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  1. I've road too many roller coasters to name, but I can say my top 10 are below. What stinks for me is I love wooden coasters, but I am not allowed to ride them again after having back surgery. 1. The Raptor (Cedar Point) 2. The Beast (Kings Island) 3. The Voyage (Holiday World) 4. Millennium Force (Cedar Point) 5. The Griffon (Busch Gardens - Williamsburg, VA) 6. Mean Streak (Cedar Point) 7. Vortex (Kings Island) 8. The Racer (Kings Island) 9. The Raven (Holiday World) 10. Diamondback (Kings Island)
  2. If interested, you can participate in joining the members on the Uni Watch Facebook page in voting on several team logos from NCAA Division 1 conferences. The links are below: Missouri Valley Conference Northeast Conference Ohio Valley Conference Patriot League Southern Conference Southland Conference Southwestern Athletic Conference Summit League West Coast Conference Western Athletic Conference
  3. NHL Uniform Survey Results: Reebok vs Adidas. Top 3 Reebok Uniforms: 1) New Jersey Devils 2) Edmonton Oilers 3) Nashville Top 3 Adidas Uniforms: 1) Carolina Hurricanes 2) Colorado Avalanche 3) Buffalo Sabres Top 3 No Difference Choices that were actually different: 1) Los Angeles Kings 2) New Islanders 3) Tampa Bay Lightning Vegas Golden Knights: 1 (poor) - 11.4% 2 (below average) - 15.7% 3 (average) - 24.3% 4 (good) - 35.7% 5 (very good) - 12.9% So see the complete rankings, go here:
  4. Please click the link below to pick your favorite NHL uniform: Reebok, Adidas, or select No Difference if you feel like they are the same.
  5. If you just look at his moveset you can see a lot of them are still being used today as many wrestler's finishers. I am not saying Test was the best, but I did like him a lot. Too bad he died so young.
  6. I was SO happy with the breakup with Enzo & Cass. I never liked them as a tag team and I always thought Cass would be a great singles guy. Hopefully, he can be the new version of Test.
  7. Hello everyone, If you are aware or if you are not, I am the site owner of the Uni Watch Fans Facebook Page. The Admins and I have decided to create a new "sister" page that is only for polls/surveys of logos and uniforms. The current format is polls to judge the logos of each Division I conference team. This page will also be used to rate upcoming new NCAA uniforms. If you are interested in joining the page, please click the link below. If not, thanks for taking the time to read this post. UWF Sports Logos & Uniforms - Poll & Survey Page
  8. When they wear the dark uniforms, it is one of the best in the league. However, their white uniform with green/silver pants ruins their whole identity.
  9. The next championship for Cena will be the one to break Ric Flair's record and there is NO WAY that will happen over Jinder. The record breaker will be at Wrestlermania with someone with an actual legacy or who has been a beast or has won multiple championships.
  10. These are fantastic!!!!
  11. Finn showing Seth how to do his pose:
  12. I said 4th best all time...I meant 4th best superhero movie.
  13. I seen WW yesterday and absolutely loved it! I thought it was the best superhero movie from DC since The Dark Knight and the 4th best of all time behind 1) The Dark Knight, 2) Batman Begins, and 3) Winter Soldier. I loved being wrong about the casting of Gal Gadot as I couldn't imagine anyone else in that role. Her acting was stellar, the storyline was excellent, the action scenes were well thought out and the Chris Pine played a great supporting role in the movie. Bravo, Bravo, Bravo!!!
  14. Great movies can happen as long as David Goyer and Zack Synder are not directing.
  15. Seriously? Does a misspelled word really upset you?