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  1. A deleted tweet from the Quad City Mallards says they'll be the affiliate of Vegas this season. So Vegas > Chicago (Wolves) > Quad City
  2. The blue remains unchanged.
  3. The first thing I noticed was the cut of the batter's jersey, and immediately knew it was Detroit. That's how big of a nerd I am.
  4. This has to be the most unpopular opinion I've ever read.
  5. MVC has also visited Omaha, who may jump to the Horizon League if not offered a spot in the MVC.
  6. As long as they don't wear whatever this is:
  7. Included for each team are home, road, alternate, and spring training uniforms, as well as gameday apparel. Completed teams:
  8. I've got a bunch of these saved somewhere. Here's a few I have quick access to:
  9. Similar to the Astros tequila sunrise jerseys?
  10. Correct. The caps were officially listed as on-field alternates for 2017.
  11. I am in love with this concept. The bold striping is great for both teams, and the collar choice for NY is perfect.
  12. I got the helmet full of cheese curds when I was in Milwaukee. The helmet was an odd size, in between the full size batting helmets and the ice cream sundae size.