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  1. Agreed. If this the "modern twist" MLB has decided on for that piece of batting helmet real estate, then so be it. I'll remain pleasantly surprised every season the league doesn't decide to turn the batting helmet into a wild statement piece (like CFB helmet/hockey goalie mask) or billboard of some sort.
  2. Not sure if this was posted a couple weeks back, but the Rockets hosted Memphis on January 13th wearing their gray Gemni set vs Memphis' light blue roads. Not a whole lot of contrast:
  3. Yep. The Lakers and LSU tend to look more blue on some broadcasts, probably a camera temperature/color balance thing, as they both look far more purple in person. In my experience, at least.
  4. Yeah, just edited my post. The political party began using the logo sometime around 2007.
  5. Saw this in the Houston Chronicle's website today. Apparantly the Texans logo is a pretty obvious ripoff of the Georgian (the Eastern European country) Republic Party logo, established 40 years ago. Edit.. Paul Lukas tweeted this out and the logo was not in existence for the political party until a few years after the Texans used it. The party has been in existence since 1978, but with different logo.
  6. All-Texas Super Bowl in Houston, at that.
  7. I think that's exactly it. The goal being to promote the idea of road tripping to watch games in different parks in either Arizona or Florida. Fans and teams alike traveling by highway to the games.
  8. Rocket's new alts were worn last night. BFBS aside, I love the HOUSTON script and would love to see it on a red or white uniform with gold trim.
  9. The 1927-28 Detroit Tigers logo:
  10. Another look at the Rockets black uni's.
  11. Looks like a new court in Houston. Screengrab from shootaround open to the media.
  12. Texans logo is a tad bigger at midfield. Last year it barely touched the 45's.
  13. Okay, I thought that went back to the Bad Boys era, but still confirms the point that it's wasn't generically applied to this campaign.
  14. In Detroit's defense, Detroit Basketball is not as generic as most might think and is a little different that Denver Basketball or Atlanta Basketball in that the fans have chanted that from the stands since at least the 80's, maybe longer. It's more comparable to something like Who Dat or Rock Chalk.