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  1. NBA Changes 2018-19

    (This should've probably been posted in the 17/18 thread. But I'll leave that to someone else, now that I've posted this news in two threads already. Lol.)
  2. Players in the "wrong" uniforms

    Larry Nance, Jr. will wear #22 starting next week. His dad's #22 will remain in the rafters as well.
  3. @thejousky 🙋‍♂️

  4. RT @ImThatGuyJG: I've seen a lot of them & that was one of the most awkward trophy presentation's ever. 🤣 #NBAAllStar2018

  5. @CharlesArtino52 @GSing50 Yea i was thinking that. He was definitely at the table for NFL Network. I thought he was… https://t.co/Gy7MF9YMMy

  6. Paint Users Paradise 2.0

    Hello all, I'd like to apologize for not being able to keep up with the ongoing requests and submissions. Thank you all who have continued submitting their work and fulfilling requests. As most of you have realized, this list hasn't been updated for atleast a year. If you have submissions for this list, I strongly suggest you post a reply containing your submission. Updating this list is a tall order that may not be done. Thanks! AFL (Aussie Rules Football) DETAILS anchor vertical stripes wider horizontal stripes sash straight pinstripes narrow v wide v wings BASEBALL NBA atlanta boston charlotte chicago cleveland dallas denver detroit golden state houston indiana los angeles clippers los angeles lakers memphis miami milwaukee minnesota new jersey new orleans new york oklahoma city orlando philadelphia phoenix portland sacramento san antonio toronto utah washington BLANK system of dress rounded neck v-neck v-neck/insert wishbone neck blank FONTS BLANK uniform full body procombat tops bottoms helmet styles revo speed striped procambat with flywire no flywire techfit tops reebok tops cleats white black no sock black2 revolution helmet F S B HOCKEY CLASSIC NHL all star 07/08 E W all star 08/09 E W all star 09/10 E W all star 10/11 E W anaheim 93-06 H R anaheim 98-06 A A1 A2 atlanta 99-07 H R A boston 81-95 H R boston 95-07 H R boston 96-07 A A2 boston 09/10 T buffalo 90-96 H R buffalo 96-06 H R buffalo 00-07 A A2 buffalo 06-07 H R buffalo 07/08 T buffalo 07-10 H R calgary 81-94 H R calgary 95-00 H R A calgary 00-07 H R A carolina 97-07 H R chicago 90-07 H R A chicago 08/09 A columbus 00-07 H R A colorado 95-07 H R A dallas 93-94 H R dallas 94-99 H R dallas 99-07 H R A detroit 86-07 H R detroit 07/08 T edmonton 90-96 H R edmonton 96-07 H R edmonton 01-07 A A2 florida 93-07 H R A hartford 90-92 H R hartford 92-97 H R los angeles 90-98 H R A los angeles 98-07 H R A minnesota 90-91 H R minnesota 03-07 H R A montreal 90-07 H R montreal 09/10 T T2 T3 nashville 98-07 H R A new jersey 82-92 H R new jersey 92-07 H R ny islanders 90-95 H R ny islanders 95-98 H R ny islanders 98-07 H R A ny islanders 07-10 H R A ny rangers 90-97 H R ny rangers 96-07 A A2 ny rangers 99-07 H R ottawa 92-95 H R ottawa 95-99 H R A philadelphia 90-07 H R A philadelphia 07-10 H R A philadelphia 09/10 T phoenix 96-03 H R A phoenix 03-07 H R pittsburgh 88-92 H R pittsburgh 92-02 H R A pittsburgh 02-07 H R quebec 91-95 H R quebec (unused) 95/96 H R san jose 91-97 H R san jose 97-07 H R A st. louis 90-94 H R st. louis 94-98 H R st. louis 98-07 H R tampa bay 92-99 H R A tampa bay 00-07 H R tampa bay 07-11 H R A toronto 92-97 H R toronto 97-07 H R toronto 07-10 H R vancouver 92-97 H R A vancouver 97-07 H R vancouver 03-07 A A2 washington 90-95 H R washington 95-07 H R A winnipeg 90-96 H RCURRENT NHL anaheim H R A atlanta H R A boston H R A buffalo H R A calgary H R A T carolina H R A chicago H R A colorado H R A columbus H R A dallas H R A detroit H R edmonton H R A florida H R A los angeles H R A T minnesota H R A montreal H R nashville H R A new jersey H R T ny islanders H R ny rangers H R A ottawa H R A philadelphia H R phoenix H R A pittsburgh H R A T st. louis H R A san jose H R A tampa bay H R A toronto H R A vancouver H R A A2 washington H R T AHL abbottsford H R adirondack H R A albony H R binghamption H R A bridgeport H R charlotte H R A chicago H R A connecticut H R grand rapids H R A hamilton H R hershey H R A houston H R lake erie H R A manchester H R A manitoba H R A milwaukee H R A norfolk H R oklahoma city H R peoria H R portland H R A A2 providence H R A rochester H R A T rockford H R A san antonio H R springfield H R syracuse H R A A2 texas H R toronto H R A wilkes-barre scranton H R A A2 A3 worcester H R A AHL CLASSIC bridgeport 08-09 H R A hartford 08-10 H R hershey 08-09 H R A iowa 08-09 H R manchester 08-10 H R philadelphia 08-09 H R A providence 08-10 H R rochester 08-09 H R springfield 08-10 H R syracuse 08-10 H R BLANK socks pants 2 edge full gear rink/arena INTERNATIONAL australia H R austria H R belarus H R canada H R china H R czech republic H R denmark H R estonia H R A finland H R france H R georgia H R germany H R great britain H R greece H R hungary H R ireland H R italy H R japan H R kazakhstan H R latvia H R lithuania H R mexico H R norway H R H1 R2 romania H R A russia H R serbia H R slovakia H R slovenia H R south africa H R spain H R sweden H R switzerland H R H2 R2 ukraine H R united arab emirates H R united states H R CHL acadie-bathurst baie-comeau barrie belleville brampton brandon 2 calgary 2 cape breton chicoutimi chilliwack drummondville edmonton erie everett gatineau guelph halifax kamloops kelowna kingston kitchener 2 kootenay lethbridge lewiston unused london medicine hat mississauga-st. michael 2 3 moncton montreal moose jaw niagara oshawa ottawa owen sound peterborough plymouth portland prince albert prince edward island prince george quebec red deer regina 2 rimouski rouyn-noranda saginaw saint john's sarnia sault ste. marie saskatoon seattle shawinigan spokane sudbury swift current tri city val d'or vancouver victoriaville windsor I would suggest using IrfanView for resizing and rotating images. Big thanks to andrewharrington, theflakeband, kiwi_canadien, smeagle (bigfooty.com), and anyone else who may have contributed, directly or indirectly.
  7. RT @Indians: Zim Shady is the fastest tall dude in the MLB. Here's the proof. https://t.co/Y9SJHzv9Ay https://t.co/uNrFKEyf5B

