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  1. Valley

    What is the rarest color in sports?

    Tormenta FC out of Statesboro, GA uses magenta with dark blue. They're semi-pro now but will field a pro team in 2019 in USL League 1.
  2. Valley

    USL Division III

    Nice looking league so far. Tormenta's identity is so good.
  3. Washington shows off new uniforms to players in prank Chris Petersen revealing some truly, truly special jerseys much to the polite dismay of his Huskies. edit: huh. I'm a drunkard dumbass and I apologize.
  4. Here's a bit of nonsense from the far reaches of American soccer. The Chattahooligans supporters group for Chattanooga FC made some uniforms for their divisionmates.
  5. Valley


    I really like the top-left regular shield one, but that might just be the green shading. I'd probably say the second shield with a wordmark and also shading for a primary and just drop the wordmark for a secondary.
  6. Valley

    South Florida wearing white helmets

    They're playing in Tropicana Field. The different colored turf is where the clay was.
  7. Valley

    Helmet Stripes in the NHL

    Their club lacrosse team does and it looks real nice.
  8. Valley

    Democratic National Convention logo

    Yeah, what's with the adidas stripes on both logos? They're the first things I noticed.