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  1. bigshoop likes male reproductive organs.

  2. Rays seem ready to dump Devil

    Says the guy with an Islanders avatar and Andy Pettite signature. I-95 runs north as well, EDIT. Take Gothamite with you. Because he made an accurate observation over a guy making personal insults over my comments? I respect Gothamite for that. I have a right to be a fan of my former location and current location, so being a former DEVIL Rays fan, I am at liberty to discuss how bad the name change sucks and how stupid and half-assed it was. Not to mention completley unecessary.
  3. Rays seem ready to dump Devil

    Lemme guess, Godfather. When I went to the (Devil) Rays-Yankees game at The Trop back in September, you were one of the 30,000 chicks wearing a tied-up Jeter jersey? Translation: You seem to have a lot of hate in you. Loosen up a bit! Come back up north and we'll catch a Sound Tigers game. No, it was an A-Rod jersey, lol. I gotta move back up north to get back to real baseball teams. Says the guy with an Islanders avatar and Andy Pettite signature. I-95 runs north as well, EDIT. Oh, I'm an a-hole because I hate the new name? Originally I'm from Long Island, so of course I'm a NY fan first and foremost, but hey chief, I've down here in Tampa for quite a while so I was a DEVIL Rays fan and am a Bucs and Lightning fan as well. Not that I have to justify myself to you, but you went the mature namecalling rout, so I'll go the immature explanation route. I've been to enough Devil Ray games and enjoyed them quite a bit. I have a hat, jersey, etc. I feel betrayed as a fan that doesn't have many fans when they drop part of a name that no one objected to but a few people. Now a ray of sunlight? That is rediculous. At least it could have been the St. Petersburg Pelicans, I would have understood a new beginning with that. But this "new beginning" is half assed since they are still the Rays...but oh yeah, its a ray of sunlight. This kinda gives me even a greater respect for real orginazations like the Yankees, Mets, Cubs, etc.
  4. Rays seem ready to dump Devil

    God those unis suck something awful. I hate this team with every fiber of my being. A handful of people were upset with the name Devil, so the new idiot owners just drop the name and thus start another downfall in this pathetic history. the rays.
  5. Jersey Wallpaper

    It's working for me now as well, idk what happened. Oh well. Thanks.
  6. Your Favorite Teams?

    I see alot of people on here have various and seemingly unrelated teams in their sigs. So for those that have teams that don't necessarily go by geographical location, how did you choose? My teams are pretty easy, although I don't have them anymore, I'm from NY so I'm a NY fan and now I live in Tampa so I root for the Tampa teams with the exception of the Devil Rays. How about everyone else?
  7. Jersey Wallpaper

    It should be on here isn't it? Unless it's a different one. Nope, that's the one I was looking for. Thanks alot! Is there one link on that site, I couldn't find one, or elsewhere that links all the ones you have done? The link in your sig doesn't work. They are amazing and currently the backgrounds on my laptop and desktop.
  8. Rays seem ready to dump Devil

    True enough, but they've been slowly changing the name for a while. It was 2001 when they first claimed that the word "Devil" was responsible for their pathetic attendance, scaring away all those good churchgoing baseball fans who were just waiting for a chance to support Tampa Bay baseball without having to sell their souls to Old Scratch in the process. I take your point about a whole new name being less problematic. The real issue I have is that they're trying to have it both ways, a new name with the old identity. They claim to be named after rays of light, but they still have the acquatic creature sleeve patches. Better to start anew than this wishy-washy half-assed rebrand. Yep I agree. And I remember when they decided taking Devil of all of their merchandise was a wise idea. It was just a stupid ploy to sell and make more money, and of all the people I talked to who were church goers, the Devil part didn't offend any of them. It's all a joke just like the whole orginization, and if I'm ever rich enough I'm going to buy the team and rename them the Devils.
  9. Rays seem ready to dump Devil

    Exactly. The new Rays unis aren't bad. They're just not any good. C-minus work. And a definite downgrade in terms of color scheme, if not necessarily in terms of actual use of colors on the uniforms. Despite the uniform mediocrity of the Devil-era Rays, dark green and bright blue could have been an outstanding color set. C-?! Thats generous. I mean a ray of sunshine...seriuosly, what kind of NEW BEGINNING WE that? It's a joke and keeping the name partially in there was a joke. I would not have boycotted had they changed to the St. Petersburg Pelicans or something like that, although changing the name at all was stupid. There was no need for a name change, they could have made new jerseys and hats and everything without changing the freaking name!
  10. Rays seem ready to dump Devil

    Now I know to never take any of your posts seriously ever again. Thanks for saving me some time. Actually, it will most likely be an intern. And yes, from my experience, they are forwarded onward. You send something to a professional sports organization, someone somewhere will eventually read it. Yeah, because saying that is sooo terrible that a professional mens team is now named after beams of sun. Give me a break. If you cannot take my posts seriously because of my opinions on the Girlie Rays then too bad for you. The ironing is delicious. Ah yes, my opinion of the joke of a team makes me a jackass. Couldn't have said it better myself. You should foward that to the DEVIL Rays management, it was very well put and very well written.
  11. Rays seem ready to dump Devil

    OK, that's the obvious reason why it would have been better to choose an entirely new name. But give the guy a bit of a break: When a company changes its name, employees need to use the new name. A $1 fine jar is pretty tame by comparison with some corporate name changes I've seen. As to the colors being "girly," um, what? If you don't like the color blue, that's fine; there's no arguing with taste. But calling blue-on-blue "girly" is just ridiculous. Light blue is actually the color that stands for "not a girl" in our culture. Anyway, if you actually want to tell the owner what you think, it isn't that hard. There are these things, see, called "phone books," and in them you can find the names, phone numbers, and addresses of all the businesses in a given area. Using such a reference, one might easily discover that a letter addressed to the owner at 1 Tropicana Drive, St. Petersburg, FL, 33705, will reach the team. I can't answer for every team, but in my experience many teams, and MLB itself, are relatively accessible, especially to physical letters sent by mail. There's a decent chance with most teams, or even letters sent to the commissioner, that your addressee will actually see and respond to your letter. Maybe not so much if all you have to say is, "You're a doofus, you stupid doofushead," but even reasonably civil letters of complaint can have an impact. Oh thats cool acting like a jackass about it. No other team drops one word from the name and then acts like that word is some racial slur and that it isn't allowed to be used. I really cannot even begin to comprehend the stupidity of that idea. I've never seen a team use a money jar or anything like this. What is this middle school? As for the colors, they are absurd. The light blue with a sunburst is quite possibly one of the MOD EDIT today. The green was very popular and everyone loved it. The change was uncalled for, and all this was the continued BS from the new leaders, if you can even call them that, on this team. And I highly doubt the idiot will see my letter, let alone read it. It would be waste of time. Some minimum wage joker in the office would see it and then toss it.
  12. Rays seem ready to dump Devil

    Wow, silverman is a bigger moron than I thought. Why such a harsh wanting to get rid of the Devil from Devil Rays? He's going crazy about it. He's a new business guy who knows nothing about baseball, and comes in and changes everything to girlie colors and a MOD EDIT name and wants the devil gone from it? He's a joke and so is the orginization. I wanna get in touch with that schmuck and write him a letter to give him a piece of my mind.
  13. Rays seem ready to dump Devil

    I think the MLB should eliminate the travesty that has become Tampa Bay baseball. Changing a name to placate some 3% of people who wanted it is quite possibly the dumbest move ever. The continuing with a whole new color and name scheme to rob their fans of money. Yeah, becuase everyone should shell out money for team gear when the team can't even do anything on the field. Hmm, lets trade some more young talent. Pft!
  14. Rays seem ready to dump Devil

    Ah, this thread reminds me of why I'm boycotting this :censored:ty orginization. Taking the Devil out of their name for good was the last straw. the Rays and their new owners.
  15. Jersey Wallpaper

    Not sure if I missed it, but if it isn't there, I saw your Rangers et, would you consider doing a Rangers one with the liberty logo? Thanks.