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  1. I might actually get 8 hours of sleep tonight. So i guess that's a plus?

  2. Where do we go when we're losing our minds? 🎵

  3. Genius! https://t.co/RYer33WPpQ

  4. Yo, rashes in your armpits is nothing to mess with.

  5. RT @BabyAnimalPics: This mini pig eating a Cheerio is the only thing you need to see today https://t.co/3UhIU5BwFC

  6. I want to tweet my feeling but it would end up being a series of onomatopoeias.

  7. Thought this overthinking was gone for good. Man was i wrong. 👎👎

  8. RT @OhWonderMusic: So good meeting you guys! See y'all soon... 🎺 https://t.co/pMflDuT8WY

  9. This is great https://t.co/xFbknmniMw

  10. Not sure if this is an entirely new endzone design for Cincy, but i like it.
  11. RT @AdamSchefter: Sickened and saddened to hear of loss of our colleague and friend, John Saunders. What a nice man. What a great man. http…

  12. Forgot this happened.
  13. Here's a shot of the new Vicis zero1 helmet in action.
  14. Here's a good look: Just about anything is an upgrade. These look very nice. Pretty similar to Toledo's uniforms too.
  15. Interview with the Cavs Wednesday, to hopefully join the Cavs Crew. 🙏