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  1. Major League Baseball told me the National League would be wearing the white uniforms this year
  2. CC97

    Series of Portland NHL Domains Registered by Winterhawks

    That's because the Knights didn't actually stop the Golden Knights from using the name, but it was an excuse the team went with anyways; they always wanted a two word nickname, "Black Knights" was the preferred choice.
  3. CC97

    MLB changes 2018?

    That dream seemed to die when Paul Beeston retired; an entirely new front office now, Mark Shapiro mentioned it wasn't as much of a priority to him.
  4. CC97

    Engage with SportsLogos.Net - A HowTo:

    To those expressing frustration, I get it, from your perspective it seems like I'm intentionally ignoring or being rude. Of course it's not at all like that; I'm simply just buried under all this stuff... keep in mind that I'm just one person, I can get a few hundred messages a day (in between being a stay-at-home father of two young kids) from both readers and the actual teams/leagues themselves about updating or correcting the logos site, about making sure we cover a particular news item, and usually there's someone upset they were banned or suspended from these forums. If it's a slow news day I can get to maybe 10% of these each day? Things will get missed, often... I'm sorry that happens, I want to cover everything, I want to be as accurate and up-to-date as possible. Reality says otherwise and the reality is most days I'm exhausted by the end. I can only do so much, I can't afford to hire anyone. So if you're wondering, the best chance to get my attention these days is through a Twitter DM (@sportslogosnet); I tend to check that and interact there more often than anywhere else, if I'm terribly busy I will usually just focus on what interests me the most first - baseball, hockey will get priority because I personally enjoy baseball and hockey; if it's a slow day and I'm looking for stuff to do then I'll start looking for corrections of other things in my DMs. It could take days, weeks, months... I've had many try for years. I'm not happy that it happens like that, it makes me look bad, but I'm not sure what else to do.
  5. CC97

    Engage with SportsLogos.Net - A HowTo:

    The NCAA had rules to allow their logos on our site; we had to follow them.
  6. TVIXX

    Dock spiders alt logo


  7. @CHRIS87

    Good afternoon. I just did it sign up the forum.

    And I didn't present myself. My name is Marcos Marcelino dos Santos.

    Best known as Marcos Flamengo. Flamengo just because i'm just a fan of the most popular Brazilian soccer club. I always loved sports, and I always loved logo designs and concepts. I also like to give ideas to the forum users for logo concepts of many real and fictional sports leagues around the world.

  8. CC97

    Las Vegas NHL Expansion

    They announced "Mo-Hawks" (with the hyphen) as the name they wanted in 1972 almost immediately after getting the team -- it was also the name (without the hyphen) of Kansas City's USHL team in the 60s. A month later they dropped that idea when the Black Hawks raised an eyebrow, KC said they would respect Chicago's wishes since they had supported the entry of their team into the NHL. Scouts wasn't announced as the replacement name for another year.
  9. CC97

    NCAA Division II logos soon?

    Share away!
  10. CC97

    NCAA Division II logos soon?

    There's simply too many to add! Unfortunately there's an (understandable) expectation that if there's even a small handful of Div II schools added that we must then have every single one on there, and then keep them as up to date as possible. Maintaining Div. 1 alone is a near impossible task. Obviously we'd love to have everything possible but there's only so much Luke_Groundrunner and I can do.
  11. CC97

    Las Vegas NHL Expansion

    Since September, but during the entirety of my time with the league I've never once stepped foot in the league offices -- needless to say I've little influence in matters such as this! Oh they're very aware of the boards and the site! I made sure that nothing related to the site would be effected (affected?) by my deal with the league. Business as usual here as far as I'm concerned.
  12. Several times I've loaded up my virtual Fanatics shopping cart only to bail on the entire purchase once I see the shipping rate to Canada.
  13. Trying to get an official word on the authentic jersey disappearance, will let you know
  14. CC97

    MLB 2016 Changes

    It won't happen this season. The Pirate fest is over and no new jerseys were unveiled. That's when they would have unveiled a new alternate. Maybe in 2017 they will. The Twitter confirmed earlier today that the Pirates will have a new alternate for 2016. Okay. Thanks for your info on that. Have you heard anything about the Rays getting new uniforms for 2016 as well? I think we would've heard something already if the Rays were changing anything. Another year of their bland unis unfortunately. (I'd guess you won't see new ones until a new stadium) Nothings fixed in stone yet. The Rays might surprise us with a last minute rebrand. You never know. Yes, everything is set in stone, a "surprise last minute rebrand" in Major League Baseball for 2016 would have been decided and finalized several months ago.
  15. CC97

    Ontario flag

    The license plate has a crown rather than a trillium, in commemoration of a visit by the King in the 1930s (because apparently everything we do in Ontario has to pay homage to the UK). We need a new flag, we have no identity here, no outwardly obvious symbol/banner to call our own, a trillium in some form or another makes the most sense.