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  1. THE Video Game Thread

    Reading today that 2K's license for MLB ends this year. The fact that they're selling MLB 2K12 with NBA 2K12 for $10 more than what MLB 2K12 is selling for by itself is not a good sign. On the Xbox side, NHL was played more often only in July than MLB last year. I don't know if they have the money to do it, but EA might be smart and build a baseball game with a license waiting to be added. Be it MLB, NCAA or a fantasy roster.
  2. 2011-12 NHL Season

    Just seed the teams 1 through 16 and everything will be fine. Screw this East VS West crap.
  3. THE Video Game Thread

    I played the Xbox version when it first came out. Great game! Being a fan of the movie, it was a pretty good translation.
  4. What Grinds Your Gears...

    Should've just taken a book to it. And put it on youtube. Taken a book to it? Like whacking it will a hard cover dictionary? GROSS!
  5. Best stadium/ballpark food

    Hot dogs at Olympic Stadium in Montreal will always be loved and never forgotten.
  6. 2012 World Junior Championship

    I have to admit I didn't watch the Gold Medal game. It's Canada all the way with Gold or bust. As much as I love Canada getting Gold, this tourney gives them a wake up. So many great games and players feeds hockey, be it NHL or international tournaments. It's the World Juniors that drives me to get up at 6AM on Boxing Day to watch hockey. I know with the trend to have it in Canada every other year to make money for IIHF is going to stop the 6AM games, but that is what feeds history. I remember being a kid and getting up early to watch World Juniors in the 90's. Canada is being spoiled right now. It's not 1998 bad, but it can get worse. As much as I liked USA dropping to 7th (sorry bookends </end smugness>), this will drive their program even harder. Switzerland was an after thought five years ago and have improved every step. And with the change to one promotion instead of two will make stronger clubs for another country. I don't care what people say, the holidays are for family first. When it comes to seconds, screw Christmas, screw Hanukkah, screw everything else. World Junior Hockey rules my end of year holidays.
  7. What Are You Listening To?

    Started listening to Woods of Ypres this week, because the founder of the band David Gold died in a car accident before Christmas. I wanted to see them for awhile now, but never forced myself to see a show. I'm now listening to all five discs Gold put out and it's just incredible work. Great black metal to put you in the mood for the cold weather we have in Ontario right now.
  8. 2011-12 NHL Season

    All-Star game starters have been announced. Forwards are Daniel Alfredsson, Jason Spezza and Milan Michalek. Defence are Erik Karlsson and Dion Phabeuf. Goalie is Tim Thomas. I got to laugh at the sports media making a big deal of this, because Senators fans stuffed the ballot. These are the starters as voted by the fans. You can debate the validity of these players being All-Stars, but the fans voted them in. Who cares? Even if all six players were All-Star calibre players, the starters were voted for. These six players could end up being on different teams and playing one face off before being pulled. It's an All-Star game, it doesn't matter.
  9. Beer

    Walk into any Beer Store in Ontario, BAM! Red Cap Ale. They were the best when they still bottled them in stubbies.
  10. Blue Jays to change uniforms for next season

    I'm going tomorrow to get poutine and the new cap. It will be a glorious Saturday!
  11. EA Sports: NHL 12

    THE JERSEY CODE IS HERE! THE JERSEY CODE IS HERE! 2wg3gap9mvrth6kq It's pretty sad we had to wait for the Islanders to put out their alternate to get the code.
  12. THE Video Game Thread

    Well, if you remember Modern Warfare 2, then you may have heard about the controversy about an early stage of the game where you had to follow a group of Russian terrorists who committed a massacre at an airport. The end result? -The stage got removed in the Russian version -Japanese and German version gave you a game over if you killed ANY civilians (You didn't have to shoot any of them to begin with) -The game got a stiffer rating in England -Not much in the United States (Just a lot people bitching from both sides) -Almost got an R18+ in Australia (Which is the equivilent of an AO rating here in the states... i.e. banned from store shelves) A lot of times, they sold the same way and a lot of times, people in other countries buy it (Modern Warfare 3 sold 6.5 Million copies in the US and UK alone, if that is any indication) Things may change according to whatever laws are in place for that country. Some companies may not release a game in a certain country due to their laws and some games have been outright banned in some places. Australia is probably the most notorious at this point when it comes to outright banning, but the games on this list (Which you can see here) are pretty much banned largely on violence with a few games banned on other reasons. For the sake of debate, do you think they would sell the same amount of games if you fought against an American invading force? Fictional plot line where the president goes crazy of course.
  13. THE Video Game Thread

    Got mine as well. Can't wait till the 20th! I pre-ordered this and bought a Wii today specifically for November 20th. I still hope they give you an option to play southpaw. I'm right handed and want to play it accurately.
  14. THE Video Game Thread

    Holy Shadow Of The Colossus was incredible!
  15. THE Video Game Thread

    In other news, Modern Warfare 3 has already been sold early and flipped on eBay for.....$1700??????