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  1. Just a request for a small change... since the stadium is complete, you think you can change the last panel to this for my PVAMU sig?:
  2. They may be minor...
  3. There we go.
  4. ...that looks different.
  5. *Victory Green But I guess I get what you mean. Tampa Bay is waaaay too simple, especially for a franchise that wasn't around before 1990. I like the Stars look, but still waiting for a black 3rd. Don't know what's taking so long.
  6. You can look like "a respectable hockey team" without being plain (i.e., anti-modern), ya know. I'm actually just now hearing this term.
  7. I put that in quotes for a reason. I'm not going to say that it's not a problem, but I'd focus on SEVERAL other Native related teams, first. Then maybe do something with the Braves.
  8. That's just sad...
  9. Honestly, out of all the exploitive Native American names/imagery in sports, the Atlanta Braves are by far the LEAST "damaging", so I don't get what the problem is.
  10. Great work. I kinda wish my alma mater of PVAMU could use this for their logo.
  11. Because of business, me being busy, and some computer issues, I'm gonna be taking a hiatus from these threads. You may not even see me on this forum that much... but I'll be back.
  12. Roman is the new Cena. You know it's coming...
  13. SITE NOTE: ...do they really HAVE to say "the San Antonio Alamodome"? I'm pretty sure people can guess where the Alamodome is. And it ain't exactly a brand-spanking new facility.
  14. SEATING (pt. 3) No menu screen. Speeding this up... SEATS Choose either Chairs or Benches, then the color for each. SET-UP (only vailable for the Foul, Left and Right Field sections) Options: OPEN / SINGLE / SPLIT / TRIPLE SECTION Options: EVEN /THIN / WIDE PORTALS Options: BASIC / DOUBLE DECKER / OPEN CONCOURSE // 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9/ 10