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  1. Nhl jerseys to get rid of

    Florida's is more dark blue than black.
  2. Giants postseason fan campaign

    Blame the midwestern aministrators who think that U of C or U of O (for Oklahoma) as being too slang. The only universities that don't have that format is Indiana University at Bloomington and Ohio University. Personally, CU sounds much better than U of C.
  3. Phoenix suns new jerseys

    From the words from the immortal Mr. T: "I pity the fool who calls the Phoenix Suns a disgraceful team!" Any more, fool?
  4. If st. louis kept the golden-yellow....

    Good Job. I kind of like the jerseys you made better than there current ones. I just think the gold and blue St. Louis currently uses is just too dark. Keep up the good job. P.s. What software did you use to create these jerseys? I would like to do some.
  5. New orleans voodoo concepts

    It's a little plain, but it is a good start.
  6. More minor nfl uni changes for 2003

    Well, at least there's work at the stadium. It took them long enough to find a site. At least the Cards will stay in the Phoenix area. I don't like the idea of having a plain white jersey for the Cards. Black and silver may make a plain jersey nice, but red and white doesn't. I hope there is a radical design change when that stadium is built. I just can't take that boring jersey.
  7. Herbie husker...again!

    Cows eat corn. Cows turn into beef. Huskers eat beef. Plus, Atkins limits the ammount of veggies you can eat.
  8. Nfl la expansions concepts

    Interesting. The colors seem a little different, but it works. I like the sword LA logo. That's a creative way to do a secondary logo. Good job. Keep giving out ideas.
  9. Nba realignment proposal

    As a Suns' fan, this will never fly. Phoenix has more rivalry with the California teams. Good try though.
  10. Herbie husker...again!

    Man, the Atkins diet does wonders to the body! Great Job!!!
  11. Texas tech and tennessee indoor football

    Your link to the football field for Tennesse actually goes to the uniforms. I would like to see the field for the Vols.
  12. Ot question but has to do with hockey

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't/wasn't the Cow Palace in the San Francisco/Oakland area? That's almost an hour from San Jose.
  13. Nfl baseball x-over thread

    Gee, I wonder what's missing? Guess it happens to contain one word? ??? Really, that color really isn't that bad. Did UPS ripped you off one time?
  14. Ot question but has to do with hockey

    Really? I thought it would of been the theme to Jaws