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  1. At least the t-shirt looks better than the jersey. Seems like a win-win!
  2. Yeah that is interesting and I don't discount that at all -- you just don't see the throwback programs on the field a la MLB throwbacks or NBA Hardwood Classics, that sort of thing. The occasional kit inspired by old ones, sure, but not the direct throwback nights. I guess that's the difference between American sports with rare total changes but who knows how many alternates, vs. most big modern international soccer teams that unveil three new kits every year but only wear those three kits exclusively.
  3. That is helpful, thank you @McCarthy! It just seems like the most improbable US soccer success story. Maybe other than Sacramento. That is good to know about the stadium location. Seems fine to me and I don't understand the city-limit zealots either, but I live in Boston where the inner burbs are very much part of the city fabric (that's not where our soccer stadium is though!).
  4. I've always assumed the continued changing of manufacturers is part of why there's not the throwback industry in soccer that there is in big four USA sports. This is actually really interesting to me! I like that Club America is paying tribute to a classic design like this, but it does raise questions of whether a simple design belongs to the club or the manufacturer, and I'm sure the legalities are different across countries too.
  5. Why is Cincinnati such a good soccer town? (And can that be kept up in a Kentucky suburb or will it suffer from the same problems that Columbus does?)
  6. Apple is perhaps the last brand in the world that needs to slap a logo on a sports jersey.
  7. Oh I forgot about the ads too. If i was one of those companys I'd be pissed about a superfluous Puma logo in my zone, too.
  8. This year's Puma sleeve template is going to look nightmarish with league patches.
  9. I found it somewhat hard to tell the Sounders and NYCFC apart, but that may have been the monsoon filter on the camera.
  10. Apologies for being slightly off topic, but does anyone have any tips on finding a 2014 all star fitted, a la the one below? For the Red Sox I can only find 39thirtys on eBay, sadly.
  11. Hmm why couldn't the current USA whites have the true navy sleeves if these can? Would've improved that shirt a lot, I'd wager.
  12. Oh I see them. Wish I didn't, but I do.
  13. mod edit
  14. The stars ruin it for me. So tacky. Dammit, we were painfully close to an ideal USA kit!