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  1. Robert White, but it's cool. I love it... keep Doctson.
  2. Oh my god, people actually stop it before it gets worse here... Applause all around.
  3. Alright... TCU Football Baugh / O' Brien / Swink / White / Lilly / K. Davis / Tomlinson / Dalton / Boykin
  4. Eventually, I (as well as many other posters here, I sure) will make my own Spurs "global" logo. I felt that was going in the right direction, but just fallso short... Although it may be a homage to the 1976 logo?
  5. Oh good lord...
  6. Hmm... I may actually use one as a desktop. Give me a day and I'll decide what team I want to use...
  7. I'd add the Bears and maybe the Jets to that.
  8. Thanks for the updates. I've ad a bit of a layoff from this page, myself, so I understand.
  9. As a native of Ft. Worth... "DFW" is more accurate a label. We don't belong to Dallas and Baylor is more than 70 miles away. I know that ain't much in Texas, but still... Denton is a small college town and UNT uses Dallas in its marketing, so that's understandable. But you don't wanna do that for TCU. Historically, it's insulting. Just sayin'
  10. One of those "leave the 90s in the 90s" cases:
  11. Is it the colors or the script or just the entire look that makes you say that?
  12. Thanks. I wanted this entire flag to represent several different things about Ft. Worth. The middle white and 3 red stripes comes from the 1912 city flag (notice "The Panther City" label): The the blue on top and bottom represents the sky and the Trinity River. And of course the star in the shield represnts the Lone Star State. I wish WE could have a flag contest. Certainly need it.
  13. I really, REALLY hate our flag. You can barely even call it a flag... it's just a logo with text on a white sheet. Made one of my own last year with a bit more meaning.