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  1. Unpopular Opinions - Anything and Everything

    The flag is a little cluttered, but the symbolism is solid. The money... yes, it leaves a lot to be desired. Specifically United States coins, but U.S. paper money is a little drab as well. WARNING: LONG POST AHEAD I've revived my dormant interest in coin collecting over the past year or so, since I inherited the collection my dad and I put together - so I've come to a few opinions regarding U.S. coins in general. Dead presidents are boring. Let's get allegorical motifs and representations such as Liberty back on our money ASAP. Above is a 2017 United States proof set. Yawn. -The obverse of the Lincoln cent has been the same since 1909 (the reverse has changed a few times - "wheat" reverse until 1958, Lincoln Memorial reverse until 2008, "shield" reverse since) -The obverse of the Jefferson nickel was the same from 1938-2004 (the new one is an improvement, though) -The Roosevelt dime has never had a single major design change from 1946-present (not even a commemorative reverse!) -The Washington quarter has used basically the same bust on the obverse since 1932 (but rotating reverses for the State Quarters and such) -The Kennedy half has not changed design since 1964 - except for the Bicentennial coins (and is only currently minted for collectors, not for circulation) -The golden dollar coin has been such an amalgam of designs (Sacajawea, other Native American commemoratives, more dead presidents, and the Statue of Liberty) that it's confusing to the average person - who rarely uses it. While we're at it, I'm a proponent of discontinuing the $1 bill in favor of a $1 coin, increasing the prevalence of the $2 bill, and possibly replacing that with a $2 coin as well. Let's compare 2017 with a 1923 set, shown below: Even though they're pretty worn, these are still great. Yeah, Lincoln's there, but IMO the Buffalo nickel, "Mercury" dime, Standing Liberty quarter, Walking Liberty half, and the Peace dollar represent the best looking era of U.S. coins ever minted. I think the artistic interpretation and allegorical motifs are vastly superior to dead presidents. Let's go back further, to the "Barber" coin set of 1892-1916, plus a Morgan silver dollar: Again, worn (it's hard to find images of uncirculated type sets), but still beautiful. A lot of people find these rather plain, but I'm a fan - not as much as the 1920s set, but it's still good stuff. Finally, I'll end with the "Seated Liberty" style of coinage, which lasted from 1836-1891 (plus a Shield Nickel and Flying Eagle cent) Still superior, in my opinion. I'll stop here, because this post is already long and image-heavy enough (and there are tons of varieties pre-Seated Liberty stuff), but I think I've proven my point here. Let's redesign the coins to feature as few dead presidents as possible. Will this happen, given that it'll probably be construed as another "TEHYRE REMOVIN HISTORY!!!1!!" movement? Probably not, but it's well past time for a change.
  2. Post your pic!

    The whiteboard was the whole reason I did it I'm at the age where a lot of the girls I went to HS/college with have kids at kindergarten/elementary age, so my Facebook gets filled with lots of "first day of school Pinterest mom" stuff this time of year. I did this to poke fun at them/myself/everyone.
  3. Post your pic!

    First day of my PhD program!
  4. 2017 has not been my year.

    He did specify "in the world of sports and entertainment" but... yeah, not to sound like a jerk, but suck it up.
  5. What did you just notice for the first time?

    I'd go with "alluded to." There aren't any lines that expressly make it about cunnilingus, but it's just vague enough to stop short.
  6. Football and CTE

    Something like that has to be the reason. A quick Google search shows the average number of students in a US high school was 752 in 2000. I would assume that number has increased, but for this argument, we'll leave it at 752. Assume 50% male, 50% female = 376 high school-aged boys. 376 x 0.14 = 52.64 average number of players per team. You'll have small, football-crazy schools where 75% (ballpark figure) of boys play football... But what about the large schools? I went to a school that had almost 3,000 students and where football was very popular - there weren't 200 football players, and we had separate varsity, JV, and 9th grade teams. Something isn't adding up there.
  7. Football and CTE

    Do you have a figure for this? That sounds ridiculously high.
  8. What Grinds Your Gears...

