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  1. Golf Logo

    Much nicer
  2. Golf Logo

    Why green? isnt that exactly what a sand trap is not? if you're in the sand trap, you aren't on the green. I prefer the original.
  3. U.S. Soccer New Logo?

    Guess the leak was valid.
  4. Wildlife Protection Organization Logo

    For an environmental/conservation organization, the saturated original logo is far more visually appealing and purpose oriented, IMHO.
  5. Twill

    Girls find the ribbed twill more stimulating?
  6. TBS Changes Logo (again?)

    As a parent of pre-teens, I have to admit that iCarly was the best written, acted, produced show of all of the crap preteen shows out there. Oh, and you're correct about the logo.
  7. Dare Cookie Rebrand

    What is it with people using this forum to get others to do their homework for them? If you're going to be good at design, it takes work.
  8. Stolen Work

    I hope he hits them for a bundle
  9. Liquor and Craft Beer Logo/Label Designs

    4 Hands Brewing has some great ones
  10. Coca-Cola vs Pepsi logos

    Looks more like a closeup of plumber's crack.
  11. Pencil

    Link? It even has the same damn name. Except it pairs with most any Bluetooth device instead of just the iPad Pro, and if it doesn't its still usable as a "dumb" stylus. Sweet. Thank you. The more options, the better for designers.
  12. Pencil

    Link? Was the douchebag comment necessary?
  13. Pencil

    This looks very nice for design
  14. Clothing Company

    The RR is nice if you fix the warping at the top. I think the shooter/cup distract from the nice roundel. If you are going to use them they need to be either on the same plane or on the same relative plane (if the cup is flat at 3:00, the angle of the shooter would put his feet at 7:00, not the 6:00 you have it at.).
  15. Google Reveals New Logo

    More on how it went from ~14,000 bytes to only 305 bytes