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  1. Rocket's new alts were worn last night. BFBS aside, I love the HOUSTON script and would love to see it on a red or white uniform with gold trim.
  2. The 1927-28 Detroit Tigers logo:
  3. Another look at the Rockets black uni's.
  4. Looks like a new court in Houston. Screengrab from shootaround open to the media.
  5. Texans logo is a tad bigger at midfield. Last year it barely touched the 45's.
  6. Okay, I thought that went back to the Bad Boys era, but still confirms the point that it's wasn't generically applied to this campaign.
  7. In Detroit's defense, Detroit Basketball is not as generic as most might think and is a little different that Denver Basketball or Atlanta Basketball in that the fans have chanted that from the stands since at least the 80's, maybe longer. It's more comparable to something like Who Dat or Rock Chalk.
  8. Posted last night by the Astros, wearing tonight vs the Rangers. I assume the Rangers are wearing their light blue throwbacks.
  9. Blue. I like the idea of a lot of dark navy blue as it implies space. Orange, especially in the rainbow/gradient form, implies fire and propulsion, which means it should be limited to trim elements smaller than an undersleeve.
  10. Yep, that got by me, too. Still great work. Below is the white lettering on blue I was talking about. The Astros need to reincorporate more of this back into their identity. They've opted more for orange on blue (and blue on orange) and I feel the white on blue is much less garish, especially when combined with the rainbow, which is such a dramatic element already.
  11. Beautiful work on this series. The A's home unis and yellow top/white bottoms sets are gorgeous. As an Astros fan, I think that's the best Astros set I've seen on these boards. The dark navy blue with white ASTROS lettering is the alt their set has been missing. The number on the pants immediately makes me think of the JR Richard era. Great job all around.
  12. Just another pic of the Astros helmet. And crush city shirt frequently worn by a lot the players.
  13. Texas equipment tweeted yesterday that the 2016 home jerseys had arrived. As expected, no changes for the Longhorns this season.
  14. Figured this was as good a thread as any to post this, though not an uniform update. George Springer apparently had an Astros helmet custom made. Saw it in some raw video and made a screengrab. Just thought it was cool.
  15. I'm watching the Astros game right now and attended last night. I don't think it's very cream at all. If it looks any different than last year, it's likely due to new LED lighting at Minute Maid Park.