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  1. NCAA Baseball Uniforms 2017

    New black uniforms for South Carolina will debut tonight
  2. College Football Uniforms - 2016 Season

    Another solid jersey ruined by tire tread.
  3. 2016 Schedule Posters

    With Spring Games rolling around, some schools have been releasing their schedule posters. Always enjoy these threads every year and didn't see one for 2016. Oklahoma South Carolina Miami (Florida) Toledo Ohio University
  4. College Football Uniforms - 2016 Season

    New UK uniforms tomorrow.
  5. College Baseball - 2016 Season

    The most common explanation I've heard is the cost of a season worth of wooden bats would be much greater than having a set of aluminum bats. Because the wood bats break, and the aluminum bats (very rarely) break. I haven't done the research, but that's the response I see whenever this question comes up. And I think it's one of those "what about the smaller schools" arguments. No doubt the big schools could afford an endless supply of wood bats - it's not like baseball makes a profit for the school anyway.
  6. College Baseball - 2016 Season

    South Carolina is switching bat suppliers from Rawlings to DeMarini (thank goodness.) Thought these custom bats were pretty sweet.
  7. **TEMPLATES**

    how do we download it I second this. Looks great. How do we download it? Here is the link to the .psd file. Again, it's the first one I made and I tried to organize it where it would make sense to everyone. http://hymansc.deviantart.com/art/Nike-Football-Uniform-Template-478181434
  8. **TEMPLATES**

    Thank you. Yeah the numbers do need some work.
  9. **TEMPLATES**

    My first attempt at a custom template. I based it off of this image: And came out with this: I used a lot of the information here to do it. So thank you all and let me know what you think.
  10. ORIGINAL (not copied) High School logos

    Riverside (bottom right) has one of my favorite HS logos.