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  1. 2017/18 Soccer Kits

    Ireland's been doing this sponsor-on-the-fan-version for so long now that I'm surprised (pleasantly) that it has yet to catch on for other countries.
  2. NBA Changes 2017-18

    I'm not sure what to think; I do like color vs. color, but in cases of a clash I don't know. I don't want visitors to wear white, but I also don't want both teams wearing tonally similar colors (no royal blue/kelly green, or white/yellow, or red/orange) or colorblindness-clashing colors.
  3. Patriots are wearing the Color Rush jerseys that they didn't wear in their TNF game. Still wish this would be their new primary jerseys, such a good update and meshing of eras.
  4. NBA Changes 2017-18

    Yeah I'd agree here, not sure it looks THAT different to me. Plus Celtics green has always been hard to pin down if you look across the many different shades that their fan merch comes in.
  5. NBA Changes 2017-18

    Comparing Celtics authentics off of Fanatics... I know it's an imperfect method but it's the best I can think of at the moment.
  6. 2017/18 Soccer Kits

    Looks like what Holland wore for years back in the good old days of custom number fonts for teams.
  7. NBA Changes 2017-18

    Color on color cluster number one of the young season. Royal blue vs kelly green? Woof.
  8. 2017/18 Soccer Kits

    Someone snuck that in under their noses. That's heroic.
  9. North American Pro Soccer 2017

    I guess the other argument is that Austin is the largest metro in the US without a pro team. Which is fair enough. But I find it verrry hard to believe that Columbus's woes, to whatever extent they exist, are there because the friggin Blue Jackets are sucking all the air out of the room.
  10. North American Pro Soccer 2017

    Maybe i'm giving them too much credit, but I can't fathom anyone involved in MLS still thinking "1. go to a heavily Latino area. 2. ???? 3. profit" is the way to do things.
  11. North American Pro Soccer 2017

    In stretching my benefit of the doubt as far as I can, all I can think of is that Austin maybe has more growth potential particularly in MLS-friendly demographics. And it's a whole extra hour from Houston, as opposed to Columbus's drive to Cincinnati, assuming that city's expansion bid is approved.
  12. NBA 2017-18: A Tale of Two Conferences

    I didn't think I could get any gut-punch lower than the soccer game a week ago but tonight did it. Silver lining is that it sounds like it was a clean break, and that Celtics fightback was good to see. I could hardly watch the rest of the game, can't imagine playing in it as a teammate. I didn't expect the Celtics to knock off Cleveland this season anyway but I sure was looking forward to watching Hayward and Kyrie as star gunners. Damn.
  13. International Football 2017-2018

    Weah is in the PSG academy. Josh Sargent has an agreement to go to Werder Bremen. Andrew Carleton is staying in MLS (for now) but already broke through to Atlanta's first team. As has been said by people smarter than me, a lot of the problems everyone got upset about last week re US Soccer and men's development are already in the process of being addressed, there's just a long tailing effect. The kids are alright!
  14. North American Pro Soccer 2017

    Columbus has had its share of problems, but all of this is shady as heck.
  15. NBA Changes 2017-18

    League naming rights, big ugly jersey sponsors, templated jerseys, uncreative branding inherited from parent clubs ... can we just avoid talking about the D-League entirely? It's brutal.