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  1. For the Great America theme park nearby, I added a roller coaster silhouette.   
  2. Not quite finished, but....  (The final product's quality will be  bit better than what you see here)
  3. Field Goal Posts... short and simple:   - Choose between 4 styles (Traditional, Old Style H, Oregon, or Robotic)   - color the posts   - color the pad(s)       
  4. I'll add a few things to it before I'm totally done... 
  5.   Ok, I see it...   Consider it added on.  I'll be making the goalposts soon and then on to the field art. And that will do it for the Field section.
  6. It's rumored that one is in the works. But I don't know if it would be ready for this year. 
  7. I just wish there was a GAME. We've been without NCAA for 3 seasons, now. 
  8. Halfway finished with Field section (this is gonna take a while, folks), the next step is customizing the numbers on the field. Simple enough, all you have to do is decide if you want 5s or no 5s, a "G" mark or not, and chose which font you want to use just to make it that much more unique.          Chose from more than 25 fonts... MORE than enough.    Next up: Goalposts and Field Art. 
  9. After selecting your shape, the type of field (and then some) is next.    - The 3 playing surfaces are grass, FieldTurf, and the old school carpet that everyone hates... Astroturf.  - After selecting the which surface you want, decide between the options given. Mult-turf or if it's the fake stuff and you want to be the next Boise, color your field. - After the field is done, you have have the option of adding a track around it (but the shape of the field has to be large enough for it and there would be a prompt letting you know if it is), add a baseball diamond (if it's a grass surface, you will notice the diamond during Sept. and October, but not in November or December), lines for soccer and lines for lacrosse, if you want your football team to share with other sports, that is...      GRASS       FIELDTURF         ASTROTURF         ADDITIONS    You have the option of coloring the track any color as well.    *NOTE*: The orientation of the baseball diamond depends on the shape of the field you selected before. If it's one of the non-baseball shapes, the diamond will always be in the lower left corner   I'm not posting the soccer and lacrosse lines, but you understand the concept. Also, all those extras can be added to the field. It would be a little cluttered, but it's yours to create.    Next up: Field Numbers... 
  10. CUSTOM / BASEBALL   (the red rectangle is optional seating. If you select this, a box will pop up asking if you want to use this or leave it open to the outfield)             EXISTING   (I didn't put anything in the box, but you get the idea) 
  11. CUSTOM / PRO              
  12. CUSTOM / BOWL          
  13. We have to start somewhere... and I'm staring with the shape of the field.  After clicking on "FIELD", the next menu would be "SHAPE". This would effect how the seating is set up in relation to the playing surface and how close seats are to the field.    - First, chose between Custom shapes or shapes of already existing stadiums from all 120+ stadiums and a few bowls.  - Second, chose between 4 categories (Generic / Bowl / Pro / Baseball)  - And finally, chose which specific shape from the 4 categories you want to use. This is only used for "Custom".     You can also determine how close the seating would be to the field. By pressing L1/R1 (or whatever XBox uses), you can pull the seating some yards away or push it closer. This, however, wouldn't work for any of the baseball shapes.    CUSTOM / GENERIC              
  14. Super Bowl LI Logo Concept