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  1. My coworker brought me her husband's leftover spicy garlic bdubs wings because he's out of town. #ballin

  2. RT @Lilgeeeeee: The most awkward video on the internet....Why Is Mary J Blige singing to hillary https://t.co/2cgJXERgnp

  3. #thefeels https://t.co/HMX99bL4Vh

  4. Like i was saying https://t.co/Q5MyXeIEZe

  5. And then the voice made me cry. #perUsual

  6. RT @BauerOutage: Want to extend my apologies to the @tigers I hit today. Especially Ian. Would never intentionally throw at someone's head.…

  7. @Bottlegate touché 👌 *wooosh* right over my head As you were...

  8. The album dropped, and I gave a listen to the whole thing; & It's still a magnificently produced album. Timeless. Game. Changed. @KidCudi

  9. RT @MVielhaber: #AMBER #ALERT #Brunswick #Ohio Child’s name: Robin Roberts. White female, age=15, is 5′10″ weighs 110lbs, blonde hair & blu…

  10. RT @Reflog_18: That was quick @browns... https://t.co/lnFdPMndGM

  11. This may have been posted already... (I'm just too lazy to look). Ron Artest when he wore #96 after learning that the NBA outlaws #69...
  12. Excited to announce that I'll be working at The Q 👌 #cavs #gladiators #monsters #champs! https://t.co/W3JSbde0GE

  13. That's amazing! https://t.co/KeT6EEkDkW

  14. 👌 https://t.co/IfQAPrm0Cw

  15. @SticKy_the_KiD yea true thatt, really diggin it