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  1. Arena Rafters & Banners

    While watching the Hall of Fame banners being unveiled, I remembered the 1992 and 1993 AL East and AL Championship banners. Does anyone know where they are?
  2. Arena Rafters & Banners

    Ottawa Senators Northeast Division Eastern Conference and President's Trophy Stanley Cup (I think they look very legitimate in the rafters ) Brian Smith Frank Finnigan
  3. Counterfeit Scavenger Hunt

    It's not your prototypical awful Ebay knockoff...One thing I do notice (and I may be wrong on this) is that the jersey material is too thin...It does not seem to be a bad buy to someone who is not too picky about knockoff vs. legit authentics...but the price alone tells you its a fake....Whomever produced it though, did their homework...I'll give them that. The "WAYNE GRETZKY SET 2 1998-99 SEASON" patch is throwing me off. My understanding it that "set patches" are put on fame worn jerseys to auction off, like Gretzky's last season. That still doesn't take into account that Gretzky wouldn't wear different sized jerseys.
  4. Counterfeit Scavenger Hunt

    I saw this and had to post it here. Dany Heatley jersey from Seoul It's stuff like this that gave humans a reason to invent the bitch slap.
  5. Another Aussie about to make it big in the NFL

    I can't agree with you more. There is a large gap in the summer where the only good sport to watch is baseball. I wished they would show AFL live in North America. With the time difference, games are usually on around midnight in the Eastern Time Zone or Pacific Time Zone would be around 9pm. It would be the perfect time to do a half an hour of Sportscentre/er and then show a game. Only problem with that is who, other than fans, would stay up to midnight to watch a sport they might have an interest in. Right now Rogers Sportsnet shows tape delayed games a few hors after they're complete.
  6. 2007 Stanley Cup Playoffs Official Thread

    Ya I heard it was thrown off Phil Anselmo's (of Pantera at the time) roof into the pool, but they missed and it hit the deck.
  7. Muckler Fired

    If only MLSE were that competent...sadly it seems they're content to ride the JFJ train and see where that takes them Closer to the bottom of the standings if the hockey gods are listening to my prayers.
  8. AHL to be feature in NHL 08

    I've bought the EA Sports NHL game every year for PC since '98 (call me a sucker). After buying NHL 07 and playing with the horrible skill-stick, I went out and bought NHL 2K7 for Xbox360 after I got that. I liked 2K7 better than 07. I've wanted AHL affiliates for soooooo long, it might bring me back to the EA Sports fold. Now if only EA Sports would listen to my thoughts and make a deal with the CFL. Take out 9 historical teams (who really cares about playing the '59 Bears against the '69 Jets?), add a 12 player on the field, make the field wider and longer. They already have NFL Europe teams in there cause they have the licence.
  9. OHL Changes for 2007-8

    Cuz the St. Mikes name is A LOT more valuable than the Ice Dogs. The Mikes have history in junior hockey and especially in building the Leafs teams of the 40's, 50's and 60's. It was where the players who were signed to the C forms were brought to play as they continued school before they hopefully graduated to the Toronto Marlies and/or the Toronto Maple Leafs. While this is not the same franchise as the original, the name and what it represents is what makes this team more valuable to keep in the area than move and rename and lose the identity yet again. He didn't want to take this team from Toronto, he wanted to make it so the 400 fans could still see "their" team 30 mins down the Gardiner. Its all about the brand my friend and this brand is valuable. I can see him moving it back to downtown Toronto if he can find a place for them to play and hopefully find enough fans who would go out and fill the arena to watch them... Here, Wikipedia has more information on the history of the Mikes: Such players as Gerry Cheevers, Turk Broda, Dick Duff, Tim Horton, Red Kelly, Dave Keon, Ted Lindsay, Frank Mahovlich, Joe Primeau and Mike Walton all came up through the Mikes. More recently, Colorado Avalance (unofficial starting goalie) Peter Budaj, rising Red Wing Matt Ellis, Anaheim Ducks defenceman Shane O'Brien and destined Marc-Andre Fleury backup Andy Chiodo have all graduated from the team. The only skid mark is that Mike Danton also played for them... the brand. The IceDogs were MISSISSAUGA'S team not Toronto's. The Majors should have stayed in Toronto and found a place there or maybe look to Vaughan or Markham. I would have liked to see a suburban team on the north side of Toronto. I resent that a team can't find their own ****ing place and decided to buy and other team kick them out and they decide to move in. I will not support the team, especially a team that is linked to some school I have no association with. I will now have to either still support the IceDogs or perhaps support Brampton, which I am reluctant to do. Varsity Arena - Dump Ricoh Colusium- Already home to a team struggling to attract fans Maple Leafs Gardens - home to a future grocery store York University Campus - too much of a pain to get to The easiest solution was to move the team to an existing arena. I'm sure Melnyk would have had an easier time finding a home for his St. Mikes had he not gone out and bought the Leafs biggest NHL rival. When he took control of the Sens, he gave away his chance to ever convince MLSE to give him MLG which would have been the perfect venue for the St. Mikes to play out of... The reason MLSE doesn't make a deal with Melnyk isn't because he owns the Senators. It's because he owns a sports team that isn't owned by MLSE. Next time you're at ACC, and it's not a game day, I dare you to find a Toronto Rock ad. Also, MLSE wants a monopoly on hockey in Toronto cause this city is crazy about their Leafs and they're hoping it rubs off on the Marlies.
  10. Nashville Predators Being Sold?

    Kitchener-Waterloo? Hamilton? You can't be serious. What was it? Only five months ago when this very same guy said he wanted to move the Penguins to Hamilton or Kitchener-Waterloo? I don't think it will happen because I don't think the NHL will let it happen, but the owner definitely has shown great interest in moving a franchise to either location. I just can't see Kitchener-Waterloo or Hamilton ever happening. Sure the population and hockey fan base is there, but with Buffalo and Toronto on their door step, they're 2 governor votes down already. Hamilton has something close to and NHL calibre arena for years with Copps, but they can't even hold an OHL team there. The last time I went to a Bulldogs game, it wasn't very packed. Kitchener-Waterloo-Cambridge might be close to a better choice, because of their draw from cities west of Toronto like London and Windsor (if you forget about Detroit), but they'll need a new arena before even thinking of moving into the cite. The 5000+ seat Aud won't hold an NHL team. Don't forget the Mustangs from Youngblood

    Totally agree, the dawgs inside Rogers are horrible when compared to the dawgs you can get on the streets of TO. Before the demise of my beloved Expos, Sports Illustrated ranked Olympic Stadium's the best. At least they got something right in The Big O.
  12. NHL to open season in London: Official

    I thought so too. When they opened the season in Japan, west coast teams went over the Pacific. Why wouldn't they get east coast teams over there or at least teams with some kind of British history? Like Ottawa and Montreal.... Well kind of British.
  13. Just a friendly game in Buffalo Tonight

    I can't wait to get up to Ottawa for Saturday's game. I'll be checking it out in the lower bowl at ScotiaBank Place. GO SENS GO!
  14. Stephen Colbert VS Ontario Hockey League

    Ahhhhhh, ok I understand now. Again I don't watch the show regularly, but I found it hilarious how he brought up the new arena in Oshawa and GM's 3rd quarter losses.
  15. I just caught this on Sportsnet Connected. I guess Colbert has been bad mouthing (in his funny way) the Ontario Hockey League. Anyone have clips of this or a YouTube link? I never watch the show on a regular basis.