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  1. American Volleyball Associaton - Los Angeles

    Brooklyn: love the name and the secondary. Not sold on the primary. Is that the Barclays Center font? If so, it makes sense, but it looks a little too "clean." The volleyball also kinda looks like an afterthought. There's a lot of mainly transportation-related typography (that isn't Helvetica) that just screams "Brooklyn" (or at least NYC) to me, but their age and imperfections don't fit with the clean, modern look of the knight. I'm at a loss for what suggestions there are to bring those together.
  2. American Volleyball Associaton - Los Angeles

    Seattle might be the best yet in the series. If you would have told me "My Seattle team is going to be bright green and blue and feature the Space Needle," I probably would've said "yawn, another one?" - but this manages to feel fresh despite including what might be considered cliche Seattle components. Are the lines on the volleyball supposed to look like, well, spikes? If so, cool touch. Is the striping on the uniforms derived from airplane condensation trails? If so, really cool touch.
  3. American Volleyball Associaton - Los Angeles

    I thought I might've been onto something with the "bobcat," with you being an Ohio guy. Rounded ears looks great. After looking at a gazillion pictures of tigers, I'll rescind my comment about the mane pointing down - apparently some tigers have long facial fur like that. Also forgot to mention that I really like that tiger tail M. My favorite bookmark as a kid was this free one from school that was just Tony the Tiger's tail. I thought it was funny and used it for years. One more small nitpick - since you're presenting the team name in Spanish, an accent mark belongs over the "e" in "México."
  4. American Volleyball Associaton - Los Angeles

    I think the illustration itself is fantastic, but it seems more of a "bobcat" than a "tiger" to me. I picture tigers having more rounded ears than pointed, and the "facial fur" (are they still called "manes" on tigers?) not curving downward quite as much. vs. It's a secondary critique (i.e., creative license as this is your project), but I don't really associate tigers with Mexico. (Didn't stop these guys.) I also don't firmly believe you have to have a direct association with native fauna - the whole "how many Lions are there in Detroit?" question again. Completely up to you. I think you could do a lot with a member of the Felidae family native to Mexico (jaguar, ocelot, cougar?) and tie in some Aztec or other Mesoamerican imagery - but again, that's totally your call. It might be a little overdone, but it's also the first thing I associate with "felines" and "Mexico." You also might be able to tie in the "Mesoamerican ballgame," sometimes called "ulama" - not exactly volleyball, but some similarities. That said - I'm really enjoying this project. Haven't commented yet, mainly because I think everything so far has been pretty great. One suggestion, if you're looking for interesting places to put teams - maybe consider Puerto Rico? Volleyball is big there, and even during my time announcing D2 volleyball in South Carolina, there was more than a smattering of Puerto Rican players and referees.
  5. 2018 NASCAR Paint Schemes

    I don't like this look (multiple similar-sized sponsors on the quarter panel) as it looks cluttered, but I feel like it's the direction we're headed in the future. Either that, or what was posted above - numbers on the quarter panel and sponsor(s) on the driver's door. The #2 also doesn't quite look right without Miller Lite - I realize they'll still be on for about a third of the schedule, but some sort of Miller branding just belongs on the #2!
  6. Sports-related dreams that happen IRL

    I had a dream over a year ago that my best friend and I were attending Winthrop's first-ever football game, sitting in the top rows with a dollar bill attached to a fishing line, doing the "ohhhh you almost had it!" thing from the State Farm commercial to the student section below. The game was against Savannah State. Winthrop still doesn't have a football team, but I'd like to put it on record that if Winthrop's inaugural football game is against Savannah State - I called it.
  7. My Hockey Jersey is too Small!

    My spoon is too big.
  8. 2017 NFL Season: Then there were Two

    Is this during the one designated play where a team gets to use a silverback gorilla? You didn't make it very clear.
  9. infrared41's Who Am I? Super Bowl LII Edition

    I inexplicably had a bunch of 1970s Wally Hilgenberg cards. No idea why, because I purposefully plundered my local card shop's 7-for-$1 box for 1970s 49ers. A few of his cards from different years feature the exact same photo. That's all I got.
  10. The XFL may be making a comeback

    I only call it the CHRISTFL, otherwise YER TAKIN' THE CHRIST OUTTA FOOTBAWW!!!
  11. Logos that really need to be updated.

    Growing up in the Carolinas in the 1990s, Food Lion was a ubiquitous grocery choice - we usually went there or to Winn-Dixie, with Bi-Lo a distant third. It took me entirely too long to see that white triangle above the tongue isn't an eye. I wondered quite often as a kid just what the heck was going on with that lion's mouth.
  12. infrared41's Who Am I? Super Bowl LII Edition

    Yeah, he grazed it. So, maybe more accurately a "foul tip" than a "swingandamiss."
  13. infrared41's Who Am I? Super Bowl LII Edition

    Are you Devin Hester? [edit] Dang. Looks like waltere got me... I knew that "1 new reply" notification was gonna be it. I'll go Rex Grossman, just in case.
  14. infrared41's Who Am I? Super Bowl LII Edition

    I got extremely curious about this... how exactly does one return a punt 5 yards for a touchdown? Even with a terrible punt into the wind, you'd probably be fair catching it at the 5, right? I sure do love YouTube... Starts 5 seconds in. Just a big ol' swing'n'amiss by Sean Landeta! It wasn't blocked, so it's a legitimate 5 yard punt return TD. Fantastic!