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  1. Iron Skillet 2016
  2. Alright. Check the Polls sections.
  3. LEAGUEBUILDER - Name your league. - Choose your logo. Like with TeamBuilder, you can download any image for your league's logo into the game. - Decide if you want divisions or not. Choose the countries involved, then place your teams (minimum of 2, maximum of 40) - Then create your rivalries... as many as you want. - Next, choose which months your league's season runs - And finally, create your Championships by adding trophies, as many as 50 options would be available, and mods would be welcomed to add more. And that's it, folks. Thank you for following FIFA 18: crEAtion. Be sure to follow the next thread... MVP Baseball, starting in a week.
  4. Nice. Miami and Vegas are the only cities that could pull off a look like this. Great color combo.
  5. A.V. Choose as many as 4, select the placement of the scoreboard/video board (stationary, mounted, or hanging) and use D-Pad to adjust the size. SCOREBOARDS (you can add commercial adds to the sides as well) - Manual - Bulb - Digital - LED VIDEO BOARDS (option of adding a scoreboard underneath, on top, or to the sides) - Classic - Low-Def - HD SOUND/P.A. SYSTEM - Bullhorn (use up to 10, place them anywhere in the stadium standing, mounted on a wall, or hanging) - Modern RIBBONS (optional) - Stationary (download any image to fit on walls) - LED (also download any image to fit, only with more than one image) Almost finished. Next is the LeagueBuilder, and then... MVP Baseball.
  6. Red stripe.
  7. How about Cousins with a Michigan player with the Paul Bunyan Trophy as a rivalry cover?
  8. Any specific players or coaches...?
  9. That along with the the "Akransas" Razorback jersey... That whole day was off.
  10. Frogs going all black with purple chrome helmets today.
  11. Well I did want to get players who haven't been on the cover, but I guess I could throw RGIII in the mix.
  12. So I've narrowed it down to some of your votes and my choices: - Northeast (Syracuse, Jim Brown) / Army & Navy, Glen Davis & Roger Staubach) - Mid Atlantic (WVU, Major Harris, Pat White, or Tavon Austin) / (VTech, Micheal Vick) - Great Lakes (Michigan & Ohio State, Bo Schembecler & Woody Hayes) / (Illinois, Red Grange) / (Wisconsin, J.J. Watt) - Midwest (Oklahoma, Samaje Perine) / (Nebraska, Eric Crouch) / (Kansas St., Tyler Lockett) / (Kansas St., Aaron Lockett) / (Kansas St., Kevin Lockett) - Southeast (Alabama, Bear Bryant) / (Auburn, Bo Jackson) / (Georgia, Herschel Walker) - Florida (Florida, Vernon Hargraves) / (Florida, Tim Tebow) / (Florida State, Warrick Dunn) / (Miami, Micheal Irvin) - Texas (TCU, LaDainian Tomlinson) / (Texas, Ricky Williams) / (Texas A&M, Dat Nguyen) / (Baylor, RGIII) - Rocky Mountains (Arizona, Ka'Deem Carrey) / (Colorado, Kordell Stewart) / (Montana, Brady Gustafson and Joey Counts) - West (UCLA & USC, Troy Aikman & Rodney Peete) / (Hawaii, Colt Brennan) - Pacific NW (Washington, Jake Locker) / (Oregon, Mel Renfro) Any additions before I begin the poll?
  13. LIGHTING Choose the number of lighting banks: 4, 6, 8, 12, Two long strips, Ring (around the stadium) Then, choose the style: - Bare Metal - Brick - Concrete - Structure - Narrow - Triangle - Arch - Box ROOF (Sectional) First, choose a Full, Retractable, or Sectional roof. The Sectional option works just like Seating and Boxes. Then, choose the style: Generic Cowboys Flat Dome Hanger Arch Slope Circus Top Triangle Inflatable Classical Toronto Atlanta