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  1. College Football Uniforms - 2016 Season

    No new uniforms (yet), but Prairie View A&M has a "new" logo... Old New Yes, I know... PV loves gradients.
  2. LOCATION For the Location, I thought of using GoogleEarth as a new, more interactive and realistic dynamic to choosing backgrounds instead of just picking a limited spot with the same visuals and just a few small differences here and there, depending on what city/town or geographical features there are. More to come...
  3. Rangers New Ballpark

    Just keep 'em out of Dallas.
  4. How this would work in Dynasty Mode (cont.) Because it's a college game, using $ as currency may not be a good idea, so we'll just call them "credits". Your program can earn credits by: - Winning (obviously) - Playing in major bowl games/playoff games and winning gives you even more - Winning a National Title - Asking boosters Asking boosters is as effective as the team's performance on the field and how much the school trusts your coach.
  5. I've been a little busy lately, so before I actually close this off, I'll go into more detail about how this would all work in Dynasty Mode. (I'll present some visuals, later) When in Dynasty Mode, when you have your team(s) selected, you will start with your usual sub menus of Coaching and Recruiting. Just like with Madden, a Stadium option is added as well. And here are the 4 options for it: RENOVATE: Make small changes to an existing stadium, both adding and subtracting). (Field, special items, roofing, lighting) EXPAND: Add seating and/or boxes to an existing stadium. BUILD: Build completely brand new Stadium MOVE: Move to existing stadium (downloadable stadiums from Madden would be available) I'll give you more when I have more time.
  6. Minnesota North Stars Rebrand Petition

    Fair enough... but that's Winnipeg... not the other three. And again, winning helps. Chicago, as mentioned, had low turnouts for some years, but because they're not a southern team, no one points it out.
  7. New Personal Logo

    The acorn is basically related to a high school nickname that's followed me ever since. Although I do have the birthdate on for a reason, I can take it off. It's not really meant to be a permanent feature of the logo. But what's throwing you off about the tails and strokes?
  8. New Personal Logo

    I use it for business and creation purposes. Had to redo it, because the original looked nothing like an actual acorn.
  9. So here's how the "Foreground" works: First, you select from the 4 rectangles and chose one of the options (or leave it open). For this example, I'm going to use RESIDENTIAL / LARGE URBAN. Taking from SimCity, the space between these rectangles would be 6 lane roads and space in between buildings would be 4 lane roads. The RESIDENTIAL / LARGE URBAN setting would be high rise condos, apartments, and hotels. Each rectangle would feature 2 to 6 unique looking buildings. This works with all of the many different options. And here's the view from the stadium:
  10. Minnesota North Stars Rebrand Petition

    No, not all the time. But notice that the 4 teams directly above Dallas in that list are "traditional hockey markets". Sometimes it's all about WINNING to keep your fans around...
  11. Biggest use of Comic Sans?

  12. "Athletic Buildings" would be part of the Seating options.
  13. Once again, I appreciate the comments. I do have to show exactly how the Foreground options would work, but I'm gonna be pretty busy this weekend (plus it's Mother's Day and all), so I'll show you on Monday. In the mean time, I wanted to add a few more: INDUSTRIAL - Old - Modern WATER (this would be special, as you can only use this option near large bodies of water in Google Earth. More info on that later...) - Beach - Boardwalk - Riverwalk
  14. FOREGROUND (pt. 3) ATHLETICS (Chose up to 2 for each section) - Basketball - Baseball - Softball - Track & Field - Soccer - Tennis - Fieldhouse - Practice Fields - Intramural Building NEIGHBORHOODS - Rural - Suburban - Gated - Mansions - Small Urban - Large Urban COMMERCIAL - Farm - Main Street - Small Suburban (includes fast food restaurants, malls, strip malls, box stores, and storage facilities) - Large Suburban - Small Urban - Large Urban - City Park - State Fair
  15. FOREGROUND (pt. 2) CAMPUS (chose between styles for buildings: Greek, Gothic, 20th Century, Southwestern, Modern, Ultramodern) You can actually add up to 4 of these in one section, placing the individual piece wherever you'd like. - Student Center - Hall - College - Library - Fountain - Chapel - Dorms - Dorm Towers - Quad - Greeks - Clock Tower