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  1. Winnipeg Jets Concept

    updated 4/22/18 : streamlined, smoother, + hidden tribute to Atlanta Thrashers roots... and no cartoon template! c.c. still appreciated.
  2. Winnipeg Jets Concept

    updated 4/16/18 : edited streak from puck-jet, angle adjustments + uniform colors
  3. Nationals / DC Baseball Concept

    Updated 04/15/19 , adjusted stitching + uniform edits ~ work in progress... mostly encouraging response from Nationals fans so far!
  4. Winnipeg Jets Concept

    updated 4/11/18 : adjusted grey outline on plane / lessened shading... will likely relent to a standard template. Just having fun with the challenge of creating something entirely new.
  5. Nationals / DC Baseball Concept

    Updated 04/11/19 , Removed outline from stitching + thinned further.
  6. Winnipeg Jets Concept

    updated 4/9/18 : New Template + further refinement of plane / puck engine
  7. Nationals / DC Baseball Concept

    Thanks Jake... I thinned the stitching further, however kept the font (for now) The stitches were much narrower before, however didn't match the thickness of the letters, especially from a distance as D&C
  8. Nationals / DC Baseball Concept

    You're correct. Her version of my original idea ( DC forming stitches of a baseball ) is simpler. Yes, probably no gradient would work better. Per your request, here's one public displaying from 2009 of my DC Baseball concept. Keep in mind, this is a rough / busy illustration that's morphed styles over the years to become "cleaner". https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1116771394857&set=pb.1094136711.-2207520000.1523232982.&type=3&theater
  9. Winnipeg Jets Concept

    updated 4/8/18 : Overhaul to Puck-Engine , angled downward adjusted overall shape of plane ~ tightened line thickness and flow congruence
  10. Nationals / DC Baseball Concept

    Thanks Jake! for bringing that to my attention. Truly interesting and provocative~considering it's fundamentally the same as my DC baseball concept ( D & C forming curves of baseball stitches) : copyright protected / published by myself, (originally in 2005) long before that designer...
  11. Nationals / DC Baseball Concept

    Updated 04/7/18 widened DC letters / stitching line thickness edits
  12. Nationals / DC Baseball Concept

    Updated 4-5-18 stitching still a work in progress - adjusted line thickness + color
  13. Winnipeg Jets Concept

    Yeah, guess just being stubborn with jersey design experiments has always been my achilles heal, among other things...
  14. Winnipeg Jets Concept

    Thank you for the C.C. What template do you suggest?