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  1. What do you think of an Ohio State one with the state outline making up the discolored portion of a buckeye nut? Or somehow one of the buckeye leaves? This series is fantastic.
  2. RT @jonwrayy: @wrenwag @Sir_Llama_Pants πŸΈβ˜•οΈ https://t.co/anWBRewR1b

  3. Probably mentioned by now. Bernie Kosar
  4. @jonwrayy 😩 truuuuu

  5. Everytime i see my pic with J.R. I get excited all over again.

  6. @egoldie80 yea of course! 😎

  7. RT @zrodriguez13: You see schools with long tenured coaches and administration in the athletic department.... then there's my high school. πŸ™ˆ

  8. I forgot this happened. https://t.co/tipv2pGkEu

  9. RT @jsproinsider: Brady Quinn is on the halftime show of the Oklahoma-Oklahoma State game. It's hard to believe he'd be in his 10th year wi…

  10. RT @KidCudi: PASSION, PAIN & DEMON SLAYIN' DEC 16 digital DEC 23 physical https://t.co/Aje5MXjNUN

  11. RT @JoeyPurps: My 3 y/o daughter made her first pun today and I almost cried. She was eating an apple I asked her if she liked apples she s…

  12. Subtweeting solves problems

  13. Goat https://t.co/OKUyp8hXm9

  14. Play it back from the top if you recognize real 🎡

  15. As dorky as Eli Manning seems, that guy is always one of the best dressed players in the league.