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  1. hettinger_rl

    Stolen Work

    The GM re-contacted me and decided to go ahead and purchase the rights to the logo. A top notch guy who did the right thing for his organization.
  2. hettinger_rl

    Stolen Work

    Talked to the GM and he agreed to stop using the image and was very apologetic. Turns out he was given the rights by someone else that claimed it was his intellectual property, so he got screwed too. Bad situation all around but they did the right thing in getting a hold of me.
  3. hettinger_rl

    Stolen Work

    So this has been brought to my attention! I have ONLY posted watermarked versions of this logo on here and Dribbble. The team's GM is giving me a call later today to discuss what we can do. He said he was "blindsided" by this last week.
  4. hettinger_rl

    Vintage College Mascot Logos

    Here are some "new" ones:
  5. hettinger_rl

    Taco John's new logo

    I still remember this:
  6. hettinger_rl

    My Cotton Bureau Design

    I have gotten a design onto Cotton Bureau! This design is based on Jurassic Park dinosaurs! If you'd like to purchase one then checkout the link below! https://cottonbureau.com/products/jp-style-rexy
  7. hettinger_rl

    Vintage College Mascot Logos

    Here are a few more gems:
  8. hettinger_rl

    Jacksonville Jaguars rumored for new uniforms in 2018

    Sounds like what people would've said before the Seahawks and Bucs new unis came out.
  9. hettinger_rl

    Jacksonville Jaguars rumored for new uniforms in 2018

    Personally, something in this (by jesse alkire) vein would be tops in my book:
  10. hettinger_rl


    I don't think they're supposed to be gradients, but rather a representation of a metallic sheen over those areas.
  11. hettinger_rl

    Vintage College Mascot Logos

    They actually have a deal in place with Disney to be able to use Donald.
  12. hettinger_rl

    Duke Blue Devils Logo Concept

    Leaving you with this for the weekend: I new look for a classic program.
  13. hettinger_rl

    Liquor and Craft Beer Logo/Label Designs

    New Captain Morgan image (on left):
  14. hettinger_rl

    Baltimore Ravens Refresh: 2/16 - Idea for Alternate added

    Working with something like this for alternate:
  15. hettinger_rl

    Baltimore Ravens Refresh: 2/16 - Idea for Alternate added

    I had the same concern, so many tints and shades of purple/plum when you factor in the beak. Here is a version that uses the main colors from the bird in the beak: I used a lighter purple for the highlight and carried that color scale down the other shades. I also tried taking black out of the logo because I think that it would have more punch on a black or flat black helmet. For similar reasons I brightened the gold a bit. Finally the shape has been slightly shortened.