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  1. as my uncle says, its the dry heat.
  2. was thinking about Rome or London back in the day.
  3. does it still need to be around (if we can time travel).
  4. and:
  5. heres on: Atlanta Flames vs Colorado Rockies
  6. i hope he wasn't trying to pull a David Carradine.
  7. hate to say it, but you are right.
  8. if Native American names are out: Seattle Bombers (since the Boeing plant is there). Boeing makers of these two fine planes: plus: and
  9. i give you a:
  10. http://www.reuters.com/article/usa-employment-antitrust-idUSL1N1HP0FV
  11. would include a pimple under the nose (after you pop it).
  12. would love to see this kit come back: this kit goes to 11. yes it know its not Nigel Tufnel (its Derek Smalls) but the joke works.
  13. when i went here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rapidan_Camp the park ranger had to say something about the swastika inside (saying it was the good luck one). because kids today think of the Nazi when they think of the swastika.
  14. well this wouldn't fly today too (pre ww2 Swastika i.e the good luck one). thanks Hitler/Nazi's for ruining about a 11,000 symbol.