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  1. Championship Games and Alternate Uniforms

    The 1997 Marlins wore their alternate home jerseys with the black sleeves:
  2. Embroidered Imaging - Requests?

    Friggin' sweet thanks!
  3. The Pointless Realignment Outpost

    Same reason this wouldn't work in baseball; who's gonna want to go watch a 15th place team? A number of teams would be out of contention a lot earlier in the season. Divisions allow teams to be competitive, or at least feel like they have a shot, deeper into the season. 7 or 8 team divisions are still kind if high numbered, especially for a 30 team league, but they're still much better than a single 15 team conference/division. I dunno, to me, if you suck you suck. Is there that much difference between being 15th place in a conference or 6th in a division? You're still in the cellar, and everyone knows where they stand in the conference playoff positioning anyway(what really matters). In baseball it's different since only 4 teams get into the playoffs, but in hockey you really have to be a bad team to miss the playoffs(like my Panthers), so the divisions really do accomplish nothing except try to manufacture rivalries(like in the Southeast). As a fan I'd rather see a fair draw in the playoffs than one or two teams getting better seeds because they won a weak division. I'd also like to see more teams more often in town as opposed to the same clubs over and over again.
  4. The Pointless Realignment Outpost

    The best solution IMO, if they really want to shake things up, is to do away with division all together. Play two conferences of 15, East/West. 4 games vs. every other team in conference(2 home/2 away) for 56 games. 2 games vs. the other conference(1 home/1 away) for a grand total of 86 games. Only four more games on the schedule and you get a more balanced regular season, and therefore a more accurate seeding. EAST: Florida, Tampa Bay, Carolina, Washington, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, New Jersey, NY Islanders, NY Rangers, Boston, Montréal, Toronto, Ottawa, Columbus, Buffalo WEST: Dallas, St. Louis, Detroit, Chicago, Minnesota, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, San Jose, Los Angeles, Colorado, Phoenix, Anaheim, Nashville As far as rivalries go, 4 games a year(not counting playoffs) is plenty. Most soccer leagues around the world play perfectly balanced schedules with only 2 games a year vs. every other team, and those rivalries seem to do just fine(and they don't have playoffs).
  5. Arena Rafters & Banners

    Cool thread! Here's some South Florida banners: The Panthers' one real banner(they also have "Most points by a first year team", All-Star and Draft banners): Here's the Heat's house before they retired Tim Hardaway's number(Division titles, 05/06 Conference Champs, 05/06 NBA Champs, 'Zo's 33, Wade/Mourning/Hardaway Olympic banners and the last one is for former team athletic trainer Ron Culp):
  6. New York Islanders Rebranding

    This is just an absolutely fabulous concept, from the logos to the jerseys. I can't complain about anything here. My favorite is the logo set. Just awesome. I actually liked the old fisherman/lighthouse identity they had, but this blends it with the traditional Islanders to perfection. Unbelievable. I swear this is the kind of stuff that makes me wish teams held fan submission contests when they re-brand. Solid gold! Now for the Bruins I would like to see a more modern look. Keep the spoke B, but update the jerseys and maybe add a new look bear alternate. Can't wait, because this one knocked my friggin' socks off! **EDIT** well now I feel like a total tool, realizing how old this topic is... gotta remember to check next time lol, still great stuff though!