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  1. So before I start on the Location and Finalization, I just wanted let ya know that after that, I'll get into the details of how it would look in Dynasty Mode. I have 4 options for it: RENOVATE / EXPAND / BUILD / MOVE And if you all have something to add, feel free to let me know.
  2. Attractions The Attractions are extras for the fans you see in open areas in the stadium, typically on the endzone side. Click to see examples SINGLE (small buildings or items, place up to 5) - Old Concessions - Modern Concessions - Team Store - Party Deck - Flame - Fountain - Pool - Playground - Permanent TV Broadcast box PLAZA (A medium sized area where fans congregate. 2 max) - Food Court - Memorial - Outdoor Mall - Garden - Fountains - Team Museum SETS (One large model or setused only as decoration) - Prairie - Mountainous - Jungle - Safari - Tropical Beach - East Coast Beach - Tundra - Southwestern Desert - Mideastern Desert - City - Greek - Swamp - Pirate - Space - Military Base - Oil Field - Main Street - Asian Temple - Forest - Native - Old West - Medieval - France - German One more category, folks. It's almost time to end this thread.
  3. Statues There is a loooong list of statues I have in mind, so I just decided to copy and paste from a list I already made last year. With every picture I have for each category (outside of the Players and Coaches) it would be the image and pose used for the statue as an example. You can adjust the size of the statue, as well. Player •Modern (QB, Backs, WR, TE, Secondary, Lineman, Kicker) •Late 20th (QB, Backs, WR, TE, Secondary, Lineman, Kicker) •Mid 20th (QB, Backs, WR, TE, Secondary, Lineman, Kicker) •Early 20th (QB, Backs, WR, TE, Secondary, Lineman, Kicker) •1800’s (QB, Backs, WR, TE, Secondary, Lineman, Kicker) Coach •(Modern, Old School, 1800’s / Thin, Heavy) Birds •Small (Blue Jay, Cardinal, Oriel, Blackbird, Road Runner, Parrot) •Large (Eagle, Falcon, Hawk, Peacock, Ostrich,Turkey, Rooster) Sea Creatures •Fish (Piranha, Barracuda, Eel, Shark, Hammerhead) •Other (Dolphin, Orca, Whale, Jellyfish, Octopus, Squid, Crab) Land Animals •Small (Bee, Wasp, Spider, Tarantula, Scorpion, Rat, Beaver, Wolverine, Bat) •Lizards/Amphibians (Frog, Gecko, Horned Lizard, Gator, Crocodile, Rattlesnake, Cobra, Large Snake, Tortoise) •Dogs (Boxer, Bulldog, Greyhound, Chihuahua, Hound, Retriever, Sheppard, Collie, Fox, Coyote, Wolf) •Big Cats (Lion, Tiger, Panther, Jaguar, Lynx, Cheetah, Saber-tooth) •Beasts (Bison, Bull, Longhorn, Rhino, Giraffe, Elephant, Mammoth) Human •Occupation (Cowboy, Farmer, Astronaut, Construction, Pirate, Captain, Pilot, Conductor, Police, Firefighter) •Historic (Volunteer, Pharaoh, Greek Warrior, Native) Other •Dinosaur (T-Rex, Raptor, Triceratops, Pterodactyl, Long Neck)
  4. M&M's 75th anniversary packaging

    Yeah, there's really nothing wrong with the current M&M logo at all...
  5. Stadium Series

    I will be following. How long have you've been doing this...?
  6. Student Section Home Band Visitor Section Visitor Band You can set up the size of the sections (the top L/R buttons) and use one of the sticks to set where these sections would be. And you can do that to any part of the stadium, any tier, any section... except for the boxes.
  7. So I'm gonna be a little lazy with this category. I won't have the screen for each option, but I'll describe it while posting real-world examples. Banners - Choose a shape (Horizontal Rectangle, Vertical Rectangle, 4-point,5-point, Oval), chose outline or not. - Background (Blank, Two-tone, Gradient, Outline and colors) - Text (and colors) - Logo - Or just download an image online Examples:
  8. Yes. And I'll get to that as soon as I'm done with everything else... which shouldn't be too long from now. I'll say, 3 weeks.
  9. ACCESSORIES The little extras here and there that you can use to dress your stadium up a bit. Banners- Championship, Conference, and customizable/downloadable/uploadable banners to hang from anywhere. Flags- National, State/Provential, School Logo/Colors, or any flag you want to download. Student Section / Visitors Section- Choose sections of stadium where you want the majority collection of fans to sit. Band Sections- Choose sections of stadium where you want the home and visitor bands to sit. Special Areas- Plazas, Water Features, Concessions, Team Stores, or "Big Sets". Statues- Players, Coaches, Animals, Etc. Text- Type in a simple text to any part of the stadium. It can be anything.
  10. SOUND SYSTEM - Small- typical, high school bullhorns - Large- much larger sound system that's audible but not the most clear - Hi-Def- large sound system that's as clear as a bell You can toggle the screen size just like with the stadium seating. Within the grey box is an example of what it would look like. You can only do this with LEDand Jerryworld screens. And that completes the Audio/Visual options. Next is the "Accessories" and "Finalize". Hard to believe it's almost over.
  11. RIBBONS The space in between the seating and sections that are usually just blank walls. Feel free to add something: - Blank- Just a blank wall. (Leaving space blank leaves room for you to add text in the "ACCESSORIES" option...) - Fixed Ads- Load up to 10 different ads on one line. Just like with NBA 2K, you can download what you'd want to put on. - LED Ads- Same as "Fixed Ads", only it moves like a slideshow.