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  1. Broadcast Soccer League

    Great work so far. And as the BBC was the inspiration, I wouldn't mind seeing what theirs looks like. And, what about CBC? Their butterfly logo or pizza logos would be great for throwbacks.
  2. Open Wheel Racing Chat 2013

    Well at the moment, its supposed to be on the '14 calendar. Everything is supposedly on track (pun intended). However now that the Red Bull Ring has muscled its way onto the calendar, some are suggesting that New Jersey is the prime candidate to be dropped. But, as for now (and until the provisional calendar gets released) its supposed to be a go.
  3. Sochi 2014

    ^lol that'd cause a right controversy. I don't know what the IOC would do if Russia were to 'evict' a gold medallist.
  4. Open Wheel Racing Chat 2013

    Autoweek is reporting (or suggesting) that Korea and India are the likely candidates. Apparently India's tax issue, that hovered over the '11 race, is to rear its head again.
  5. Nope. Most of the golf is shown by Sky Sports, so it kind of negates the need. Although given their recent addition of dedicated channel 'Sky Sports F1' and re-branding one of their channels as 'Sky Sports Ashes' (cricket) I'm surprised they haven't set up 'Sky Golf' yet. What am I saying though.... 'Sky Sports Football' is more likely to happen.
  6. TGI Fridays new logo

    No doubt put there to imply the "carefree" feeling of it being Friday and all that.
  7. As the op already answered, sadly no we don't. The NHL sold the UK rights to Premier Sports, which is only on Sky (satellite) and from what I'm lead to believe their "HD" is barely standard def., plus they only show on game a week or something equally ridiculous. Given that we do have a reasonable hockey league (albeit niche) EIHL which is affiliated to the NHL, you'd think that they'd try and get on board with a big broadcaster rather than some two-bit operation. Oh well... OTDNHL.
  8. Open Wheel Racing Chat 2013

    I've said it before, I would be sad to see Korea go, only due to the potential it has. However there's no use keeping it on the calendar for those reasons. Let it find its niche in Asia (and the numerous series that can still visit it) and who knows once some of the 'town' is built F1 might just return. A side note, rumours before Sauber announced their Russian partnership suggested that an Asian car manufacturer could join up. Two names were suggested - Geeley (China) and Hyundai (SK), I guess if the latter had stepped in then Yeognam would stay around on the calendar. Anyway, I wonder how it'll fit in. Looks like the summer will be quite crowded. I'm guessing something along the lines of... Monaco (May 25) Canada (June 8) New Jersey (June 15) Britain (June 29) Austria (July 6) Germany (July 13)
  9. Open Wheel Racing Chat 2013

    Wonderful news! http://www.autosport.com/news/report.php/id/108917 I wonder which race will get the axe? Or its it more posturing to force New Jersey's hand?
  10. Current Temperature Where You Are

    Currently a lovely night time temp of 61°- going to savour it ... expected to hit 90° in some parts of the country tomorrow.
  11. Open Wheel Racing Chat 2013

    Managed to catch up with Indy Toronto... finally a standing start!! So much better than the rolling starts, I'd prefer it if they did it on all street courses in future.
  12. Open Wheel Racing Chat 2013

    I've not caught up with the Indy race yet, so I've skipped those posts above. (And its still looking likely that it'll be my last Indy race on TV for a while. ) Anyway... Just wanted to mention the bizarre story from the DTM at the weekend. Audi's Mattias Ekström was disqualified from 1st place after his father emptied a water bottle into his overall pocket as he celebrated with the team. This meant he was in breach of parc ferme rules. This gave Robert Wickens his first win in the series. Here's a clip for those curious...
  13. Most Famous Brand By State (Map)

    This has kind of got lost in the debate, its equally as good a the US one. Only 6 of the companies I haven't heard of.. I'd love to see a UK on, although I'll admit, it'd be a bit tricky to do on account of how many counties we have.
  14. State Lottery Logos, Old & New

    Just goes to show there's a fine line between timeless and outdated.
  15. Open Wheel Racing Chat 2013

    Yup it was a great race (don't listen to the naysayers claiming it was ruined by the tyres). Thankfully it was accompanied by decent weather for a change. Which only adds to the enjoyment, I didn't even mind paying £4/$6 for a box of fries. I couldn't believe the roar that went up when Vettel stopped. Seems the tide has turned a little on him. Don't know if it was him dominating or the 'Multi 21' fiasco. Plus there were British winners in GP2 and GP3 so I was pretty happy. I was glad Nico won, I hope its the start of his push for the title. And I've just seen this over on another forum... http://motorsportsta...563-on-average/