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    I like sports, of course. Mainly gridiron football, hockey, basketball and baseball, in that order. My main interest, however, is comic-books. I've been an avid comic reader since I was four, and continue to read as many as I can get my dirty mitts on. I'm mostly a DC guy, though I'll meander into Marvel territory every great once in a while. I sing and play guitar in a hard rock/heavy metal band, Rome Has Fallen, as well as do solo material under the guise of Cloverleaf. I'm currently persuing a double-major from Ivy Tech-Sellersburg in Visual Communications, both Graphic Design and Web Design. I have a three-year-old daughter, Moxy, who's the absolute love of my life.
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    Anything in Comic Sans.

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  1. I had a death in the family and couldn't post my design in time (but I did post it). Does anyone mind if I post it here for some C&C, or should I create a separate thread for it?
  2. Eastern Michigan Old Dominion Northern Illinois Toledo Navy
  3. That Bucs wordmark is fan-freakin'-tastic.
  4. I'd like to enter.
  5. I'm so jealous. We had three feet of snow here (Southern Indiana) about eight years ago, and I had the time of my life! I had a 4x4 pickup at the time, and just drove around looking at all the snow. Then, I grabbed a couple of buddies and we drove around digging all of our parent's houses out from under the snow. Good times. Also, I got four PAID days off work, just to goof around. I actually drove to work that morning (4x4), and the place was deserted. I had to call my boss to figure out what was going on. Anywho, good luck, and I hope you and yours are doing just fine.
  6. Just going off the top of my head, so forgive me if I get the years wrong: UPGRADES: NFL - Buccaneers '96 MLB - White Sox '90 NBA - Pacers '90 NHL - Stars '13 DOWNGRADES: NFL - Buccaneers '14 MLB - Padres '06 NBA - Mavericks '00 NHL - Canucks - Whenever they switched away from the 'Stick In Rink'
  7. Marshawn Lynch would disagree.
  8. Not his idea. That was the Texans' original helmet. Even had white lids on Madden that year.
  9. I agree with those who said the NFL will fix itself before it allows its market share to collapse. There's just too much money to be made for them to say, 'F#(% it! We're not changin' a THING!' People will lose their jobs; don't get me wrong. But, drug & PED testing will get more stringent, a MUCH greater emphasis on safety will be in place, and the NFL will start bankrolling PPE manufacturers, doctors, researchers, lawyers, and psychoanalysists to 'get it right'. IF there were to be a decline for the NFL, the only league I can see gaining even a MARGINAL market share would be the NBA. My Mom's a 55-year-old retiree who never watches sports, and even she knows who LeBron is. Run Sid Crosby's or Mig Cabrera's names by her, and you'd only be met with a blank stare.
  10. Some misguided idiot with the league's branding office. I, like Jungle Jim, am a lifelong Bengals fan and refuse to wear anything with this logo on it.
  11. NFL: Marcus Allen NBA: Clyde Drexler
  12. I don't think it's a secret around here that I'm a Bengals fan. When this signing was announced I jumped for joy.
  13. 1. Kirk Cousins 2. Blake Bortles 3. Ryan Mallett 4. Michael Vick
  14. Aerosmith - 'Walk This Way' Audioslave - 'The Last Remaining Light' The Beatles - 'A Day in the Life' Bob Dylan - 'The Hurricane' Foo Fighters - 'Everlong' Green Day - 'Longview' Incubus - 'Mexico' The Killers - 'Somebody Told Me' Led Zeppelin - 'When The Levee Breaks' Metallica - 'One' Nirvana - 'Rape Me' Pearl Jam - 'Elderly Woman…' The Police - 'Message in a Bottle' Queen - 'Killer Queen' Radiohead - 'Karma Police' Rage Against The Machine - 'Bulls On Parade' Red Hot Chili Peppers - 'My Friends' The Rolling Stones - 'Sympathy for the Devil' Soundgarden - 'Burden In My Hand' Stone Temple Pilots - 'Pretty Penny' The White Stripes - 'Girl, You Have No Faith In Medicine'