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  1. Gonna contact the team via their website.
  2. Looks great! Have you tried making the "eye-oval" a bit smaller? It can add a bit of attitude.
  3. New look for Shiner Ruby Redbird: Old: New:
  4. hettinger_rl

    Should it be blank? Or would a star be too cliche?
  5. I'm guessing I'll catch some flack for this but, I'm tweaking the "un-tweak...able." I'm a fan of the Texas's current look, however a few things have bothered me. It looks a bit flat and the shape of the horns looks off (especially compared to Bevo). So I went in and fleshed out the animal.In doing this I added a color... cream to the look. I feel like I've always associated cream color with UT but I can't place it... Anyway, I did a flat version too for all those fans that would have to breathe into a paper bag if they dropped that all together: Here are some reference images:
  6. hettinger_rl

    Here are the alternate eyes: I'm really happy with the fact that there is a menacing look to these, but it doesn't have to look like it's roaring as many grizzly bear logos do.
  7. hettinger_rl

    I had some folks ask about a Kentucky version, so here's 2:
  8. hettinger_rl

    I have a version with different eyes, I'll post it tomorrow.
  9. Here is a logo concept for the Montana Grizzlies. A bear is another mascot that every designer should try to draw up. I took inspiration from their current bear's face and smoothed it out some. Rendered it in their current Maroon/Silver and the vintage Gold/Copper.
  10. Building on this, maybe try just a silhouette. Think of the American Eagle, A&F, Hollister logos.
  11. Noel in photoshopped mavs jersey #3 Lou Williams in game #12 Cousins in game
  12. hettinger_rl

    I agree. Here is a simpler version that may fit better with Northwestern's style.
  13. In a sense yes. I was making my wildcat concept and thinking Northwestern, K-state, Arizona, Villinova, Kentucky...... huh wonder which mascots AREN'T used over and over.... but ones that WOULD be viable for other schools or pro teams to use (if they weren't SO typecast to their school).
  14. hettinger_rl

    Thats what I thought too. I added the white with purple option too, that one seems more viable than the white fur/border look.
  15. True, good point.