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  1. Gold bowtie bad, yes, but also that is a ridiculous watermark on the Man Utd leak. Like something from a tacky bootleg shirt.
  2. I could do without the trend of MLS teams and special-edition numbers. Always needless pandering to make things uglier at best and hard to read at worst.
  3. Ah yes, the days of me having time to do concepts. But yeah when that new Rapids away came out I immediately wished Philly would wear it. Wish they went light blue and yellow stripes from the very beginning actually, would have been more distinctive imho.
  4. Annual whine that I really hate it when teams debut next year's kit on the last day of this year.
  5. The precedent of putting Goodyear across the front in modern times would creep me out -- ripe for one of those Cavaliers fauxback remix jerseys, though. At any rate I'm also hoping for a return of the checker pattern -- adding that to something similar to the current jerseys would be a nice mix of eras. Is it confirmed they're getting a whole new logo set? I do find the current set incongruous with the uniforms.
  6. This whole stadium affair with Atlanta is crazy and pretty low-rent to me. I realize it's a tough situation, but this level of scheduling acrobatics done mid-season seems especially unfortunate for Atlanta but affects their opponents as well. But a backfilled schedule to finish a stadium seems like a rite of passage for MLS teams at this point (see also: SKC, TFC, probably others). I get the reasoning but it does not make for good balance for a team at all.
  7. I didn't think SEA/SKC was that bad. SKC's new home is so light as to almost look like an all-white kit, and Seattle's light blue shorts are so saturated that I didn't mix them up at all really. Seattle's third kit would have been the ideal contrast IF it had navy shorts. Could've just picked up some teamwear Adidas navy shorts. Or since SKC wears its jerseys with little rhyme or reason, why not pick tonight to wear navy? I dunno, there's something to be said for monochrome outfits. This is how it's looked before, and while SKC's good old days of navy shorts and trim undoubtedly helped, and Sounders kits look different in every photo or video I swear, this still seems fine.
  8. I look like a dorky suburban dad wearing a 39thirty, so to each their own. After years of busy, overly detailed Adidas hats I'm happy to see New Era's (mostly) clean design sense take over. That said, this mix of diamond era mesh crown and velour brim is a nasty textural clash.
  9. I confess that I love the previous Sydney FC badge. Sure, it's of its era, but I thought it was the best of its era -- very vibrant and dynamic. New one is pretty good aside from the EPL font, though.
  10. FC Dallas vs NYCFC looked absolutely great tonight.
  11. I actually like this matchup of Atlanta wearing their away kits against Portland. For some reason, it's not even setting off my usual weird peeve, where I hate when socks match the shorts but not the shirt.
  12. These are not as good as the black alts IMO... but if they were sleeveless they'd be better than the default roads. Still holding out hope for a whole new set based on the black alts next year.
  13. That Schalke kit is very Josef Albers of them.
  14. I think it'll look fine. I like the pattern, love the font (even if it'll only be used in Europe). The giant Chevy bowtie remains a major points deduction, unfortunately.
  15. Love that United black kit. Teams/manufacturers will be smart to make jerseys that look good as streetwear nowadays, and that one does for sure.