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  1. Astros at Mariners turning back the clock to 1977 tonight in Seattle:
  2. The Astros finished 45 games behind Oakland that season. 45 games. Now 41-16.
  3. Yeah, that predictive cover used an image of George Springer from that game. He was called up just s couple days before and had a great debut series against the Mariners. He was on the cover of SI just a few weeks later.
  4. 40-16!
  5. This picture popped up on the Astros main authenticification/historian guy's twitter and reminds me again of how much the Astros need to use this as the inspiration for their Sunday alts. Love the white letters on dark navy blue.
  6. I think most Astros fans would agree. The Astros nailed their identity in the late 60's and have somewhat reverted back to that look, but with a more conservative wordmark. A wordmark that does mimick the road uniform wordmark of that era, but still a bit conservative for the identity. Personally, I would love the current uniform with this wordmark sans shooting star and an orange star on the blue stirrups. Maybe add the orange/yellow pant stripe from the pic above and go navy blue with white wordmark/numbers for Sunday home alt.
  7. No Astros changes of note, just some cool photos recently tweeted by the Astros historian guy, Mike Acosta. Cool twitter follow for anyone interested in Astros historical stuff, as an FYI. This is from the new Astros Authentics shop in the renovated centerfield at MMP.
  8. Agreed. If this the "modern twist" MLB has decided on for that piece of batting helmet real estate, then so be it. I'll remain pleasantly surprised every season the league doesn't decide to turn the batting helmet into a wild statement piece (like CFB helmet/hockey goalie mask) or billboard of some sort.
  9. Not sure if this was posted a couple weeks back, but the Rockets hosted Memphis on January 13th wearing their gray Gemni set vs Memphis' light blue roads. Not a whole lot of contrast:
  10. Yep. The Lakers and LSU tend to look more blue on some broadcasts, probably a camera temperature/color balance thing, as they both look far more purple in person. In my experience, at least.
  11. Yeah, just edited my post. The political party began using the logo sometime around 2007.