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  1. A rant about the Seattle SuperSonics

    Pittsburgh is the most likely for an expansion team (16 teams each conference). would love the NBA to bring this back:
  2. 2018 MLB Season

    for the Weather in the Midwest:
  3. Alternate SPORTS! History Thread

    that seems about right. now what if the Redskins was coached by Vince Lombardi?
  4. Alternate SPORTS! History Thread

    he might have won Super Bowl 7 (and maybe got to one other). also was thinking what if the 1972 Miami Dolphins lost to Pittsburgh Steelers in the AFC Championship game? how would a Redskins vs Steelers Super Bowl turn out (not with Vince as coach for the Redskins)
  5. they must have flown it back (its only a hour flight to Toronto here so 2 hour flight at the longest from Nashville)
  6. Humbolt Broncos bus crash

    i do have some issue with that (not against it but every bad thing must have insert name here strong here on out).
  7. 2018 MLB Season

    in a feel good story: http://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/23055073/pittsburgh-pirates-99-year-old-usher-phil-coyne-retires-81-seasons
  8. this should be there new logo: or something with this in it:
  9. The Sports Media Thread

    sounds like something Nabisco would make? see George Carlin.
  10. The Sports Media Thread

    thats udderly weird
  11. Biggest Downgrades in History

  12. Movie Posters, Movie Posters, and Movie Posters

    Akira Kurosawa's Dreams: i have this one in my bedroom. one of his most underrated films.
  13. Biggest Downgrades in History

  14. Biggest Downgrades in History

  15. National Team Names