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  1. (tbf, pittsburgh was a liability to the league until they won the draft lottery to take a once-in-a-generation talent)
  2. I mean, that’s the only one, but it’s going to be twice now in six seasons. Both kits have looked a hell of a lot more like PSG than Barça.
  3. I’m not really a fan of this “Barça tries to look like PSG” trend they’ve started following in recent years. Figures, for the second straight time they’ve done this, Nike botched the actual PSG kit for next year.
  4. Before I started following Hertha, which is something I only take somewhat seriously these days, I was very much this way with the Bundesliga. Hell, the first year I watched the BuLi, Hertha weren’t even in it — then got relegated, only for me to end up supporting them starting in 2. Bundesliga.* *There’s an interesting alternate universe out there where Hertha play St. Pauli, instead of Fortuna, in the relegation/promotion play-off, a game I would’ve walked into saying I’d support whichever club won. As noted, I’ve kind of started to fade on it a bit, partially as my desire to wake up early on weekend mornings has waned, and partially because Hertha are in the midst of pulling the second straight year of the annoying, “let’s get the results to be in the Champions League hunt until the final third of the season when we just tank” thing, all the while not playing particularly interesting football. I’m the other way with Ligue 1, actually — I started out being really into PSG, then the oil money came in and I didn’t particularly care when they won the league. But in the midst of that, I fell in love with the league. Again, I don’t watch as much Ligue 1 as I used to, but I still follow it more than La Liga or Serie A, despite having no team I’m particularly drawn to now. I kinda like Marseille, just as the anti-PSG, but also have soft spots for Toulouse, Caen and Strasbourg. If Strasbourg go up, I might just have to follow them next year. And, well, I guess I’m that way with the Premier League these days…
  5. Oh hey, the NHL is still a :censored:ing joke, neat. This being whistled for a goaltender interference penalty is an awesome way to have your season end, yeah.
  6. This is what you say when you know your dudes :censored:ed up:
  7. Scheduling inside the division isn’t balanced either, though. And you’re talking about a nine-game schedule difference between the Blue Jackets and Senators (one that’ll be only seven next year!). It’s the complete opposite of the Boise State argument, actually — of that 12-game football schedule, you effectively share 11 opponents. And I say that as someone that argued baseball shouldn’t go to best record to determine home field in the World Series — because, between an AL and NL team, they could feasibly have no opponents in common. There’s a very stark difference between the schedule the Cubs played last year and the one the Indians did. But there’s little tangible difference in schedule strength between the Blue Jackets and Senators, and surely not enough to force this system. The Jackets had 108 points this year, the Senators 98. You can’t tell me the Jackets gained 10 points because they played the Penguins and Capitals more often, and the Canadiens and Bruins less.
  8. But who are you really penalizing? You’ve rewarded Boston and Ottawa for being mediocre teams in a :censored:ty division, and penalized Pittsburgh and Columbus for not finishing with the league’s best record. Toronto is getting exactly what it deserves. The Rangers are playing the team they’d play anyway in a straight 1-8 seed setup, and if anything were “rewarded” by not getting Columbus (if you’d give 1 and 2 seeds to the division winners, as the pre-1998/99/2000 expansion system did). I get that this season is a bit of an anomaly, and likely won’t play out in this extreme of a way again, but that something similar’s happened before — the Adams had three of the league’s four best teams in 1989/90 — should have served as enough of a deterrent from a competitive balance standpoint to avoid it. The teams that perform best in the regular season should be awarded the best possible route to the championship. The NHL is absolutely getting what it set out to achieve with this playoff format, though — a near-guaranteed Crosby/Ovechkin series — so congratulations to the league?
  9. *whispers* the pens aren’t playing that great, guys
  10. :censored: this league, man.
  11. I mean… the Jackets aren’t really playing that poorly in this series, which is part of why it’s so frustrating. They aren’t getting great shots, which has been part of the problem, but by and large, they’ve had plenty of stretches where they’re the better team; hell, the Penguins didn’t have a shot on goal until they scored nearly 10 minutes in tonight, and the Jackets outshot them 16-3 in the first period Wednesday. Fluery’s playing well, though, and the Jackets probably aren’t making a lot of what they’ve done well this series count so far. But above all else, they also really haven’t gotten a break; the Pens’ first goal in this series came off a missed offside call, that the Jackets didn’t challenge, the third Wednesday off a waved-off icing that the Jackets defensemen expected to get. Then tonight, Dubinsky’s the only one to pick up a penalty at the end of the second in a 2-1 game, and the Pens (effectively) score off the ensuing power play to really put the game away. When you’re playing a team as talented as Pittsburgh, you probably need a bounce or a break or two to go your way, and that just hasn’t happened yet this series. Of course, they pulled a lot of stupid bull :censored: both nights — Bobrovsky holding onto the puck and spotting the Pens a 1-0 lead after you spent the first 10 minutes in control the highlight — and on the whole, they haven’t played consistently well enough to feel like they deserved to win either game, but the Jackets (dating to the end of the regular season) generally picked a really bad time to get a little unlucky. The Pens’ TV crew interviewed one of their players in the middle of the first period… and his answer was pretty much, “we’re playing poorly, but hey, we have a lead!” which describes the 1-0 game state surprisingly well in both games of this series. To call this a meltdown, though? lol, please, no
  12. (maybe the Blue Jackets aren’t a great draw because the NHL puts no effort into making the fourth-best team in the league a great draw) The NBA isn’t putting Cavs/Pacers on NBA TV.
  13. You have the second- and fourth-best teams in the league playing in the first round and one of them has a once-in-a-generation scorer and superstar… why would you even think of throwing that series on NHL Network?