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  1. Because he is likely sick of seeing his designs pop up on things without his permission. And if I were him I'd continue with this WM, we can see the great design just fine and it's safer!
  2. The does' ears might be a bit more vertical sine they don't have the antlers in the way.
  3. hettinger_rl

    Yeah, most people do know what it looks like, mostly because of the seal.But it flies along side the american flag in many places. And the colors (or at least a variance) are used by the largest college in the state. One thing I imagine is people going to Mount Rushmore; they have the main walkway flanked with every state's flag and ours blends in so much. I think that this would really pop out in that setting.
  4. Cavaliers are supposed to be trained in horsemanship too (Cavalry). Which would connect them to Rough Riders and Knights.
  5. The helmet looks doctored in the second.
  6. Westchester had changed to this as well:
  7. Didn't see any posts about this, but they've changed to the Kings' colors and added a crown. http://www.kolotv.com/content/news/Bighorns-unveil-new-colors-logo-419910483.html http://reno.dleague.nba.com/news/reno-bighorns-unveil-new-color-identity-create-visual-connection-parent-club/
  8. hettinger_rl

    I stuck with the blue/gold because it'd be more likely that the state would make a small move like that. A color scheme based on the state flower (pasque) could be nice, but I just feel like people would embrace a new look that features colors they are comfortable with. I think that the blue sky and golden sun represents our state well and if this design would go through we'd be "wearing it better" than the other bedspread states and they'd have to change more to distinguish themselves.
  9. hettinger_rl

    There is not. Just to mimic the original sun shape.
  10. hettinger_rl

    Altered a bit, dropped the dark blue.
  11. hettinger_rl

    Thanks! Yeah I was wanting a different perspective.
  12. hettinger_rl

    Drew this up the other day. I'll be using it in my stock folder. Just thought I'd see what the fine artists on here thought.
  13. Lets get this started as the introductions get going: Not official numbers yet: Deshaun Watson #4 Mitch Trubisky (not official #) Solomon Thomas & Reuban Foster (not official #) Leonard Fournette #27
  14. hettinger_rl

    I took a stab at updating the raven logo for the card game Rook. OLD: My Update: