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  1. Nebraska has new pullover jerseys that feature too much black: And of course the heritage uniforms:
  2. Oregon State 2017:
  3. Utah broke out cream uniforms today: These are their road grays:
  4. Of course as soon as I said that, the Mavs broke out new Sunday uniforms. Brand new pullover jerseys and some beautiful new socks!
  5. @Ice_Cap the image is posted wasn't exactly a concept, just FYI. It was an unused proposed uniform set made by a designer working directly for the NHL. Can be found in the "Unused Logo and Uinforms" thread.
  6. mod edit
  7. Looks gray to me as well.
  8. Omaha has added a new red cap this season. It's listed as an alternate option to the regular black cap. As far as I can tell the Mavs only have two jerseys this season; the cream homes shown below and the black jerseys from previous seasons.
  9. St Patty's Day cap design this year:
  10. This is disgusting.
  11. This thing is whack:
  12. Miami baseball uniforms for 2017.
  13. Speak of the devil:
  14. Pirates should be unveiling their new alternate cap any day now.
  15. Last year was the gray sweatbands and inside fabric, which is probably what he's remembering.