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  1. Am I missing something here? Why is the triangular wing part not centered on the J? If this is supposed to be capable of flight, wouldn't the wing need to be centered? Sorry, just one of those little things that bother you when you see a logo.
  2. Many Irish are very religious Catholics. I think many would find this image off-putting.
  3. Using ipad mini "Portfolio" etc links do not work for me
  4. Suing Walmart AND Coors would be fun fun fun.
  5. Thank you
  6. Any guesses?
  7. That's their new business model- hide the name so people don't know it's a "Kodak"
  8. For a school known to have a beautiful campus, Washington University in St. Louis had some nasty brutalist buildings
  9. Thank you
  10. Anyone know this font? I'm guessing the "J" is the key. Thank you
  11. Ugh.
  12. Much nicer
  13. Why green? isnt that exactly what a sand trap is not? if you're in the sand trap, you aren't on the green. I prefer the original.
  14. Guess the leak was valid.
  15. For an environmental/conservation organization, the saturated original logo is far more visually appealing and purpose oriented, IMHO.