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  1. I bought a Diet Coke at the Goose Island bar inside O'Hare last week. A few days ago, the charge hit my account - for $15.38. I kept my receipt, called the company, and it was rectified. Mistakes happen, not a huge deal... Right? It's still sitting in the back of my mind. I've worked in the restaurant industry for going on 13 years now and know that (assuming the POS system didn't screw up), the only way for a $3.78 bill (which is what my card was swiped and I have a receipt for) to turn into a $15.38 bill is for the bartender to change the numbers on the receipt or enter them incorrectly into the computer. Should I call back and ask for a copy of their receipt? If it turns out to be forged, is there really anything I can do? I have my money back. However, if this bartender is forging receipts, he's in the perfect place to do it - people are traveling, in a rush, might not check their bank statement, likely to use their card dozens of times while out of town, etc. He only would've "gotten" me for $10 - but what about others?
  2. I like Yuengling as an option when it's the same price as Bud/Coors/Miller Lite, which it certainly often is. I was a big fan when they first started selling it (10 years ago) in the Carolinas, but I've waned on it since then. It, however, remains the only beer I prefer out of a bottle instead of draft. About the packaging - slight upgrade. They didn't fuss with it too much, and they didn't need to. I'll give it a solid A-.
  3. Agreed. I didn't expect Winthrop to win, but it's always disappointing for the season to end. It was enjoyable to experience a new city, new arena (35th different arena in which I've seen a Winthrop basketball game), and catch the MTSU-Minnesota "upset" with my college roommate's brother who is an MTSU grad. The arena was solidly 60% Minnesota fans, and I had fun being a surrogate "away" fan. Also watched the Wisconsin-Virginia Tech game at a random Milwaukee neighborhood bar, which I found entertaining. However, the real disappointment of the trip is I did not find dis winconson mayn.
  4. I've flown Frontier quite a few times and don't recall any issues. Pack light-ish, don't check bags, print your boarding pass at home, check in online, don't expect anything for free. You get what you pay for, and if you need anything special (beyond paying extra for exit row), it's probably not for you. I'm typing this as I'm on CTA having just flown Atlanta-Chicago via Spirit. All I wanted was transportation from Point A to Point B. Took a backpack on as my "personal item," no problems.
  5. Gonna piggyback on this - Roy Orbison wasn't blind. TIL.
  6. That's what the Big South did this year. The first round was at the highest seed (#10 Presbyterian at #7 Campbell, #9 Longwood at #8 Charleston Southern) on Tuesday; Quarterfinals at the regular season champion (Winthrop) on Thursday; Semifinals at regular season champion (Winthrop) on Friday; Championship at highest remaining seed (which ended up being Winthrop) on Sunday. Obviously I liked it because my team was the host, but I think it would've been a fair setup if anyone else had won the regular season. That said, Winthrop is in Milwaukee vs. Butler this Thursday. Bought a one-way ticket to Chicago today - I'll take the train to Milwaukee and figure out my return journey (most likely a 15-hour bus ride from Chicago to Atlanta) when the time comes. It's Madness!
  7. The seller probably doesn't know the difference.
  8. These aren't particularly "rare" pictures, but if anyone isn't familiar with the ABA, check out the saga of the Baltimore Claws, as told by Remember the ABA. These are the only two known photographs of a Baltimore Claws game - the Claws (essentially a relocation of the Memphis Sounds) only played three exhibition games in 1976 before folding. Check out how the sewn-on "Claws" nameplate doesn't quite match the rest of the jersey (sweat?). It's not like the team was made up of scrubs either - #9 on the Claws in both pictures is HOFer Mel Daniels! Someone, somewhere, has more pictures. I think they'd be fun to see.
  9. You have a point, but you're also getting extremely close to the exact reason we have minimum wage, overtime, and child labor laws.
  10. I'm a sucker for incredibly random international soccer jerseys, so I couldn't pass this up for $10 at a flea market today: ^not mine, but the same style. Actually pretty sure mine's a knockoff, but I still had to have it. Passed on an orange Nike Nigeria kit (mid-00s?) and a white Ghana because they were too big.
  11. I'm a fan of a perennial one-bid league, my thoughts are as follows: 1. I like conference tournaments. I don't feel as if they "nullify the entire regular season" any more than the Big Dance nullifies the NCAA regular season, the NFL playoffs nullify the NFL regular season, etc. There's always some chance that the regular season champ will drop a game in the conference tourney - but that's the nature of playoffs. The current structure (regular season champ gets NIT bid if they lose in the conference tourney) works well for small conferences, in my opinion. 2. I've been a part of conference tournaments played at a predetermined site as well as at the regular season champion or "highest seed remaining" format. Both have their pros and cons, but as an alum, it's very nice to know that "the Big South Conference Tournament will be held March 2nd, 3rd, and 5th in Waffleton, North Carolina" and schedule accordingly. It's a pain to try to make travel arrangements last-minute if there's an upset and the game site changes. It also often results in lower attendance and a lackluster atmosphere if that happens, or if two "visiting" teams are playing in a "home" team's gym. The Big South is even one of the more geographically compact conferences (~6.5 hours maximum distance between members, most are within 4 hours or so), I can't imagine what die-hard fans of the Big Sky do. Also, speaking of low-major conferences, hosting the tournament at the regular season champion sounds like a great idea until Charleston Southern, Longwood, or High Point win the regular season and you're stuck hosting your conference tourney at a place that seats 881, 1807, or 1750, respectively. This came up a few years ago, Charleston Southern nearly hosted a game and it wasn't even a guarantee that ESPN could get in the place and have the room to set up their equipment and film. When Coastal Carolina hosted Winthrop in the 999-seat Kimbel Arena in the 2010 Big South final, I had one of 25 tickets allotted to the visiting team's fans. Winthrop's team managers had to hide in the locker room and sneak out later to watch the game. Point is, there's no perfect way to do it. Have it at a predetermined neutral site or regular season champ's gym? Allow fans to schedule in advance, but run the chance of Winthrop and UNC-Asheville playing at Campbell (3 hours away from Winthrop, 4 hours away from UNCA) for the championship. Have it at the highest remaining seed? Possibility of a better atmosphere, but possibility of logistical issues (for more than just fans) as well.
  12. I graduated 8 years ago. I rushed the court. I'm not ashamed.
  13. Giving this a bump because Generation 2 has been out for a little over a week now, and it's mixed things up a bit. I've found it enjoyable to finally start seeing shadows on my "Sightings" screen again. Pokemon Gold/Silver was also the last game I played for Game Boy, so I've had to reacquaint myself with the new characters. It's been a lot of fun. I still play at least some every day. Level 30. Gen 1 Pokedex: 139/143 (missing Machamp, Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan, Lapras); Gen 2 Pokedex: 52/89.
  14. That's a gamer, not a practice jersey. I think this picture also explains why it was "unusually tight around the stomach."
  15. Been a while since I've found anything good... that changed today! 1993-95? Bayern shirt. Found a few pics, but none for sale on Ebay. Any ideas if this is authentic and/or rare? 1972-75? game-worn Tennessee basketball jersey. #45 was John Snow, a guard who made all-SEC Third Team a few times during the "Bernie and Ernie" days. This is one of my all-time best finds.