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  1. from a local Facebook Buy & Sell group $20 Thunder Bay Senators either replica jersey (not sure if had them or not) or crest made for game jersey that was put on blank uncrested Senator's style jersey - team from the old Colonial Hockey League of the 1990's. Very uncommon, even locally, to see any sort of T.B. Senators jerseys. Previous had just this crest once many years ago, bought from a local hockey shop, and then sewed it onto a blank Ottawa 67's style barber pole jersey - that is long sold or traded away.
  2. One of my rabbits died this past year. Got a another rabbit this month. She's a tiny little thing right now - about 2 months old. Daisy
  3. Is there something wrong on my end or is it like this for everyone - is there no image there? I'm seeing about 9 lines of letters, number and characters instead.
  4. Mine would be the reverse. More colour in baseball - bring back the 'Rainbow guts' & 'Taco Bell' in full force; even the top half of the Saturday Night Specials. The Royals in powder blue, the A's in gold and green, etc. The colour I would like to see eliminated would be getting rid of 'special day' jerseys - Mother's Day, Father's Day, Memorial Day, Shrove Tuesday for all I know. Instead those could be the times when you party like it's 1899 with some throwbacks and fauxbacks instead of overusing your pink, blue or camo highlighters on the uniforms. Agree on the high socks and lack of pajama pants. And since I've gone this far beyond one wish, I want a unicorn instead of a pony for my birthday.
  5. The Home 1927 uniform has a better looking tiger head - also doesn't have the Little Orphan Annie looking eyes.
  6. For non-specialty regular uniforms this Argos ranks really low. Just what every football uniform needs - a wordmark across the helmet and a matching one across the top of the chest.
  7. Not a lot of luck this year with thrift store finds. Only relatively recent one I can think of is this one at Value Village for $10. Not thrift store related but did get some keychains & pins for $2 or $3 each tacked onto a jersey order I placed on the River City Sports website. For keychains I got a San Antonio Dragons, Vancouver Grizzlies, and Houston Aeros; also got a San Francisco Spiders pin. Got 3 blank uncrested jerseys of their brand (RCS) for $5 each (plus shipping) - Coyotes, Senators, Avalanche. Variety of team colours left - most are in XL or XXL sizes.
  8. Not in my neck of the woods - it's more like once a month. There are also some other sales for particular types of clothing. Also, once in a while there are useful coupons on their site (for some reason my Salvation Army Thrift Stores aren't with the rest of Ontario but tied in to the Ottawa area). Value Village is around the same or less for the occurrences of 1/2 off sales. Think right now, for where I am, they have the stamp cards going for 30% next purchase when filled. They often expire before I fill them, but this time I got one filled and used it. Smaller local thrift shops have much better prices but a lot less selection. Less selection is likely due to them being not as well know, open limited hours and don't pick up items (and don't mass phone call people to say they are in the area to pick up for the "Diabetes Society" aka Value Village).
  9. For the B.C. Lions - how could we make that one slightly worse? I know, let's add a white helmet: This one is likely not as quite as bad but far from good largely due to the odious numbers:
  10. Choices might vary depending on my mood or how far I feel like digging through all the variations, but here's 5 for now.
  11. I wouldn't choose navy (or even black) pinstripes for any ball team I play on because of the Yankees. Wouldn't cheer for any team that looks similar to the Yankees. I still cheered for the Sabres in their goat & slug years but most of my Sabres merchandise would be the design from their original years. If I'm picking teams is a sport secondary to me or league secondary to me uniform design would rank up their in my choice of who to cheer for. One thing I dislike is people's love for a uniform when a team wins a championship or championships in it and the design is subpar; guess what we're going to be stuck looking at for a long time to come.
  12. It's not a Seattle Mariners hoodie but on 1/2 off day this Mariners hooded sweatshirt came to $2 so I grabbed it. There was a shirt with a faded screened on Sudbury Mariners logo nearby so maybe it was related to that.
  13. For the period as a kid when my family wasn't more on a health kick concerning cereals (at one point my mom was making granola in the oven) Boo Berry was one of my favourites. For quite a while, I don't think Boo Berry was available in Canada - just Franken Berry and Count Chocula (never heard of the other two). Looks like Boo Berry is back (or maybe was back) in Canada. I'll have to check the grocery store shelves. Also, as a kid, I remember my one grandma having the mini variety pack of cereal in sets of 8.
  14. Not sure of the health level, but I'm sure a couple of the ones I eat are healthier than some of the ones listed on this thread that are more like this: Here's a couple I have in the cupboard right now: