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  1. 1972 Hamilton Tiger-Cats:
  2. Saskatchewan Roughriders 2013.
  3. Much prefer the older style back from when they won in 1966 to 1987:
  4. Lionel Conacher - elected into Ontario legislature, and later federal Member of Parliament. Toronto Argonauts: 1921 Grey Cup champions Pittsburgh Pirates of NHL (on far left) As New York American of the NHL Chicago Black Hawks (NHL) Montreal Maroons (NHL) If you wanted to include semi-pro and high amateur sports you could include lacrosse (on provincial winning team), boxing (Canada light-heavy weight champion), baseball (Toronto Maple Leafs - International League), etc. for him. Although not a pro sports photo, a photo of him while as a Member of Parliament playing softball - minutes before his death:
  5. Logos And Uniforms That Are So Ugly They’re Awesome

    For logos, one I'd choose for this category is the Winnipeg Goldeyes.
  6. House of Commons MP's in jerseys for tribute to Humboldt players on April 16th. Some video here: Canadian Senate photos here:
  7. Prime Minster Harper during 2011 campaign
  8. Logos that Look Alike

    A bit similar, and also happened in the 1970's with some controversy
  9. Logos And Uniforms That Are So Ugly They’re Awesome

    Now if someone went a bit further and resurrected this 1898 Ottawa tartan uniform that would be something:
  10. Logos And Uniforms That Are So Ugly They’re Awesome

    looks like johnnysama beat me to it. no easy way to delete, so I'll leave it here.
  11. If interested in adding another area could do Northern Ontario. Sure there's other inspiration out there but here's a curling crest for the region:
  12. The Battle of Seattle

    I assumed you were joking with the "misspelling" of favorite and just made more than a bit of a goofy post after that. If you were joking I apologize for going a bit overboard in adding a bunch of word spelled like Canadians do (and Americans don't). If you weren't joking, U.S. spelling isn't the only spelling of the English language and since the original poster who posted the concepts is Canadian my signature certainly is relevant but not to myself.
  13. The Battle of Seattle

    Can you gauge the magnitude of your love for the Mets sweater and analyse your feelings for it? Humour me. Do you harbour a bit, less than a tonne, of ill will toward the colour? Has it not enough lustre or do you clamour towards a colour that breaks the mould of common hockey sweater colour schemes such as a sombre grey or my favourite a matte brown? Not to belabour the point, and without rancour, I support the defence of the green colour with every fibre of my being. Maybe my opinion is not worth 2 cents. I'd say the cheque is in the mail, but my fervour died for that idea and I favoured having it cancelled. Honour me with a response if you think my behaviour warrants it.
  14. My Hockey Jersey is too Small!

    take the crest off the jersey and sew it on another jersey or shirt?
  15. My Hockey Jersey is too Small!

    For a change of pace, I'll try a serious answer: you could wear a mock turtleneck of the same or very similar colour underneath your shirt.