    Piggybacking on the moving thing. I'm in the midst of what should theoretically be a pretty easy move - we're keeping the old place so not everything has to go at once (or at all), and we're making multiple (4-hour one-way) trips over a week-ish to space it out. Still sucks. Pumped I'm returning to civilization, though. Back to within walking distance of things! Where I previously lived, the only things located within a mile were a gas station (which closed at 7) and a Subway. Everything else required at least a 20 minute drive.
  9. Thrift Store Gems 2017

    If you're talking about the Simon jersey, it could have been worn in preseason. All around great finds, though. That's why I love this thread!
  10. what's gone on round these parts since april?

    Who are you?
  11. 17776: The Latest Thing From Jon Bois/ New Meme

    One click and I knew it was the same guy who did the Tim Tebow CFL Chronicles. I'll check this out when I have time to digest it.
  12. How do you folks make your iced tea in the summer?

    I rescind my "bottled iced teas are almost universally 100% crap" comment - I drink a lot of Arizona's Diet Peach Tea and Arnold Palmer Zero. "Regular" flavored (this includes lemon) bottled iced teas are almost universally 100% crap. Flavored bottled teas are often quite delicious.
  13. My first...

    Like others, in chronological order, and thanks to the internet for all the scores/dates that I sure as hell don't remember: MiLB: Greenville Braves @ Charlotte Knights, 1990 (I was 3 and don't remember - I thought I'd never gone to a baseball game with my family until I found this stub at my parents' house a few weeks ago). First one I remember is a Knights game in 1992. NBA: Charlotte Hornets, 1991-92. First game I remember is Bullets @ Hornets in 1996. NASCAR Busch Series: 1992 Mark III Vans 300, Darlington (Winner: Robert Pressley); March 28, 1992 NASCAR Winston Cup Series: 1993 First Union 400, North Wilkesboro (Winner: Rusty Wallace); April 18, 1993 Arena Football: Massachusetts Marauders 55 @ Charlotte Rage 37; June 24, 1994 NFL: San Francisco 49ers 7 @ Carolina Panthers 23; September 22, 1996 Minor league hockey: ECHL South Carolina Stingrays @ Charlotte Checkers, 1997 Open-wheel racing: 1997 VisionAire 500K, Charlotte (Winner: Buddy Lazier); July 26, 1997 Professional bull riding: Charlotte Coliseum, 1997 NCAA Basketball: Winthrop Eagles, 1997. First one I can verify is High Point 64 @ Winthrop 80; Big South Tournament First Round, March 4, 2003 World Baseball Classic: Venezuela 10, USA 6; Miami, FL; March 18, 2009 MLB: Chicago Cubs 1 @ Philadelphia Phillies 10; July 20, 2009 NHL: Toronto Maple Leafs 0 @ Tampa Bay Lightning 3; April 8, 2014 International Soccer: Cuba 1-0 Guatemala/Mexico 4-4 Trinidad & Tobago; CONCACAF Gold Cup, Charlotte, NC; July 15, 2015 Notables I have yet to attend: NCAA football, MLS, CFL, WNBA, PGA, Olympics, World Cup, boxing/MMA, F1
  14. How do you folks make your iced tea in the summer?

    Bottled iced teas are almost universally 100% crap. I don't drink sweet tea much, but every time I visit my mom I drink the better part of a gallon of hers. 3 Luzianne tea bags (the ones specifically made for iced tea I think, they're larger) in a pitcher with a quart or so of water in it. Remove the staple from the tea bags and microwave the tea bags with the water for a few minutes (tying the strings together and draping them over the edge of the pitcher tends to work) until it's hot but not boiling. Take the pitcher out and remove the tea bags, but don't throw them away. Mix in 1 1/2 cups* of sugar. By now, your tea bags should now be cooled down enough to handle - press the tea bags against the inside of the pitcher and squeeze the "juice" out of them. Not hard enough to rip the tea bag, but enough to get most of the goodness out. Discard tea bags. Pour the concentrated tea in a gallon jug, fill the rest with water. Place in fridge and allow to cool. Mom's been making multiple gallons of this stuff every week for nearly 40 years. I trust her method. *some people swear by 2 cups per gallon. That's entirely too sweet for me. 1 1/2 cups is sweet enough without being overwhelming. Adjust if your tastes vary.
  15. What Grinds Your Gears...

    I live along the central line of the greatest duration. Pretty excited.