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  1. That doesn't take much effort, to be honest.
  2. ... that could actually work.
  3. Of course... smh
  4. I know I'm waaaay late to the party and all, but... THE GREAT F****** KHALI? Seriously, Vince?
  5. This could be fun. I'm especially looking forward to "The Community" uniforms...
  6. And while I'm at it . . . *shutters*
  7. Braniff Airlines THQ UPN Tandy Electronics
  8. Software?
  9. Love it.
  10. One for Prairie View A&M, if you don't mind.
  11. Robert White, but it's cool. I love it... keep Doctson.
  12. Oh my god, people actually stop it before it gets worse here... Applause all around.
  13. Alright... TCU Football Baugh / O' Brien / Swink / White / Lilly / K. Davis / Tomlinson / Dalton / Boykin
  14. Eventually, I (as well as many other posters here, I sure) will make my own Spurs "global" logo. I felt that was going in the right direction, but just fallso short... Although it may be a homage to the 1976 logo?
  15. Oh good lord...