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  1. Boston Brawlers Chicago Enforcers Detroit Diesels Las Vegas Outlaws California Superstars New York Hitmen St. Louis Vipers Texas Tycoons
  2. An Arizona Cardinals Concept

    Chiefs? I was thinking Redskins.
  3. Los Angeles Rams Brand Discussion

    Yeah, the St. Louis imagery (except for the logo because I think it's the best one the franchise has ever had) should all be scrapped.
  4. Logos associated with failure.

    Eh... I don't think they really meant to compete with the Big Four...
  5. That is a hell of a lot better than the leaked "City Edition" jerseys they have.
  6. instantly better than what we got.
  7. New logo for Mini

    Simple... yet effective.
  8. NHL in Houston

    ...Swamp Dragons? Green, Purple, and Gold? It's Houston, not New Orleans.
  9. Seattle NHL Logo concept

    Triple that. I'd go with double green and tan. Or double green and yellow, to match the Storm and (eventual) return of the Sonics.
  10. NHL in Houston

    You could also say the same about Dallas and L.A., and the Bay Area...
  11. College Football Uniforms - 2017 Season

    Looking forward to the rematch. #BeatOU
  12. NHL in Houston

    I honestly don't think that matters. If an owner wants to move a team, he or she will make it happen regardless of any fees. Ask Atlanta....
  13. NHL in Houston

    I feel like they could still use "Aeros", but have a different color scheme... and not using their 90s Green, Silver, and Black for obvious reasons, either.
  14. NHL in Houston

    Adding to that, their original colors nearly match Winnipeg...