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  1. What's that Jeff Goldblum Jurassic Park quote? Something like: they were so preoccupied with whether they could that they didn't stop to think if they should. That being said, I like a good dumpster-fire every now and then. I say get crazy Detroit.
  2. I was gonna say, this sounds awfully familiar. Loved your original concept mcrosby. Agreed about the fashionably late students, it would be empty until the second quarter but it would fill. Only to empty again after jump around.... kids these days I tell ya. Being an alum, I would love to see the updates you've suggested as well as look forward to the very real updates to Camp Randall and the Field House UW has planned. On Wisconsin!
  3. What the.. how did this happen?
  4. Been a while and I had some free time so I did a quick cleanup of the Sharks jersey sets. Nothing major, mostly just what we've all been clamoring for since the last update for the primary and secondary sets, alternate has a few changes. Primary: Slightly thickened orange on sleeve stripe. Added yoke hem to match sleeve stripe. Replaced shoulder patches with SJ script and Fin alt logo. Removed unnecessary front number. Removed hockey stick from main logo. Secondary: Same adjustments as primary. Updated 'SJ' patch to teal from white for contrast. Alternate: Added gradient shading to sleeve stripes. Added yoke hem to match sleeve stripe with gradient from middle (now that I see it, it's a little off-center but pretend its centered). Added Northern California patch to replace one pair of SJ patch. Adapted 25th Anniversary patch for chest logo. Removed hockey stick and added gradient to teal. Removed outlines from number and name patch. Normally I'm not a huge fan of gradients but I was just playing around and the teal on black really makes it pop and gives the alternate a better vibe than just black version of home. Thoughts?
  5. All of these full-time would be just terrific. Please and thank you.
  6. There's a real easy solution for the female students who have an issue with the nicknames and mascots. It's called transferring to a different school. They knew all of this before they enrolled.Also, all of the coaches were asked if this has been an issue when trying to recruit players. All of them said it has never been an issue and has never even been mentioned by a recruit or their family. This tells me that you don't really care about your school at all, just its athletics. It's just a nickname for christ's sake, and not a very good one regardless of the arguments of the article.
  7. I heard the Glendale city council is going to hold a vote on whether to keep the old logo or allow it to relocate to Hamilton.
  8. Unlikely but would be rather clever if it were true. Agreed.
  9. Don't make me bring Maggie back from the dead to put them in their place. The Union Jack is arguably the best flag out there, and I'll be damned if it's gonna be changed by a bunch of sheep-lovin' kilt-wearin' drunkass Scots! But really, Scotland won't choose independence so I wouldn't worry about the Union Jack being lowered anytime soon. **cue "Rule Britannia"
  10. Does it ever, my goodness. France looks incredible; thank "the whatever high atop the thing" for the white shorts and red socks. Holland looks damn fine too even with the Oranje head to toe. They'll look even better when they pair with the white shorts. And that number font? ....hot damn Nike. How can they crush these and leave the US kits with so much to be desired? Granted, I don't loathe the home kits like most people here seem to but still. Get it together.
  11. Amazing difference between this leak: And this one:
  12. It doesn't look like previous France kits but it definitely looks french in design. If that makes any sense.
  13. I'm already trying not to puke from nerves. You're not helping!
  14. How good are the packers without rodgers? I don't even want to know. Unfortunately, now I have to. Please let this go better than in my head.
  15. Fear the worst, hope for the best.