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  1. As someone who absolutely loves abandoned buildings, great idea for a thread. I took some pictures of the Charlotte Knights' old stadium before they tore it down (so technically not a "white elephant"), but I think they'd fit here. I'll have to go find them.
  2. Why does this grind your gears? A $2200 ticket is not aimed at people that would rather watch the fight at home and drink for "free."
  3. Ha, I had to explain jai-alai to confused fellow groomsmen at a wedding I was in 2 weeks ago. Part of the best man speech was to poke fun at the groom, who works in sports information and always has some random sporting event streaming (he's somehow gotten really into watching darts?). The best man was to say how hard it was to actually get the groom to commit to plans, and each groomsman would chime in with "I dunno man, the (insert obscure sport) is on!" ...I wanted to say jai-alai, but only 2 of the groomsmen knew what it was ("the one where they wear the banana-looking gloves on their hands" only got more confused looks) and I didn't want the joke to fall flat. I went with "South American badminton championships" or something. Anyway, I'm sure you've seen this, but I thought it was pretty good:
  4. Our high school had 3 gyms - the "old gym," the "new gym," and the "mini gym." The "mini gym" was the one only used for wrestling practice and when the other 2 gyms were occupied - that one's where the shenanigans went down. It hadn't been renovated since 'Nam and smelled like pre-MRSA scare wrestling practice mats. The basketball goals had those pre-snapback rims (don't know how the backboards survived, the few dudes that could dunk would actively try to go all Darryl Dawkins on 'em) made out of that thick-ass iron that made shooting more impossible than those "One In Wins!" carnival games. When gym class didn't consist of "go play basketball and don't kill anyone" (which was only like 5% of the time), stuff like floor hockey happened - and when you're one of two sophomores in a class full of seniors, you have to be the floor hockey goalie when it's played with a hard rubber ball and no helmets. How did we not die? Also, why am I reminiscing about high school gym class at 1:15 am?
  5. Hit the grille and win a cheeky Nando's!
  6. Duuuuude, I found "real tennis" on a Wikipedia train once too, pretty much had the same reaction you did. This is real-life Calvinball. The court diagram makes about as much sense as the pre-decimal pound sterling. British AF.
  7. FYI, those announcer/TV personality cards weren't available in regular packs, they were included in subsets available for purchase elsewhere. Basically, they share the same design, but you'd still have a complete set of the regular cards without those. They're still cool, though. I have fond memories of the 1990-91 Hoops set, it was the first set of basketball cards I remember collecting. I would get so excited when I pulled a Hornet!
  8. I inherited this watch from my dad when he passed last August, and finally got it resized. It was a gift from his company on his 5-year anniversary with them - he was a truck driver and wasn't one for wearing expensive watches, but it's a great reminder of him and I'm excited to start wearing it.
  9. No.
  10. I hadn't yet heard that when I posted. No need for the condescending tone.
  11. I hope this is not a trend. Violence in politics does not lead to productive society. [edit] Shooter identified as James Hodgkinson, 66, from Belleville, Illinois. It appears that political views had a motive in the shooting. . This is NOT a direction that American politics needs to take.
  12. Only about the 212th time it's been tried in this thread.
  13. Update! There was another mural on the wall he didn't see. This clearly shows the team in red is Denmark - I'm a bit ashamed because the helmet is so obviously the Danish flag. This time, they're playing Czechia, which is different from the first image. I can't find anything on that one, but spotting the "M" logo in red/gold, my money's on Montenegro (or Photoshop). The "X" helmet is probably the player's club helmet - it's common for European national American football teams to wear mismatched helmets.
  14. I was thinking the same thing about a semi-pro or minor league. And, FWIW, I think the helmet says "akcent."
  15. My best friend is on his honeymoon in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. He sent this picture from the wall of a sports bar wondering which league and/or teams it is. The X on the helmet is obviously stolen from Xavier University. The shoulder patch on the player on the left with the red jersey and the red/gold "M" logo on the ball carrier's sleeve (not to mention the unique red/white "plus sign" helmet design) seem like they should stand out. But... I'm stumped. Anyone?