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  1. greyraven8

    Your Favourite CBC Logo

    TVO (although it is provincial) would likely be the closest to PBS
  2. greyraven8

    Your Favourite CBC Logo

    No contest at all for me.
  3. greyraven8

    Dunkin' Donuts,err wait just Dunkin'
  4. For the Sabres, my choice is to buy very little post 1996 except for vintage lines. Any 'secondary' teams I usually drop my casual fandom if they change to sub par logos/uniforms.
  5. greyraven8

    Bigred's CFL (Victoria added)

    Only other ideas that come to mind are a silhouette of a bomber plane [ possibly dropping bombs or football(s)]. or WWII style plane bomb : with W inside it ? (maybe with football image inside ???) or Updating/modifying their old lightning W logo (with either instead incorporating the 'vintage' lightning or going a different way)
  6. greyraven8

    Bigred's CFL (Victoria added)

    If you are think or going a different way with the helmet logo, this may be some inspiration. back in 1961 Winnipeg had the W on the arms and a lightening bolts plus numbers on the helmet:
  7. greyraven8

    Thrift Store Gems 2018

    From local pawn shop for $5 From local thrift shop for $7
  8. greyraven8

    Dunkin' Donuts,err wait just Dunkin'

    Another example, this one from a while ago, is when Mark's Work Wearhouse went from this: to this:
  9. greyraven8

    My CFL Uniform Database

    No uniforms but there are helmets here: Alouettes uniforms here: Some Hamilton info here under History: Wikipedia - CFL uniform images: Some Calgary info here: Uni Watch had some information when Leo Strawn provided some information. Articles (two precious article are mentioned and linked to) are from a couple years ago so has quite a bit of "link rot" (if you could contact Leo, he may have a lot of valuable information) Plenty of CFL photos here: and of course the Canadian Football Hall of Fame site:
  10. greyraven8

    San Diego Padres focus-grouping new uniforms for 2020

    God I sure hope it doesn't count for something but it probably will. If some team won a championship wearing pink tutus, there unfortunately would be far to many clamoring for that uniform because ... winning. If the uniform made the team "magically win" I'd be reluctantly be for a return to it. In every situation I'd rather have a return to a good looking uniform from an era when a team stunk, than a crappy or bland uniform from a winning team. This forum is likely one of the few places I might not be in the minority on that.
  11. greyraven8

    Sharks Switch to Stealth Mode with New Alternate Uniform

    "I think anyone in the area instantly recognizes Long Island. It’s so recognizable, in fact, that most people don’t have to look at it closely. Which is why many are surprised to learn/realize that Queens and Brooklyn are left off." Not sure if most non-hockey people well outside of New York area could pick it out of lineup. In any case it's an "ugly sister" to the shape of Arizona (or even Minnesota) Some land shapes work better than others.
  12. greyraven8

    Sharks Switch to Stealth Mode with New Alternate Uniform

    While I'm used to it to a great degree, when judged on its own in isolation the Islanders "classic" look logo (if you mean their original logo) largely is a piece of land that looks like it belongs on a Rorschach test. If you mean the NY stick that was a third until recently that's a whole other problem. The exceptions that I was thinking of that work are the Coyotes original and Penguins early one - both have full body illustrated character skating and holding stick. For the Sharks in particular, if you're going towards a more realistic looking shark, the cartoonish snapping a stick in half detracts from that. If they end up ever going with the full body shark as a primary look, I'd strongly suggest they lose the broken stick. Just my opinion; I'm sure many or most disagree.
  13. greyraven8

    Sharks Switch to Stealth Mode with New Alternate Uniform

    The fact that there is still a broken hockey stick in the logo annoys me a bit. At the top level of hockey you shouldn't need hockey equipment in your logo and certainly not broken stuff (if that's the shark's stick he's going to be at a disadvantage, if it's not I'm sure the ref wouldn't miss that penalty). There can be exceptions but think the stick detracts more than adds to the logo.
  14. greyraven8

    Introducing the Rocket City Trash Pandas

    If your going with "Rocket City" the first thing that springs to mind, of course, is a derogatory nickname for a racoon. The connection is obvious to everyone.
  15. greyraven8

    Carolina Hurricanes Ask Fans For Help With New Logo

    If you must stick with the Hurricanes name, even something along this line would be a better option (have the palm tree bending in the wind???)