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  1. Why root for the home team?

    Because if I don't, nobody else will. The Sudbury Wolves are in a rebuilding phase. We're getting a new arena built at the request of the new team owner, which will (sadly) cost taxpayers at least $100 million, and go on an undeveloped parcel of land which will need more taxpayer dollars to fund transit infrastructure. The on-ice team is in a rebuilding mode, but since there are no other major sports within a 4-hour drive, most hockey fans here support Toronto or Montreal (Sudbury is 30% Francophone).
  2. Football and CTE

    I'll agree with everything you said. But I'll add that there are certainly other less-contact sports that could achieve the same bonding, teamwork, goal-setting benchmarks that football could, as well. I didn't even play a "sport"; I was on the improv team all through high school. Strangely enough, though, I'm pretty sure one teammate of mine got a concussion after being held, and then dropped by another member of the team during a practice; and I'm sure we've all run into each other while acting out scenes at least once.
  3. 2017 NFL Season: Then there were 12

    Uh oh. Politics thread Part Deux?
  4. The Pointless Realignment Outpost

    When I was doing my organizing, I wanted to make sure the divisions had some degree of geographical accuracy. All of those colleges are in the Dallas area. It was a note for myself.
  5. 2016-17 NBA Season

    What's crazy is that they have an outside shot at 1st place. Sure, Boston and Cleveland have to lose their final games, but it's possible in theory! Edit: Probably not. Cleveland already won the season series. Oh, well. Here's hoping they continue to falter.
  6. The Pointless Realignment Outpost

    So, I just read that the Ivy League, the last holdout for staging their own playoff champion in basketball, will hold a playoff for their basketball champions. This gives a chance to simplify the qualification structure for the NCAA Tournament. I never liked the idea of "at-large" bids. I think that the 32 champs and 32 runners-up should qualify. It's very simple, and does away with controversial selection.
  7. The Pointless Realignment Outpost

    Okiedoke. Well, I used Excel so that it formatted with nice straight lines and pretty colours.
  8. The Pointless Realignment Outpost

    Is this strikingly similar to the realignment you posted? I swear I just made this myself. I did it in Excel.
  9. The Pointless Realignment Outpost

    (only way to make it work) Excuse the cheekiness, but I think this could happen instead.
  10. The Pointless Realignment Outpost

    I've been sitting on this for a little bit. I thought posting a picture was easier.
  11. Hey, as long as they get a team, I'm happy.
  12. 2017-18: Vegas Golden Knights! 2019-20: Houston Hockey Players!
  13. 2016 MLB Post Season Thread

    Fixed that for ya. Some (I'm guessing) Lebron-loving jackwagon on Wikipedia even edited the 2016 MLB season article to say that Cleveland would sweep Toronto en route to the World Series earlier today. Bleh.
  14. 2016 NHL Off-Season Thread

    True, some of us have different priorities. All I was saying was that if you've made the decision to be a parent, the kid's needs should come first.
  15. 2016 NHL Off-Season Thread

    I'm kind of wondering how people can commit to season tickets with a newborn, myself. Priorities, man.