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  1. 10 total shots on goal. 3 goals. This is going to be fun.
  2. Liz : You could've burned the place down. Dennis : I wish I had burned the place down. There's no reason to live anymore. Liz : What happened? Dennis : The Islanders lost tonight. Liz : Doesn't that happen a lot? Dennis : I knew you wouldn't understand.
  3. Those hats should say "Black and White (featuring Teal)" Obviously cleaner than their previous set but still pretty dang boring. Meh.
  4. Those were some thrilling minutes before the empty netter. Hopefully the tempo of game 7 matches it (and the refs of games 1-6 stay at home).
  5. Team statement from the Maple Leafs (courtesy of CNN):
  6. If Patrick Henry existed today and watched hockey.
  7. Fingers crossed: Please be penguins. Please be penguins. Please be penguins.
  8. If it means keeping him away from NBC broadcasts I'm all for it - Go Whalers
  9. Based on the information and mockups @j'villejags has posted (beautifully rendered btw) - I am whelmed. They aren't ugly, but they are boring. Side note on black primaries: It kills me when teams have totally unique color schemes within their league and don't use them to their full potential. The Jags own teal in the NFL, why wouldn't they make that the dominant color in all aspects of their brand?
  10. What is the motivation is to lie about this kind of stuff? To feel like a big shot? To pretend you're in the know? I just don't get it.
  11. I want to "like" this for its truth but it makes me sad so I can't do it. Odd man rushes have absolutely killed the Ducks in this series. There seems to be one that breaks the Ducks' back each game. Several periods they have been at least evenly matched with the Sharks (second half of the first period in game 3 they were the superior team) but they give up an odd man rush goal and the floodgates open.
  12. Since I was housebound all day (thank you blizzard featuring 17" of snow in mid-April; god damnit Wisconsin), I took @McCarthy's beautiful bracket, made it busier and unnecessarily complicated:
  13. Outside of the Bruin loving bubble... Minnesota/Winnipeg pick up right where they left off; heavy hits and glove drops. This has been a fun series to watch.
  14. Anaheim easily has the worst goal horn in the league. Such a low frequency that you can barely hear it