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  1. UNIFORM BUILDER The main screen of Uniform Builder with all the features (including the bottom ticker with EA Trax and other online info) with the options on the left side and visuals on the right: You get to choose up to 7 different options. Home and Away are mandatory, then you have your optional 4 alternates and one Batting Practice uni. I'll get into more detail as the week goes on.
  2. I'm about to begin. Just wanted to give y'all a sneak preview of what's to come: (oh, and I haven't forgotten about the Jose cover...) Taking from the Fox Sports graphics, the background would have imagery from the network's broadcasts as well as matching tickers at the bottom. The header would feature the title of the game with the EA Sports logo, but the font would match the network on top.
  3. Examples of Graphic Selections: ESPN FOX TBS MLBN
  4. I'll only do one for Jose and maybe Vin, but I didn't want to do too many cover requests for this topic.
  5. Before I get into the uniforms and everything else, I wanted to bring attention to the "Presented By:" section. One of my biggest wishes for these games is to have MULTIPLE real world broadcasting infused with the game. The only time I remember this happening is with the last NCAA Basketball game which featured both ESPN and CBS. So to continue that, I'd want to set up 4 different networks to use for these games, outside of FIFA. When Madden or NCAA Football starts up, you can choose your favorite team. Well to add to it, you can also choose the interface, which would effect all in-game graphics to match which ever network you choose. With MVP Baseball, I'd go with ESPN, FOX, TBS, MLB Network, and EA Sports (as a default), each with their own specific music and graphics to match. I'll go into more visual detail tomorrow.
  6. A stilled look at the "Blackout" helmets. ...I'll have to see these on the field.
  7. Iron Skillet 2016
  8. Alright. Check the Polls sections.
  9. LEAGUEBUILDER - Name your league. - Choose your logo. Like with TeamBuilder, you can download any image for your league's logo into the game. - Decide if you want divisions or not. Choose the countries involved, then place your teams (minimum of 2, maximum of 40) - Then create your rivalries... as many as you want. - Next, choose which months your league's season runs - And finally, create your Championships by adding trophies, as many as 50 options would be available, and mods would be welcomed to add more. And that's it, folks. Thank you for following FIFA 18: crEAtion. Be sure to follow the next thread... MVP Baseball, starting in a week.
  10. Nice. Miami and Vegas are the only cities that could pull off a look like this. Great color combo.
  11. A.V. Choose as many as 4, select the placement of the scoreboard/video board (stationary, mounted, or hanging) and use D-Pad to adjust the size. SCOREBOARDS (you can add commercial adds to the sides as well) - Manual - Bulb - Digital - LED VIDEO BOARDS (option of adding a scoreboard underneath, on top, or to the sides) - Classic - Low-Def - HD SOUND/P.A. SYSTEM - Bullhorn (use up to 10, place them anywhere in the stadium standing, mounted on a wall, or hanging) - Modern RIBBONS (optional) - Stationary (download any image to fit on walls) - LED (also download any image to fit, only with more than one image) Almost finished. Next is the LeagueBuilder, and then... MVP Baseball.