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  1. Some personal silver lining: I will be in Pittsburgh next week so if I can score some tickets I'll be able to furrow my brow at the Pens in person. While wearing my Canada shirt. I am not Canadian. Go Sens.
  2. As much as I do not care for this team, you have to hand it to the Penguins because they always seem to want it more than the other team. They are always just "there" to make a play.
  3. Uh oh. This doesn't feel good for the Caps. They're certainly getting the chances but missing a wide-open net and some of these other "fall into my lap" saves by Fleury has that feeling that doesn't bode well for ol' Washington.
  4. "Hmm. We want to stand out in the Pacific Division from our nearest rivals, what colors do they all have?" "Black." "Ok, so we'll definitely want black involved. You know, fbs. What else you got?" "Well, Anaheim also has gold." "Well we gotta have gold! We're the Golden Knights after all! VEGAS BABY! ....But not too much gold I hope?" "No, no, it'll be secondary." "Good, good. What should we have for a primary then?" "Black!" "Well no, we want that to be fbs." "Oh, right. Right." "We do need something dull though. Like duller than dull." "Like, grey?" "Grey could work but only if we went darker. You know, to compliment the black." "Ok..." "Dark grey mixed with teal! Nobody uses teal anymore!" "Well San Jos-" "And a splash of Red!" "Red? Sir, I-" "We've got it! Dark Teal-Grey, Gold, Black, and Red." "I don't even think Teal-Grey is a col-" "Nevermind that, we'll call it 'Slate'. 'Cause that sounds coool." *Lights cigarette* "Vegas, baby."
  5. Good on ya Preds. No matter who you get in the WCF, I'll be rooting for ya.
  6. I didn't know this thread existed until today and I really wish I could have kept it that way. Jesus :censored:ing christ.
  7. I'd be lying if I said this didn't make me smile a little. Some shark-fan schadenfreude. But then I remembered it's the Ducks that are benefiting and it went away as quickly as it came.
  8. His attack on Crosby... Actually got me to laugh aloud. It's almost a double edged sword for him because when he does get injured; everyone (Penguins fans) gets in an uproar and calling for the head of the player who is 'responsible' which in turn only fuels the fire for those who are not Crosby fans. But when he does do something :censored:ty in a game like a cheap slash behind the play (not that he's alone in these antics), people rush to his defense. He's a very divisive player that's for sure. Pens will miss him in Game 4 but they have still gotta be considered favorites in this series even without him.
  9. I've only seen the replay but it really didn't look all that malicious to me. Nasty hit to the head but didn't seem intentional at least from what I saw.
  10. Please. McDavid did plenty on his own in that series (ie cross checking Pavelski in the head during the blowout in game 4). At worst it was evenly called in regards to boy wonder.
  11. So ugly. Much better.
  12. The tail does look weird in the front. Maybe have the stripe solid across the front and end with the tail in the back; sort of like a loose belt? Or just have it start on the right side, solid across the front and end with the tail in the back. Good ole 90's asymmetry.
  13. Normally I don't really care about the draft but as a Badger alum and resident Packer: F*** yeah Vince Biegel!
  14. Didn't see that Circuit City was already posted. My bad.
  15. Notice to the Wild: Jake Allen is not unbeatable.