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  1. BUMP... in more ways than one. Just letting you know, I'm still doing this whole series, but I've just had a lot more to do outside of this forum... life happens, ya know? So I'll get back to this before the end of next week.
  2. Oh, NOW I remember...
  3. Coke Blak? Sounds like a new kind of cocaine... or a :censored:ty rapper name.
  4. Sprite Remix... Surge... Ecto-Cooler... and now Crystal Pepsi, What else should be brought back?
  5. Funny thing, I was JUST thinking of what the Angels would look like if they used gold instead of blue. Only, I was thinking of adding orange with it, but this looks good.
  6. I should be finished by this weekend with Alabama. I'll let ya see before I post anything.
  7. SEATING Choose the base: Concrete, Metal, Wood, or Open (no seating) - Then choose type of seating between: Chairbacks, Bleachers, Benches, or no seats - Depending on the 2nd selection, choose the color of the seats. DESIGN Choose a model: Single, Split, Triple - Then choose the entrances: Portals (1-6) or an Open Concourse. Press the top buttons on the controller to adjust placement (PlayStation = L1/R1 - XBox = LB/RB) - Add the option for tunnel(s): Single Narrow, Single Large, Double WALL Choose the type of wall: Wire Fence, Brick, Concrete, Stone, Padding, LED (like NBA 2K's arena building feature, you can download images for LED option) - Have the option of adding stairs. - Also add the option of putting up a protective fence on top of the wall for the more, uh, "passionate" fans... Levels 2-4 next.
  8. Just a preview of the screen for the 1st Level menu
  9. BUMP. I will get out the next scene sometime this week, but taking care of some important business, first...
  10. Either 1 or 4, really.
  11. I guess that could work for Military Bases...
  12. Next month, I'll put it to a poll with my suggestions and yours.
  13. Sorry, they're in the Rockies... I thought I forgot about a state but couldn't think of which one it was. Thanks.
  14. Oh, it can be from ANY year. Even as far back as the early 1900s.