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  1. 29texan

    NBA 2K19 Concepts (feel free to add your own)

    By all means, go ahead... And thank you.
  2. 29texan

    NBA 2K19 Concepts (feel free to add your own)

    San Diego Clippers The centerpiece circle for the home and away uniforms are supposed to be a subliminal ship... probably should lighten the home jersey's ship a lot more. Power Blue fauxbacks Decided to go with a dark wood court to offset the bright powder blue and bright orange in the "Sony Arena"
  3. 29texan

    NBA 2K19 Concepts (feel free to add your own)

    Do we really have to go over this...? (Especially in a Concept thread?)
  4. 29texan

    NBA 2K19 Concepts (feel free to add your own)

    Not very many, I know...
  5. In honor of my hometown FINALLY being put into the game, I decided to bring up my concepts I've made for NBA 2k19. In my world, OKC moves to Ft. Worth (as well as the Clippers moving back to San Diego, which is next)... This is what I came up with: They play in "Bass Family Alley" The basics: - The colors are supposed to be an altered garnet/grey/"Trinity blue". Kinda hard to get the colors down on the game. While changing the color of the name and numbers, it doesn't really translate to what you want, exactly - LOGOS: Primary is a basic roundel with the "FTW" insignia, which is based on the Fort Worth Cats minor league team. The alternates are the insignia and a panther head for "Panther City". - Northwestern stripe is actually based on the city's fire trucks - the "corporate patch" is American Airlines, which is based here And like I said, I'm doing the *San Diego* Clippers, next. But I'll post an alt. for Ft. Worth, which is another nice addition to this game.
  6. 29texan


    Meh... maybe for a high school or college team.
  7. 29texan

    Lewisville Fighting Farmers logo refresh

    ...I've NEVER liked Carrol's logo. I know it's high school and it really isn't that big a deal, but still, it's one of the top programs in the country. You'd think they'd have something better than that.
  8. 29texan

    Lewisville Fighting Farmers logo refresh

    Well, I wasn't expecting to see Lewisville on these boards, but here we are...
  9. 29texan


    . . . I don't understand this way of thinking. Teams that place the skyline on their court are doing for THEIR city and THEIR fanbase, not because the entire world knows what it looks like.
  10. 29texan


    Can you do an old Arena League team. The Fort Worth Cavalry... their colors were like Navy and Gold, but the logo doesn't show it, for some reason.
  11. 29texan

    Cool Mascots but Terrible or Underwhelming Logos

    Yeah... but... I'd still rather have this:
  12. 29texan

    The 1972 Project: Michigan Wolverines

  13. 29texan

    Dunkin' Donuts,err wait just Dunkin'

    Grew up here in Ft. Worth... part of the 4th largest metropolitan area in the nation... I think I've only seen THREE Dunkin' Donuts my entire 28 years of living here with one of them being in Ft. Worth. I haven't even seen ads for Dunkin' Donuts in DFW until just a month ago. That would be a problem, at least on this side of the Metroplex.
  14. Why is this so satisfying to see...?
  15. 29texan

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    Frogs going White-Purple-White... probably the best combo with these "frogskin" jerseys.