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  1. Either that or it's just a matter of time before Jordan turns heel and reveals it was all made up.
  2. Well I guess that answers that. I don't understand what the payoff for this storyline is going to be. It's so cheesy.
  3. You got that right. I've been caught off guard a couple times when ordering iced tea when I'm travelling to the US. You think I'd learn after the first time. On the flip side, I ordered "sweet tea" at McDonald's in Vegas a few years ago expecting it to be what our Canadian "iced tea" tastes like and I was disgusted by how sweet it was.
  4. Just tried French Toast Crunch for the first time and I gotta say I'm a big fan! It's not too sweet and it holds up pretty well even once you get to the last few pieces.
  5. I read the following "unconfirmed backstage rumour" on Rajah:
  6. Is American Alpha still a team? I watched Smackdown late this week and assumed that Jason Jordan was injured since Chad Gable was having his second singles match in as many weeks... but then Jordan was in the battle royal so I don't know what's going on with them.
  7. Wouldn't light coming from the top-right of the C cause that shadowing?
  8. CLB?
  9. I always saw these in magazines but was never able to have one I thought that maybe with CM Punk's push to get an ice cream bar that they'd make a comeback but still no luck. It's funny though, I never knew they were around long enough for Chris Jericho to have one. Google has shown me they were around a lot longer than I would have thought. Were they ever available in Canada? I'm thinking maybe that's why I never came across them.
  10. These were by far my favourite fruit snacks as a kid. They were even better when they came out with the mug-shaped root beer and cream soda flavours.
  11. Swing and a miss on that joke haha
  12. I think the shape mimics the famous Las Vegas sign. The placement of the star is similar too. That's the first thing I saw before even noticing the moustache of the Rebel. Curious to know if there are more aspects that I missed too though...
  13. I hate when I see the trim of what would be an awesome find and get my hopes up... ...only to realize that it's an uncrested jersey This has happened to me way too many times. First the Sabres red third, then the Rangers Lady Liberty, and now this! But I did find this Galatasary jersey on the same trip to Value Village which I snatched up in a hurry. Odd find geographically speaking but I'm not complaining!
  14. It's funny, if we were to see a fan wearing a jersey nowadays with numbers that looked like that we'd immediately point out how bad of a counterfeit it is.
  15. Still wasn't good when it was Undertaker vs. Big Show.