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  1. Were there multiple games in the playoffs in which OKC wore orange and Houston wore black? Generally I'd prefer a no alts in the playoffs rule, but I do like color-on-color when it's still light vs. dark, and in those cases I find the alts in question to be light years better than the primaries. Hope that series is a preview of the Nike era for those teams.
  2. One advantage of DC sports is the synchronicity of the three teams that have RWB color schemes, nonsensical nicknames, and nicknames for the nicknames -- the Wiz, the Caps, the Nats.
  3. That Liverpool look is delightfully retro, but the gold Liverbird bothers me when the rest of the trim is white.
  4. One more American here checking in here feeling that way about the Premier League. I'm a casual fan of Barca and Dortmund in Spain and Germany respectively (though not as diehard as I am with local sports). In the EPL there are some teams I move toward rooting for, but that tends to shift around by year. Honestly I'm moving that way in MLS as well -- I keep tabs on it leaguewide, despite its flaws, just because of the influence it has on the USMNT and CONCACAF in general. But my local team is the Revolution and they've done everything on- and off-pitch to drive me away. Plus, even though I jumped on MLS pretty early, I still haven't grown up with the Revs in my blood the way I have with Boston teams in the big four leagues.
  5. after reading your post twice because the references to a City hat and shirt confused me, it occurs to me that this was the perfect matchup for mixed up jerseys.
  6. Maybe not directly a monetary thing, but it is a spirited PR grab for MLS and Adidas and the clubs involved.
  7. This is... not great.
  8. No more shiny text? Has sanity prevailed?
  9. Green and yellow isn't working for me for Inter. I love the away though -- the subtle gray works really well.
  10. Not much to say except "Why is this so hard for Nike to do?". Great work working within the constraints of Nike templating.
  11. ^ A little bit on the nose but I kinda like the concept! Disappointed to see Revolution wearing the aways at home; had they forced DC to change, that would've been two home games in four days for the Revs in which they hosted a team wearing white and red. (If they could host last year's Red Bulls next week it'd be a trifecta.) Instead they're the white and red away kit this time.
  12. I'd suggest a compromise that's more based on the navy blue alt: no second stripe on the front, but retains the contrasting shoulder yoke. I think I do like the red wordmark + navy number + no silver on the flag alt, so that can stay. But none of the stars and stripes stuff. (As much as I hate on the nationalistic nonsense, I do love the retro-campaign-button look of the Wizards logo.)
  13. I'd be curious to see that shirt paired with shorts in charcoal or black, with red Adidas stripes. Sorta like what Toronto FC wore for a bit in the late 00s (and what I've wanted them to go back to, but if they're not gonna use it...) [Mockup via colours-of-football.com]
  14. Eh, I like the striping on the regular Wiz jerseys. The Nets and Sixers already kinda took this aesthetic. Plus I'm bored with foisting patriotism on DC teams -- wish someone from the big four leagues would follow DC United's lead and place city pride above country pride for a change.
  15. Seems MLS forgot to post the graphic for tonight's Revs/Quakes match. Everyone in New England forgot too. That or they didn't want to fight rush hour traffic on 128 and 95 to go watch two mediocre teams on a cold rainy weeknights. Anyway, here's how it looked. For the historical record, San Jose's keeper wore red, New England's light blue.