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  1. nhl

    I'm curious what adding purple & gold would look like with the Kings. Replacing the silver stripes with gold and the solid stripe with purple.
  2. nhl

    It's kind of crazy how good all of these look. Well done.
  3. I don't hate Edmonton's new look *ducks*
  4. I got some wine ready to pour so I can feel extra snooty judging something only by its appearance.
  5. Looks like still a blue shoulder yoke for the Oilers - you can barely see it through the "locker"
  6. As an owner of the Packers, can confirm I did not get to hold the Lombardi trophy before Rodgers in 2011.
  7. Cup engraver: "How do you spell referee Kevin Pollack's last name? With one "L" or two?"
  8. Another example of the :censored:ty life lesson: those who need the least amount of help will receive it in droves.
  9. Not entirely convinced that Viola73 isn't actually Crosby himself posting on these boards... What if Crosby's secret dream was to be a goon and he just accidentally was extremely talented. So he felt like he had to carry this burden of being the best in hockey and has done so for quite a while but now is realizing that there's more to life than success; he just wants to be happy. And he's only happy while he's pummeling another player's head on the ice.
  10. Huh, good to know. Thank you kindly.
  11. Why did the horn sound like that for the second goal? That was so odd.
  12. Couldn't even tell you the last time I wrote out a physical check. The transaction details are "MiK paid BringBackTheVet" and then the personalized message if one is composed. That's it.
  13. It gives you the option of one or the other. You can "verify" your account by using Rtg/Acct or by using your online bank login information. I use a small credit union for my checking so it didn't give me the option of using login info; I had to use Rtg/Acct. But if it did, I guess I don't see it as a big deal unless you have one set of username and password for everything. I can't even get my full account number through my online banking website so unless they want to pay my bills for me... And I think you asked the question before of why people choose venmo over paypal - there is a silly social aspect to venmo in that you can leave messages for what the payment was for then others can see that message (not the amount of the payment). I don't really care about that part of it (although the messages do get creative with emojis and innuendo), I just find it easier to use as more people I know use venmo over paypal.
  14. I also haven't been drunk since 2013. 20:13 that is.