about a young man being killed - the newspaper article mentioning his athletic prowess, thinking about how different his life could've been if he wouldn't have gotten caught up in gang violence. I think there's a similar story here - with a key difference being that Aaron Hernandez made his own choices and had to live (and die) with them. Aaron Hernandez very possibly could've become become one of the best tight ends of all time, a Hall of Famer with multiple Super Bowl rings. Instead, because of the decisions he made, we're talking about a waste of talent and a wasted life that ended by suicide. I'm not usually affected by celebrity/athlete deaths, but I am a little saddened today for the family of Aaron Hernandez. I hope that lessons were learned by someone, and somehow, some good comes of this.
  11. Sweet Jeebus! That's a once in a lifetime find. I probably would've needed new underpants once I saw that on the rack. Congrats!
  12. I don't think I'd ever seen those "lightning bolt" Pistons shorts. They're also mismatched - the jersey number starts with a 4, the shorts are #35.
  13. Outside candidate: Charlotte Bobcats. Long live the clear!
  14. I finished "The Dictator's Handbook" a week or so ago. I thought it was very interesting, informative, and easy to read (yet in-depth) explanation of politics dealing with everything from dictators to natural resources to democracies to wars. Highly recommended. I've avoided reading "Guns, Germs, and Steel" for a long time. I figured I'd give it a go. Gives me some good entry-level fodder for some of my classes - I held out too long.
  15. Essentially free - there are costs (a few hundred a semester in university fees, mainly) that it doesn't cover. And it's not Dr. sc49erfan15 yet - check back (hopefully) in about 4 years.