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  1. LEWJ

    MLB 2019 All Star Game

    I still really like this. Guitars should be tilted, so I have no problem with that being part of the design, it should be that way. In addition, I really don't think the "Cleveland" script would appear tilted if it was at the same angle as the guitar (if that makes sense). To me, this was their way of making the Cleveland script stand out and look more like those Cleveland signs (which I mentioned in the MLB changes thread). If they didn't angle the Cleveland script more than the guitar, everything would be at the same angle, which would essentially make the script look "normal" again (in relation to the rest of the logo), no? This seems quite obvious in the video/motion graphics they posted on Twitter. Using the same "A" throughout the logo would be nice, but it doesn't ruin it for me because I love the font. My favorite part is actually the guitar/baseball threads haha.
  2. LEWJ

    MLB changes 2018?

    Might have been mentioned already, but I feel like the angle is on purpose. My first reaction was "oh, it reminds me of the Cleveland signs" ?
  3. RT @MrLapara: .@KingJames is the real ?

  4. Ayyyyyyy @KidCudi @SuperDuperKyle ? Can't wait till July 6 ? https://t.co/HEI7g1voi3

  5. @zrodriguez13 The other two are the only ones i care about lol

  6. ? https://t.co/OxxZzcvURp

  7. @BigBen7 retweeted this and it's so funny to me. L. ? https://t.co/Ozv8roC7Br

  8. RT @JKnighty13: Trying to deal with these Bill Simmons hot takes. https://t.co/pOwr4Cy6Yj

  9. Shoutout to @cavsdan for the solid arena wifi

  10. RT @NickAndOne_: https://t.co/OucNotJROo

  11. RT @sdoerschukREP: Right-hand man to Dorsey explains flipping on Sam Darnold. https://t.co/JzKZvg8IuY

  12. @jeff_layman20 I don't think, but i guess anything could happen haha

  13. why does this make me mad ? https://t.co/HuU98T2XKm

  14. @Jetanium Idk why I'm surprised anymore I'm logging off. Lol

  15. Mad I didn't get a pic of the two wrens in my back yard a minute ago. Two at the same time, dope! Plus it's snowing… https://t.co/6TV8yTcSVL