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  1. Orlando magic

    Does anyone have a high res of the Orlado magic basketball (with the tail & stars) that is under the word Magic on the logo? If so, please e-mail it to me ( I am making a jersey but cant get the logo to loose the fuzzy appearence. Thanks.
  2. Fonts...

    Where does everyone find these creative fonts on the web...?
  3. Need logo help - bad!!!

    To All, I just made my first visit to the SSUR site and I was amazed with all of the creative ideas for the Arizona Cards unis... I am responsible for uniforms/logos for a youth basketball organization and need some serious help with logo design. After seeing all of the great concepts I was inviting (hoping that) anyone on the board to submit ideas. The team is called MONROE (TOWNSHIP or TWP for short) BRAVES. Current colors are royal blue, white, silver and black. The font for the name has been traditional block. We are looking for something flashy, "cool," up to date, etc... Please send any ideas. Thanks. (e-mail =