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  1. @thejousky 🙋‍♂️

  2. RT @ImThatGuyJG: I've seen a lot of them & that was one of the most awkward trophy presentation's ever. 🤣 #NBAAllStar2018

  3. @CharlesArtino52 @GSing50 Yea i was thinking that. He was definitely at the table for NFL Network. I thought he was… https://t.co/Gy7MF9YMMy

  4. RT @Indians: Zim Shady is the fastest tall dude in the MLB. Here's the proof. https://t.co/Y9SJHzv9Ay https://t.co/uNrFKEyf5B

  5. Shades of Christian Laettner 🙋‍♂️

  6. @zrodriguez13 https://t.co/hbifvPR0Ap

  7. mind blown https://t.co/yd7eyQ14vW

  8. This is perfect 😂 https://t.co/OkdVIkJ317

  9. @GSing50 @CharlesArtino52 We'll seeee!

  10. Unpopular opinion: every intersection should be a roundabout.

  11. Anybody have a waterbed anymore?

  12. @FrazDav https://t.co/vyH9lIoB0v

  13. RT @12upSport: Eagles fan went for the shotgun right behind Steve Smith like a LEGEND Via @Kellyeli19 https://t.co/qZ2iE3ZGM7

  14. @gcastelli216 Good thinking!!

  15. Espresso shots. My new fav.