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  1. Anyone recognize this team? Wondering if it is minor league or if it is some lower level team. Would think somewhere around minor or collegiate since what slo-pitch/softball team would be interested in and could afford a specialty jersey (pink - breast cancer). Be something to wear if my Slo-pitch team plays in the Fun tournament this year. Before he "retired" one long time guy player from the league wore pink pants for that tournament year after year. $3 minus 30% off ain't going to break the bank in any case.
  2. Kickstarter project to reproduce the 1974 CBC Graphic Standards Manual has reached its goal. Logo known by some as the Exploding Pizza: Only 450 will be made. Some books still available.
  3. Trying to think of what I have close to or in that sub-genre. The first couple I can think of have the author following a lower level team. Zamboni Rodeo by Jason Cohen: Baseballissimo by Dave Bidini. Tropic of Hockey by the same author.
  4. On the same name different major league, besides the Rangers (NHL) and Rangers (MLB) there are the Jets (NFL) and Jets (NHL). Within the NHL we have the weather related Lightning and Hurricanes
  5. Didn't find that much last trip to the thrift stores. Vancouver Voodoo t-shirt for $4 fairly large sized local city flag for $5
  6. If you wanted to add on to this only you could look north of the border. For Canadian Universities only 27 of the 56 members of USports (previously CIS) played football.
  7. My local HMV closed about a month ago. Think the markdowns were 30-40% at the end. Buggers shipped what was left to stores elsewhere: final markdowns were 60-80% "final days for all stores April 14th"
  8. Inside certain fast food restaurants those stupid digital menu boards that change. Sometimes by the time I find the item and price it's either flipped to another section or more likely has disappeared off the board all together. Also, on the fast food places topic, that self service ordering of McDonald's generally just makes getting your food that much slower.
  9. Sunrise Records taking over some HMV locations most recent list of stores.
  10. Found a couple Soo Greyhounds caps new with tags still on at a local thrift shop (Community Clothing Assistance) $1 each
  11. In the last decade there is an overabundance to choose from for lousy looking CFL uniforms. Here's a much older one.
  12. from a local Facebook Buy & Sell group $20 Thunder Bay Senators either replica jersey (not sure if had them or not) or crest made for game jersey that was put on blank uncrested Senator's style jersey - team from the old Colonial Hockey League of the 1990's. Very uncommon, even locally, to see any sort of T.B. Senators jerseys. Previous had just this crest once many years ago, bought from a local hockey shop, and then sewed it onto a blank Ottawa 67's style barber pole jersey - that is long sold or traded away.
  13. One of my rabbits died this past year. Got a another rabbit this month. She's a tiny little thing right now - about 2 months old. Daisy