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  1. sc49erfan15

    Bye Bye, Baby Cakes - The Great American AAA Shell Game

    I had a "concept" a few years ago of standardized NCAA team abbreviations as a way to avoid that. It wasn't perfect, but it was... something, for sure.
  2. sc49erfan15

    Bye Bye, Baby Cakes - The Great American AAA Shell Game

    Dammit, I knew you'd get me. How did I neglect to look at the actual city limits? We actually stayed just across the river from Algiers (Bywater/St. Claude) for a conference back in April.
  3. sc49erfan15

    New Carl's Jr./ Hardee's Logos

    That's because there pretty much is. And it's even crazier because I'm pretty sure they closed quite a few locations in the '90s-early 2000s. I can think of at least 3 closed Hardee's locations in my SC hometown alone. A big part of Hardee's expansion in the '70s-'80s was putting restaurants in smaller towns (or areas of larger towns) that didn't have a McDonald's or Burger King. A lot like the NBA's "only game in town" approach in Sacramento/SLC/Portland/etc.
  4. sc49erfan15

    Bye Bye, Baby Cakes - The Great American AAA Shell Game

    To be fair, New Orleans is every direction but south of the Mississippi River.
  5. sc49erfan15

    Fun With Flags!!!!

    That's actually a pretty solid flag. It doesn't pass the test of "immediately recognizable to what it represents" (I would've guessed a state in Brazil), but it's much more preferable than the NYPD patch slapped on a blue field.
  6. sc49erfan15

    Other, Lesser-Known Uniform Manufacturers

    I wondered what happened to Sports Belle - they were a Knoxville-based supplier that seemingly vanished in the mid-2000s. They supplied Winthrop's basketball jerseys for a few years, and I have a few jerseys/shorts made by them. Well, turns out the owner burned his whole operation down (literally) in 2008. I guess he saw the writing on the wall re: the big-name suppliers forcing him out of business, and tried to collect on the insurance $$$. That's one way to do it, I guess. The first article includes some information I didn't know about the company - apparently Sports Belle started post-Title IX and became known for supplying athletic apparel cut specifically for women. Interesting approach with good foresight there. Also explains the "Belle" in the name.
  7. sc49erfan15

    Fun With Flags!!!!

    Apparently Timor-Leste is counting Arizona as a municipality. But yeah, cool concept. Some of them work, some don't.
  8. sc49erfan15

    Indians Remove Chief Wahoo from Uniform in Toronto

    I've never thought of it this way, but the block C almost seems like "FINE if we can't have Wahoo then I guess we have to have THIS as the logo" all the while knowing the block C is boring. Agreed, the block C is too bland. But it doesn't mean they have to have something bland just because they can't have Wahoo.
  9. sc49erfan15

    Bye Bye, Baby Cakes - The Great American AAA Shell Game

    >A's class A-advanced team is currently the Stockton Ports >Stockton Ports play in the California League >A's rebrand all minor league teams like Bucfan's dream >Stockton is 3rd level from majors, so they become the Stockton D's >Closest California League team to Stockton: Modesto Nuts >Headline when two teams play: D's-Nuts >GOTEEM
  10. sc49erfan15

    Introducing the Alliance of American Football

    Sorry to bring the WLAF talk back... ...but I've never heard anything about this. Do you have any sources? It would certainly explain why the Frankfurt Galaxy wore purple and orange...
  11. sc49erfan15

    Thrift Store Gems 2018

    Fram is a brand of oil filters. The hat was likely part of a promotional giveaway associated with purchasing oil filters.
  12. sc49erfan15

    Barnum's Animals - New Packaging

    No way, these safety measures need to be implemented from the bottom up. If high school kids learn to play safely against gorillagators early, then they'll be ready by the time they make it to the NFL. It's science.
  13. sc49erfan15

    Barnum's Animals - New Packaging

    Yeah, that seems reasonable. Regular gorillas are fine for the NFL, but we need to test out how these mutant grizzly-gorillas (grizzillas?) behave in game situations before we let them loose at the top level. Maybe we can begin with high schools?
  14. sc49erfan15

    Barnum's Animals - New Packaging

    How do these work into the NFL "one designated gorilla play per game" rule changes? Are these mutant gorillas allowed?
  15. I wouldn't think so, but there's only a select few drivers that could pull it off. Austin Dillon runs a primarily-black car with the Earnhardt-style "3": and Kevin Harvick, who took over Earnhardt's ride after he died, drove a black #29 Goodwrench car for a few years: So... I'd say the acceptable list of drivers who could pull off an Earnhardt throwback is basically limited to Austin Dillon and Kevin Harvick.