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  1. Damnit. I really enjoyed last years "excited about hockey well into June" feeling. Damn you Sharks for giving me a taste before returning to your early exit ways. Now we root for the underdogs and ponder what might have been.
  2. I don't hate it. The NHL & NBC do though, so it won't happen.
  3. C'mon Sharks. At least pretend like you want to keep playing.
  4. Why do I get so emotionally invested in Sharks games? Why do I routinely do this to myself?
  5. Draisaitl playing in this game. SMH. OITGDNHL.
  6. With Darryl Sutter on the market, seems like a smart get for Buffalo if they can
  7. Ducks/Flames felt very similar to Ducks/Jets from a couple years ago. If I remember correctly, Winnipeg had every chance to win the first three games but blew 3rd period leads and then had a meltdown in game 4. This year, Calgary had every chance to win really all four games but had a meltdown in game 3.
  8. If the Packers move away from GB, it means that society itself has collapsed and there would be bigger problems on all our plates.
  9. Looks like Lucic is passing along his techniques to his teammates
  10. I like these Sharks. These are the fun Sharks.
  11. I mean, it took 15 whole seconds Sharks? I guess it's still an improvement.... Stop the Drilling! Stop the Oil!
  12. Blackhawk and Shark thoughts: Oh, you need goals to win games don't you?
  13. After I typed this I thought that might have been the case. Thanks for confirming. I don't hate them but I don't necessarily like them either. I can't tell if its my TV or not but the yellows seem to be an ever so slightly different shade. Likely the difference between fabric and plastic but its just different enough to bother me.
  14. Nashville wearing the yellow domes tonight
  15. Division winners get the 1 & 2 seeds from each conference, 3-8 ranked by points/record. Reseed after each round. Super simple stuff.