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  1. @Michelleg51 @realDonaldTrump Such foul lauguage! Do you feel like a mighty person for using this type of language?

  2. Garbage, just like their last helmet!
  3. Changes to Titans uniforms in 2018 are 'not minor'

    FYI....the official Titans website is Please post pictures in the future for reference. Thanks,
  4. Conservative would be amazing! Go back to the Brunell uniforms....but lose the solid black pants....keep stripes on all the pants. I am really hoping for the following: Helmet Glossy Black Black facemask Jersey Teal White Black Pants: White Black Teal Color Rush Uniform Solid Teal
  5. @RepAdamSchiff Why don’t you stop wasting the taxpayers money and end the stupid Russian probe and focus on real issues!!!

  6. Super Bowl LII Field

    The results to rate the NFL Super Bowl Field Designs from 1-52 are compiled and located here: 1) Super Bowl XXXII 2) Super Bowl XXX 3) Super Bowl II 4) Super Bowl XLIV 5) Super Bowl XXXI 6) Super Bowl XXIX 7) Super Bowl XXV 8) Super Bowl XXXIV 9) Super Bowl XVI 10) Super Bowl XXIII
  7. The survey results to rate the #SuperBowl #FieldDesigns is completed and the results are listed at the link below.…

  8. Super Bowl LII Field

    The results of the survey to rate the NFL Super Bowl logos are compiled and the Top 10 are below with the rest located here. 1) SB 27 2) SB 37 3) SB 28 4) SB 39 5) SB 36 6) SB 38 7) SB 31 8) SB 33 9) SB 30 10) SB 25
  9. Thank You Mr. President!!!!

  10. Please click the links below to take the surveys to rate the Defunct AHL Team Logos: Survey 1 of 3: Survey 2 of 3: Survey 3 of 3:
  11. Click the link below to rate all of the @NFL #SuperBowl from the 1st to the last. #NFL #FootballField #Design…

  12. Super Bowl LII Field

    Click here to rate the NFL Super Bowl fields from the 1st to the last. Click here to rate the NFL Super Bowl logos from the 1st to the last.
  13. @WWE @WWEAsuka @WrestleMania Where was @BillieKayWWE and @WWEPeytonRoyce #NXT women should’ve been used instead of #hasbeens

  14. XFL Return, new logo

  15. @xfl2020 #NoPolitics #PleaseStand - I'm excited for a new version of football