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  1. MLB 2016 Changes

    I didn't understand the gold addition when released and still don't see its conceptual purpose in the vacuum of designs on generic backgrounds, but I flew to Minneapolis and saw a three game set when the Astros were there last August and thought it looked great in person and complimented the ballpark and surroundings perfectly. Feel free to file away to unpopular opinions!
  2. Best Uniform Tournament

    NFC East     NFC North     NFC South     NFC West     AFC East     AFC North     AFC South (homer pick)     AFC West    
  3. College Football Uniforms - 2015 Season

    It's probably nostalgia, but I've always been fond of Houston's skinny UH and think they should use that full time. While the current mark is perhaps more balanced and.. "bold?", it has always seemed squished to me. They also switched to a variation of that mark shortly after the SWC dissolved and I tend to associate it with that period where they were having identity issues as an athletic department. A modern version of the skinny mark would help link current teams with the Andre Ware/Phi Slamma Jamma days. These arched wordmark throwbacks from homecoming a coil,e years back were sweet, but too vintage for full time. The helmet was really nice, though.
  4. College Football Uniforms - 2015 Season

    It's from an FCS game this past weekend, but I thought this was a nice looking matchup. Sam Houston State at McNeese State. Definitely colorful:
  5. Hardest City for Fictional Concept Leagues

    I would argue that that is plenty as one is futuristic and the other is older/traditional. The spectrum is pretty large there. You could also include the city's history in the railroad industry, agriculture/cattle, massive medical center and modern day global corporate/energy power. Houston is actually pretty diverse for something like this relative to other cities.
  6. Nike, Texas deal not renewed (yet)

    From what I've read on Texas message boards, it seems to be a two horse race with Under Armour and Nike.
  7. Coca-Cola vs Pepsi logos

    Same here, but I've never really seen a smilie face either. I see an abstractly modified version of the long standing red/blue circle with stripe logo.
  8. NBA Changes 2015-16 Season

    Black has never bothered me with the Suns. My perception of it has always been that the court represents desert imagery with the wood being various shades of sand, the orange and purple being the teams colors and black being parts burnt by the sun. That might be a stretch to some, but it's exactly how I've seen it since the first time they added black to the court.
  9. Texans blue endzones only made it for a few games into the inaugural season in 2002, before they discovered it was destroying the grass. Since it's now been determined that the grass sucked hardcore anyways, maybe they'll bring it back with the artificial surface beginning this weekend:
  10. NBA Changes 2015-16 Season

    Rockets to have Alt Jersey unveiling party tonight. I'm assuming it's the red/yellow CLUTCH CITY jerseys that were in the Adidas leak.
  11. Reporting logo theft?

  12. Teams In The Wrong Stadium

    New Orleans Saints playing at Tiger Stadium and the Alamodome after Katrina:
  13. Teams In The Wrong Stadium

    The Colt 45's played in Colt Stadium from 1962-1964, which was basically a temporary home field built in the parking lot of the under construction Astrodome. When the dome was completed, the team change their name to the Astros, While it's not necessarily the "wrong stadium", it was still a temporary facility and seeing the Houston team in anything but the dome or downtown stadium looks odd. Colt Stadium had no shade and was notoriously hot and humid, as well as mosquito infested. Good times!
  14. Best uniform match ups in each sport.

    This topic has been discussed, but always fun, I'll play along. Fair warning! I appreciate modern design, but am a traditionalist if we're listing our absolute favorite matchups. NBA: This could easily be Lakers home golds vs almost anyone as their home jerseys look fantastic in contrast to almost any team's road uniforms, especially under the Staples Center "theatre lighting". One of the greatest rivalries in sports is the tiebreaker here. Honorable Mention: About 20 different teams playing in LA vs the Lakers on a non-Sunday NFL: The home teams are close to interchangeable here, but I give a slight edge to the Packers in green and gold hosting the Bears at Lambeau. Honorable mention: Browns vs Steelers, Redskins vs Cowboys MLB: Maybe it's because the classic MLB matchup essentially features a game of white vs gray, but the more I compared MLB matchups to other sports, the more I felt underwhelmed. There aren't a ton of great options, but there is definitely one. Like Green Bay-Chicago, the home teams could be flipped here, but the Yankees pin stripes give them the edge. Honorable Mention: Giants vs Dodgers, Cardinals vs Cubs (Apologies for the alt Yankees cap, but this was the best photo I could find that showed a close-up front of both jerseys. College Football: I'm a sucker for tradition and colors and college football showcases both at a very high level. I'm also a sucker for color vs color, which is why I immediately knew what my CFB choice would be. There are handful tied for close second, though, so the honorable mentions also get a photo. Favorite: Honorable Mention: For being in the same conference, they seemingly rarely play, but, for me, this matchup has popped off the TV for as long as I can remember. I love the red vs yellow on a bright green field. It's a 3-hour display of pleasing color balance. Continuing down the red vs yellow path.. My homer pick. This lacks in the color saturation department, but screams college football. The orange/crimson split at the Cotton Bowl 50 yard line provides one of college football's greatest annual settings. The matchup is very similar to Bama-Auburn, but I'm a Texas homer, so this one gets the nod.