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  1. hettinger_rl

    Kentucky Wildcat Mascot: Now with version 3

    Right, there are differences, but (just like you've started to do) take the distinguishing features of the wildcat and add them in. Not sure if you've seen these:
  2. hettinger_rl

    Kentucky Wildcat Mascot: Now with version 3

    If you haven't already, I'd draw draw draw this out first before using digital tools. I know it can seem harder and more time consuming, but I've found that the more time I spend with pencil and paper - the less time it takes to get it right digitally. I can see that you definitely know what look you're going for and if you're worried about it looking too much like this: Don't worry about it. If this is the look you're going for then make yours a near copy in your first drawings and tweak and fix things until you've made it your own. here is a good example: It's by Matt Kauzlarich of Studio 1344. We pay homage to those Arthur Evans logos and make them relevant again. Here are a couple other resources: http://nicschultz.com/the-mad-hatter-logos/ https://www.oxy.edu/magazine/winter-2013/multiple-personalities
  3. hettinger_rl

    Old Beaver Logo Update

    Try tracing it with pencil and paper and drawing in your changes. I've always had better luck starting analog then going digital. Not saying it is the only way, but it's another way.
  4. hettinger_rl

    Old Beaver Logo Update

    I've done a few of these over the years and that starting image is ripe for updating, but I can't shake the feeling that this update is missing something. It feels a bit stiff or flat. Did you draw it out or just digitally trace it from the image?
  5. hettinger_rl

    Introducing the Cedar Rapids River Blecch

    Yeah I think it's a great combo of modern and heraldic and that's why the jaw is that way. It's also a huge improvement over the Titans.
  6. hettinger_rl

    Kansas City Hunters - NBA Concept

    I like the idea of a team in KC, but I get a "UFO Hunters" vibe from the logo.
  7. hettinger_rl

    Minnesota-Duluth Bulldogs Refresh

    Here is the altered version: VS My main goal is to get away from it looking like Spike from Tom & Jerry or Hector, Marc Anthony, or Spike from Looney Tunes.
  8. hettinger_rl

    NCAA Division II Logo Database (To Be Added to the Mothership)

    Here is the new Marauder: Also..... Anyone have anymore to add to this thread? I'm sure there are still some out there.
  9. hettinger_rl

    Minnesota-Duluth Bulldogs Refresh

    There are MANY bulldog logos in college sports. In fact, "Bulldogs" is the #1 nickname in NCAA D1 college sports (14 schools use it), ahead of eagles(11) and tigers(13). But, one of the bulldogs that is most in need of a face lift is Minnesota-Duluth's. I hadn't made a bulldog logo of any kind yet, so I thought I'd use this as my opportunity to make one:
  10. hettinger_rl

    Stolen Work

    Check this site out https://supportblackcolleges.org/collections/all make sure they don't have any of your work on here. The lifted some of mine without even trying to change things. The legal team of the shopping site https://www.shopify.com/legal seems to be supportive so far.
  11. hettinger_rl

    Cool Mascots but Terrible or Underwhelming Logos

    Not related to the topic: Are you just using @JJSCOTT s image for your avatar or are you JJSCOTT?
  12. hettinger_rl

    New Animal Planet Logo

  13. hettinger_rl

    Washington Warbirds: A New Era for the Wizards Franchise

    I think their current logos look great as well, just not in combo with the Wizards name. All wizard iconography has been removed so they should just change the name as well.
  14. hettinger_rl

    NBA Changes 2018-19

    I'm guessing deer crossing sign.