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  1. Great work. I kinda wish my alma mater of PVAMU could use this for their logo.
  2. Because of business, me being busy, and some computer issues, I'm gonna be taking a hiatus from these threads. You may not even see me on this forum that much... but I'll be back.
  3. Roman is the new Cena. You know it's coming...
  4. SITE NOTE: ...do they really HAVE to say "the San Antonio Alamodome"? I'm pretty sure people can guess where the Alamodome is. And it ain't exactly a brand-spanking new facility.
  5. SEATING (pt. 3) No menu screen. Speeding this up... SEATS Choose either Chairs or Benches, then the color for each. SET-UP (only vailable for the Foul, Left and Right Field sections) Options: OPEN / SINGLE / SPLIT / TRIPLE SECTION Options: EVEN /THIN / WIDE PORTALS Options: BASIC / DOUBLE DECKER / OPEN CONCOURSE // 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9/ 10
  6. *Dallas-Ft. Worth... "DFW"... Again, not trying to start another thing with this and go off topic, but Ft. Worth is a major, independent city that just so happens to be 30 miles away from another major, independent city... not another dime-a-dozen suburb of Dallas (as we have our own, as well). Please don't put our city in the same category as Irving or Arlington.
  7. I posted that because I think (subconsciously or not) that it's just Texas hate. Mainly because we seem to take the most :censored: for it.

    1. OnWis97


      That's roughly what I figuredĀ 

    2. OnWis97


      That's roughly what I figuredĀ 

    3. 29texan
  8. I'm inboxing because I don't want this convo to go further on a topic that has to do with the San Diego (or L.A) Chargers.
  9. It's a name to honor the people of the state. I'd go further into why I think there's another reason why people hate "Texans" being used as a nickname, but I don't want to start any arguments here, so... it is what it is. As far as I see it, Houston's current identity is perfect and shouldn't change just because some people who don't even live in this part of the country don't like it.
  10. Not to get off topic, but what is it with the "Texans" hate? Why does THAT have to be "bad branding"?
  11. SEATING (pt. 2) The main menu for building your ballpark. Choose up to 4 levels. The 1st level has "specialties" for each section (Foul areas have dugouts, outfield has bullpens, etc.)
  12. Huh... same font as the Spurs...
  13. PNW Cover / Jake Locker of Washington
  14. West Cover / Troy Aikman of UCLA & Rodney Peete of USC