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  1. also the Colts "could" be related to the Dayton Triangles: http://www.daytontriangles.com/toindianapolis.htm the NFL says they are not (which is good)
  2. 31 for Gregg Allman: http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/gregg-allman-southern-rock-legend-dead-at-69-w433068 yet Kieth Richards is still alive. also Cher outlived both her ex husbands.
  3. and remember kids: Cheating is bad, Richard Basehart is good.
  4. for you non Pittsburgh fans: http://www.montypython.net/sounds/sketches/ipenguin.wav
  5. is that a real rule in the rule book or a gentleman's agreement among the players/owners.
  6. and remember kids: Cheating is bad, Richard Basehart is good.
  7. cant wear 6 or 9, wear 69 instead.
  8. St. Louis Bombers (c.1945)
  9. via Mr Tank's website:
  10. but knowing the NHL, Phoenix will get it first.
  11. meanwhile the Coyotes are still waiting for the All-Star game to be in Phoenix: http://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/reports-tampa-bay-host-2018-nhl-star-game/
  12. so Roger is the first of the Bond actors to die (of the EON productions).
  13. also he is in this underrated film (NSFW, some four letter words).
  14. this sums up his days as Bond.
  15. coincidence, read the book.