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    Originator of Washington Capitals W+Eagle+Capitol concept -Assigned to NHL, 2011

    Inspired by Milwaukee Brewers mb Glove / Hartford Whalers HW Whale Tail
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  1. DC "Bow Tie" Baseball Concept 6

    Do you have any better ideas for DC Baseball / Nationals ?
  2. DC "Bow Tie" Baseball Concept 6

    Potential Nationals Alt. Otherwise Indendent DC baseball concept: D&C letters curving into baseball bow tie. 3 versions , literal to abstract baseball. This lot is as close to being finished as I've ever felt... Tribute to Redskins colors with face forward ferocious eagle :~)))
  3. 1) NHL is now in Vegas! MLB will be expanding there sooner than later... according to news sources, it's already brewing. Vegas Bats! 2) Potential Virginia team: ( Hampton Roads / Norfolk or Richmond, VA) Virginia Bats!
  4. Jets Resurrect III

    Updated 9-11-17
  5. Jets Resurrect III

    feeling closer to finish line of this marathon!!! ~Genuine THANKS for the previous suggestions.
  6. Jets Resurrect III

    Updated 05/11/17
  7. Jets Resurrect III

    Updated 05/6/17
  8. Jets Resurrect III

    REVISED: 12/01/16~ Back in (jet) Black ... further refined puck-engine and stick on both vertical stabilizers - 2) Jets word mark tribute to "J" hockey stick of original Winnipeg Jets logo design. Genuine Thanks for the C.C. !