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  1. feeling closer to finish line of this marathon!!! ~ here's where she's at, the moment. Genuine THANKS for the previous suggestions.
  2. Updated 05/11/17
  3. Updated 05/6/17
  4. REVISED: 12/01/16~ Back in (jet) Black ... further refined puck-engine and stick on both vertical stabilizers - 2) Jets word mark tribute to "J" hockey stick of original Winnipeg Jets logo design. Genuine Thanks for the C.C. !
  5. 11/30/16: Pardon the multiple color revisions... closing in on Final.
  6. REVISED: 11/29/16 ~ Return to Jet Black / Electric Blue combination for center jersey... Further tweaked puck-engine on both jets.
  7. Color REVISION: 11/22/16 , tightening of stick / puck engine as well. Muchas Gracias, amigo.
  8. It's alright. At least ugly offered some kind of genuine CC... about the italics and captains patch: Winnipeg / Jets wordmarks are now skewed a bit more upright, by a couple of degrees. Also, color count is at 4.5 all together, not 7! Thanks... __________________________________________ Color REVISION: 11/22/16 , tightening of stick / puck engine as well. Muchas Gracias, amigo.
  9. color changes + slight edit of puck-engine (both versions)
  10. revised, 11/18/16
  11. whatever you say pal. it's a matter of fact: http://www.stuevesiegel.com/ssh/results/washington-capitals-copyright-infringement-lawsuit-settled/ http://www.icethetics.co/blog/2010/6/30/caps-sued-over-weagle.html
  12. Hopefully! Yes, One day... same as Caps winning the Cup
  13. Genuinely appreciate your constructive criticism... made some adjustments to the uniforms based on your suggestions... it's a work in progress for sure.
  14. Per your inquiry, Mr. Joshua: The "W-eagle-capitol" concept was assigned to the NHL... My heart is on their sleeves, literally!!! :~))) https://www.nhl.com/capitals/