  8. Shades of Christian Laettner 🙋‍♂️

  9. @zrodriguez13 https://t.co/hbifvPR0Ap

  10. mind blown https://t.co/yd7eyQ14vW

  11. This is perfect 😂 https://t.co/OkdVIkJ317

  12. @GSing50 @CharlesArtino52 We'll seeee!

  13. Unpopular opinion: every intersection should be a roundabout.

  14. Anybody have a waterbed anymore?

  15. @FrazDav https://t.co/vyH9lIoB0v

  16. RT @12upSport: Eagles fan went for the shotgun right behind Steve Smith like a LEGEND Via @Kellyeli19 https://t.co/qZ2iE3ZGM7

  17. @gcastelli216 Good thinking!!

  18. Espresso shots. My new fav.

  19. I could lose 40 lbs and it would actually be harder to find clothes that fit correctly. #TooTall

  20. RT @VernThompson: RETWEET and MUST be Following me for a chance to WIN this Cleveland Browns Winter-Beanie gift-set!!! #VernsNewYearsEve ht…

  21. @zrodriguez13 Oh no doubt lol

  22. RT @AkronJackson: I’m old enough to remember when LeBron got calls

  23. RT @thecheckdown: Bill Belichick’s first ever playoff win was the Browns most recent playoff win (and it was against the Pats) 😯 #FBF https…

  24. Shout out to @MonsterMaggie for getting me Pepto and Powerade. You da real mvp.

  25. Being tall isn't all it's cracked up to be, i promise lol