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  1. dga86

    The New XFL

    I would vote for the new Georgia State Stadium (formerly Turner Field) if they played in Atlanta, or Kennesaw State's stadium if you wanted an option in the suburbs.
  2. dga86

    UGA Mach Speed for 2017

    I really enjoy your prediction for the mach speed template update and hope to see it happen. I could get on board with any of these looks. Not crazy about all black, but that's just because it's the most different. I'd personally like to see them keep the "Bulldog Bold" number font, add the triple sleeve stripe from the 80s, and push the sleeve numbers up to the shoulders. I recently saw the Nike hypervent shorts in both black and red at the bookstore, although I can't find the red ones online anywhere. Maybe they let the cat out of the bag by displaying them sooner than they were supposed to? Both were in the "hidden stripe" style, and were exactly like the gray/silver practice shorts in the pic below. It seems those shorts typically mimic what the pants look like, so maybe there is some truth to any red and black pants rumors. I would love to see them break out red pants with the white jersey on the road. It always seems silly that people get so caught up in the "silver britches" as if it's all Georgia has ever worn. Look at the Dooley years prior to 1980 = only white pants, and occasionally red pants on the road. Sadly, I have to admit that I was a big fan of the black stripe on the helmet during the Donnan years (at the time), but there's no way they bring that back though. I appreciate the info on Georgia uniform updates, and hope to see some minor tweaks/additional combos soon.