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  1. Your city's Mount Rushmore

    Couldn't do a 'Mount Rushmore' based on my city's teams (no pro teams) but if it was players that were born and/or lived here there would be wealth to choose from though it would be hockey heavy: would have to choose 3 of the 5 from hockey: Alex Delvecchio, Jack Adams, Edgar Laprade. (More recent consideration Eric Staal) curling: Al Hackner skiing: Dave Irwin (or possibly Steve Collins)
  2. What Grinds Your Gears...

    Photobucket going the way of Webshots. Forums and elsewhere we will be seeing a lot of this for images:
  3. Worked on this as entry in Uni Watch fauxback jersey contest. Modified my slight modification (Paint/MS Paint "friendly") of Sparky Chewbarky's sweater template to smaller hockey sweater dimensions more in keeping with the era depicted. Didn't submit this one after reading the area posted above "The Rules" regarding something to the effect that it needed to be original and not a knock-off (like the Rays were of the late 1970's Padres). Made up a fake history where the Oakland Clippers didn't move to Spokane but instead moved to San Jose, and drew up a chain stitched Sharks logo for the sweater. I modified the striping by making it a bit simpler and thicker so it wouldn't look like a direct knock-off of the Oakland/Spokane Clippers. So although I don't like it as much as the one above, the one below is what I entered: That about as good as I could do with the limited spare time I had and the even more limited artistic and computer graphic ability. If someone want to modify it, use some aspects of it to make something better, throw in their own take on the idea, etc., feel free.
  4. New Honey Comb Branding

    Here's the (current) Canadian packaging:
  5. Thrift Store Gems 2017

    Team Canada jersey for $21 Germany hockey socks for under $2
  6. Canada 150 concept logo

    and here I figured some of the reason for the triangles was inspiration from Canada's 1967 Centennial logo. Some of the symbolism of that logo's triangles was: "The content of each symbol concept featured a stylized maple leaf as the primary element and 11 elements representing the 10 provinces and the North West Territories — the accepted structure of the country at the time."
  7. Thrift Store Gems 2017

    haven't bought anything there yet but have been made aware of this site: Found that one out from one of the hockey jersey pages on Facebook: There are many different groups on Facebook that I am aware of that have a sale section for hockey jerseys - most seem to be or either lean towards or are exclusively game worn and authentic jerseys though (mostly out of my price range). can sometimes find cheaper ones sometimes on "NOT Game Worn Hockey Jersey Collectors." You can find postings for a variety of sports jerseys on "Thrift central".
  8. The Cereal Thread

    For Canada's 150th birthday you had to guess something like this was coming: Ate a box - they were okay.
  9. Thrift Store Gems 2017

    $17 for the jersey. at one point was actively searching for this one at a half decent price. $1 for the hat (voted worst minor league hockey logo by The Hockey News 2 years running)
  10. The Most Satisfying

    Few things more satisfying than someone showboating before the play is over getting his comeuppance. This is the first one that springs to mind. Too bad had no real effect on the game though.
  11. The Most Satisfying

    Flutie drop kick:
  12. Fun With Flags!!!!

    My city's (Thunder Bay) flag was adopted in 1972. They chose to include likely the most iconic symbol from the city's area - the Sleeping Giant - (natural rock formation on nearby Sibley Peninsula). Right below is a pic I took of it from the city's waterfront on Canada Day a few years back. From the city's website: "The design forms a golden sky from a sun behind the green Sleeping Giant, sitting in the blue waters of Lake Superior. The red maple leaf is the signification of Canada. The green and gold also represent the City's colours."
  13. Thrift Store Gems 2017

    Anyone recognize this team? Wondering if it is minor league or if it is some lower level team. Would think somewhere around minor or collegiate since what slo-pitch/softball team would be interested in and could afford a specialty jersey (pink - breast cancer). Be something to wear if my Slo-pitch team plays in the Fun tournament this year. Before he "retired" one long time guy player from the league wore pink pants for that tournament year after year. $3 minus 30% off ain't going to break the bank in any case.