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  1. goalieboy82

    Omaha Storm Chasers steak claim to rare promo

    make mine a medium rare Porterhouse.
  2. maybe if Disney hadn't made Mighty Ducks they might have been a possible name.
  3. i think California Condor's could have work:
  4. goalieboy82

    Mid-season Uniform/Logo Changes

    we have a winner.
  5. goalieboy82

    Mid-season Uniform/Logo Changes

    Wade Boggs: 'What a fabric! Finally we can breathe.'
  6. goalieboy82

    Seattle NHL Brand Discussion

    it wasn't like he made money on Zombie Nightmare (West was in it for the pay check)
  7. goalieboy82

    2018 MLB Off Season Thread

    have they said anything about if a pitcher has a No-Hitter going into the 10th, and they put a player on second, does the pitcher lose the No-Hitter (even Perfect Game).
  8. goalieboy82

    Lawsuit Can Proceed for Owners of St Louis Rams Merchandise

    this is going to be interesting. i know i bought some XFL trading cards back in 2001 (after they said it wasn't coming back). can i sue the WWE then (not going to but give someone half a chance they will like this).
  9. goalieboy82

    NFL Playoffs: Super Bowl LIII

    not this year but:
  10. goalieboy82

    NHL Anti-Thread: Bad Business Decision Aggregator

    at this point just move them to Houston (because Quebec wont happen unless a team from the East moves)
  11. goalieboy82

    NFL Playoffs: Super Bowl LIII

    i wonder how much all of this is going to come back and hurt the NFL.
  12. goalieboy82

    2019 MLB Changes

    thanks they have to do something. if anything, a patch or jersey (in the old Expos colors) *with the Nationals W instead of they old Expos logo.
  13. goalieboy82

    2019 MLB Changes

    are the Nationals doing something this year (as they will be 50 years old*) *including there days in Montreal.