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  1. New Twins Wordmark

    Wow, that's gorgeous! Hopefully my Sox will do better there than they have at the Dome. The park is definitely looking very nice. I love how the dugouts look.
  2. Baseball Cap Sigs

    Jay, these look friggin\' amazing. Very nice work, man. Could I maybe get these 4 caps done? http://product.images.fansedge.com/41-90/41-90106-P.jpg http://images.nike.com/is/image/DotCom/328...$CAT$ http://www.chicagosport.com/csport/assets/...AGOGNBOAJCN.jpg http://mlb.imageg.net/graphics/product_ima...2-1726250dt.jpg
  3. Templates Requests

    I need a sexy t-shirt template (not picky when it comes to formats, as long as I can open them in PS). Anyone out there with a good one?
  4. Sig concept

    It's definitely a very nice looking sig! Could I maybe have a White Sox one (or Blackhawks, if that's somewhat easier)?
  5. Rebranding the MLB: Part 7

    The primary logo definitely looks way better - great job! I don't mind the pinstripes at all, either; they look very nice. I think you should "round out" the "C" in the "CR" cap logo, though. I think it would look better that way. And also, maybe remove some of the grey, and replace it with the blue - actually, remove all of it.
  6. Font names used by Full Tilt Poker and Pokerstars?

    The Poker Stars one looks like times new roman Not completely, though. The "e", "S" and "a" don't look the same. Very similar, though.
  7. Why doesn't Ichiro's jersey have a compass rose?

    This gave me a great chuckle, haha!
  8. Blue Jays concept

    Wow, you're cranking out threads like crazy. Maybe just start one thread and put all your MLB concepts in it? About the concept; the script doesn't work at all. The leaf looks out of place, too, maybe it'll look better as a sleeve patch.
  9. MLB 2009

    That's a step in the right direction. I think they need new everything, though. New logos, new uniforms, my God. The "CR" cap logo and the jersey scripts are so boring.
  10. MLB 2009

    I don't necessarily think they need another color, but they should just use the purple more. Right now, it's very boring and blah - and this is coming from a White Sox fan, a team that uses no color whatsoever.
  11. MLB 2009

    The entire set could be way better. I agree with you, the black vests aren't anything to write home about, but these aways are just disgusting.
  12. MLB 2009

    They really need to do something about these.....
  13. MLB 2009

    Yeah, I saw those, and I only have one comment: DIOS MIO! /soap opera yell
  14. New sigs (Still taking requests)

    Thanks a bunch, dude! These look awesome!
  15. Twins announce new uniforms coming in 2010

    Yep, the sleeveless ones definitely have to go, too.